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Shedinja comes back alive!!

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by helldog, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. helldog


    Mar 21, 2012
    Okay this team is mostly based off around shedinja and its supporting mates. I like using shedinja because I love having many immunities. Also as I like to make my team creative and imagine if they were real life there are some of the requirements that is a must in my team.
    1.No sinnoh pokemon, unless they're evolutions of the older ones like Magnezone, Mamoswine, Yanmega etc(However no porygonZ, no magmortar, no dusknoir)
    2.Not too much pokemon with the same body shape. Ex:Gyarados,milotic, steelix in a same team is not good for me.
    3.No pokemon that share the same type, except flying type.
    4.No 2 or more moves of the same type in one moveset(Breloom with seed bomb and spore is an exception)
    5.Everysingle one of my pokemon needs to have an HP over 300.
    6.NO HIDDEN POWER, I absolutely despise that move with a burning
    7.And finally NEVER EVER EVER female pokemon.

    Ability:Sturdy(Yea block those sheer colds!!)
    -Stealth rock
    -Rapid spin
    -Ice shard

    Donphan is the lead of my team. It doesnt matter what common leads he can counter. He is just there in that position to set up rocks. Earthquake of course, and ice shard to kill weakened foes. Rapid spin plays a very important role for this team especially for Shedinja. He can even late game sweep. Donphan sucks up electric attacks for my Gyarados also.

    Physical Sweeper
    Breloom-Toxic orb
    Ability:Poison heal
    Evs:156Hp/100Atk/252Spd(Hp for more poison heal)
    -Seed bomb
    -Focus punch
    -Stone edge

    Breloom is my physical sweeper for the team. His job is pretty self explanatory and simple. Spore the opponent and smash them with focus punches. If they resist or are immune to it, seed bomb and stone edge comes blasting off from him. Breloom also sucks up statuses for my team.

    Special Sweeper
    Houndoom-Choice scarf
    Ability:Flash fire
    -Fire blast
    -Dark pulse
    -Shadow ball

    Houndoom will be my special sweeper for this team. Fire blast and Dark pulse of course. Shadow ball for pokemon that resists fire and dark moves. Solarbeam for ground/water/rock type switch ins. And since hes scarfed, he can use solarbeam perfectly for switch ins. Houndoom also sucks up fire(Shedinja) and psychic moves for my team.

    Ability:Magnet pull
    -Iron defense
    -Rain dance

    Magnezone is my mixed "wall" for this team, but only when hes under a sub. But he still works nice as a special wall even without one because of his stats and loads up resistances. But anyway, his role is to go under a sub when he has a chance, try setting up 3 iron defenses. Then his sub becomes unbreakable. Even by a nonstab earthquake(Tested this out and an aerodactyls earthquake didnt even break it after 3 Iron defenses) And while they cant break the sub, he will kill them with thunder. Rain dance incase tyranitars come up. Although ground types are a problem for this set, Ill try killing them with either my Breloom or Gyarados before Magnezone comes out. Magnezone also protects my team from poison moves, most notably toxic.

    Specially defensive
    -Dragon dance

    Gyarados is my very bulky DDer. Careful nature to take nonstab thunderbolts. Taunt or Earthquake for him? Even though there is rapid spin support in my team, I want to try preventing stealth rock, spikes as much as possible but at the same time earthquake hits electrics after DD boost.

    Immunity boss
    Shedinja-Focus sash
    Ability:Wonder guard
    -Shadow sneak
    -Baton pass

    And finally comes shedinja! My god I love how he has those godly immunities which helps my team ALOT. Just need the weather change and rapid spin support. But anyway, his main role is to switch in for moves that my pokemon are weak to. Shadow sneak for his low speed and stab, baton pass to escape, willowisp to cripple physical attackers who can are faster than breloom and can destroy him, xscizor is his strongest stab move here.

    I hope this team runs successful. Please, tell me anything that might go wrong for this team.
  2. bluemon


    Oct 21, 2010
    umm... wow.
    first of all, the ubiquotuous sandstorm and ttars mean that shedinja is unviable (even tho you have rain dance on magnezone). also, change the nature of shedinja to adamant. the magnezone set sucks, no offense. it is hard walled by ground types, iron defense is horrible on it (try flash cannon if you dont want a hidden power). specially defnsive gyarados also sucks, but i'd say taunt over eq.

    also. solar beam sucks on houndoom. youd have to charge on the first turn, giving a chance for the incoming water types to flee. also, you have rain dance on the same team to neuter solar beam.. why? (solar beam is only 60p in the rain)

    you are realy limiting yourself with your "rules" or watever. hidden powers are great moves.

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