Short United Kingdom National - Birmingham warstory

So I got pokemon about 7 weeks ago and started to play it then found out about this event and so I wanted to get a team made and so I came up with the following who I was able to learn to breed/catch my self apart from Krookodile and Thundurus (who I got from Osirus182 last night :p)

(All pokemon were lowered to lvl 50 by the event some pokemon are higher as I use them to complete the game)

lvl 50 (timid)
IVs 31/14/26/17/31/30
no ev's apart from the ones he got from levelling up

lvl 50 (jolly)
IV 31/31/30/9/31/31
ev's was told it was 252 atk and 252 speed

lvl 50 (timid)
Not sure of IV's or Ev's but I remember they were nice and he had HP ICE!

lvl 50 (adamant)
IV 18/11/19/25/31/30
ev 252 atk 252 spd (thx to andy78 from pokemon online chat who did this for me last minute last night)

lvl 50 (modest)
IV 31/23/19/26/31/31
no ev's apart from the ones he got from leveling up
really strong stats so happy of this pokemon it’s the best I have

lvl 50 (lonely)
IV 12/16/27/23/31/31
no ev's apart from the ones he got from leveling up

I was not even able to complete the game as I was working hard on these pokemon :p

So I start the day of with a quick trip to the local sainsburys and then a train ride for 1 and 1/2 hours to the event and got there for about 11ish was really looking forward to this as this would be my first ever battle and my first ever event as ive not been able to battle pokemon online ive only been training in battle subway so I was really looking forward to this.

First match I fight Adam Stentford

I open with Thundurus & Landorus and he has Krookodile and he has a Whimsicott at this points I don’t know what these pokemon are weak agenst or which atks wont do anything to them and to make it even worse they have nicknames and ive never had a battle so I didn’t know which target I was picking

(Slaps own head)

I remembered that my krookodile is weak to ice so I use the imba HP ICE from the Thundurus I got last night and watch his hp go down once it hits and my landorus rock slides and gets a flinch on his krookodile. Ice again and Krookodile was down now was the best part of the game for me which was a
bug pokemon ive never seen before (I know now its called Accelgor) so the start was alittle bad I did thunderbot on Whimsicott and it did almost no dmg and then protect with landorus then my thundurus is poisoned and he does an evasion move on his bug. I then try a rock slide and hp ice and down goes whimsicott and I do nice dmg to his bug so I know now that my rock slide will do dmg he hits me with a bug type move really good dmg to me and I finish him of with rock slide.

WOW I just won my first ever match and it was great!

Next round 2 Sam Allsworth

Wont post his team as it was really strong all I can say was WOW I saved the video and I love watching it I lost but was good all the same sorry this battle was short if Sam gives the OK ill edit this part.

I then waited around to watch the final and WOW it was great there was this guy with a flag and it looked like he won and he got out of his chair but then the pokemon had like 1hp was really funny to watch.

The things I need to do now is learn RNG as breeding was really hard even with items I have watched loads of vids and just don’t get RNG so that’s my goal now and also to learn how to EV train.

Thx all for a good day and shame I was unable to meet Osirus I really wanted to thank him as the Thundurus won me my match.
Damn nice job for in-game pokemon lol. Congrats on making it past round 1 and hopefully next year you can do a bit better! :p Nice warstory btw :)