Showdown! Randbats Tournament - Semifinals

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Banned deucer.
Showdown! Randbats Tournament - Semifinals

Approved by Head Tournament Director Earthworm
Hosted by Steamroll & reyscarface
Taken over by Bloo

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Welcome to the Pokemon Showdown! Randbats tournament. This will be a 64-man tournament but if the demand is enough it very well could be raised to 96 or even 128 (maybe even 256, who knows?). As the name implies, all battles will be conducted on the Pokemon Showdown Simulator (linked above). The tournament's format will consist of a best-of-three, where the winner of two games advances to the next round.

General Tournament Rules

  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • All clauses are covered when challenging someone to randbats.
  • No johning please.
  • Best of three matches.
  • Please post the link of your battles, It'd be nice to know that no one is trying to lie about their battle result.

jrrrrrrr vs Django
MikeDecIsHere vs breh
DarkLoïc vs Cristal


The deadline for round 6 is Saturday, September 1 @ 11:69 PM EST. The quicker you guys get this done, the better!
I just finished my battles with dragonuser. He won the first with a well-timed RP Groudon, I won the second 6-0 with a great team of NFEs like Gible and Phione. I won the third despite his last poke Mewtwo thanks to my last poke Sneasel, and having Contrary Serperior and Servine on the same team..


I see Django on all the time so I can contact him


oh my gosh you found me
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ugh, such good matches

I think j7r will clinch it over Dingo

Gotta go with Cristal against DarkLoic, maybe DL will pull out an underdog win though


Started from the bottom...
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Lost 2-0. First match my entire team was walled by Golbat, second one I couldn't touch Walrein after it set up a Sub on my lead Silcoon. ggs, team match up sucks though
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