Showdown League!

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Ok, I know this idea has been attempted mutiple times but this time it can be more organized and may work.
Only Gym challenges will happen on weekends.
Challengers are not allowed to use (Legendaries,Ubers,Banned moves or Weather Teams)
Players can only challenge once a Week
More will be applied.
Gym 1-Steel
Gym 2-Dragon
Gym 3-Ghost
Gym 4-Dark
Gym 5-Fire
Gym 6-Water
Gym 7-Electric
Gym 8-Psychic
Elite 4
Elite 1-Snow Warning
Elite 2-Sand Stream
Elite 3-Drought
Elite 4-Drizzle
Champion-1st person to beat E4


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Like you've said, this has been tried many times before. However, I see nothing to distinguish this attempt from said failures, not to mention your inclusion of legendaries and weather teams into the ban list doesn't display really speak well of your understanding of the world of competitive pokemon.
Your concept: I am going to do what everyone has tried before multiple times, only I am going to claim it is different without bothering to differentiate from the other attempts in any significant way.

My response: No. A thousand times no. There is not a word in the tongues of the great old ones to suggest my opposition to this idea.


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Okay, on paper this idea might sound like fun, but I think it's obvious in practice that a league would flop. It's not effective and would be a hassle with little reward. Besides, PS has more important things to dedicate time and effort to.

Also, putting limitations on challenges would fail. If there was to be a league, it would have to follow standard rules of the tiers, not extra rules like "no legendaries." Legendaries are a major part of the metagame.

All in all, leagues don't work. A tip to all reading this: Even you can't make a league work.


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As if we would allow Articuno to mar the competitiveness of such a grand undertaking.


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Ignoring the trolly replies, having seen two or three leagues start up well and fail in the end, I can't say it'll do well. To add to that, the organisers for the previous leagues were well-known and well-respected users, giving them a starting player base - I can honestly say I don't recognise your name - and much time and effort was put into crafting them, including a webpage. Not to discourage you or anything, give it a shot, but I can't say I think it's a good idea.
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