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Sid's Rockin' Sockin' BBQ Luvin' Team

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by SidLuvsBBQ, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. SidLuvsBBQ


    Aug 26, 2011
    After I went to the Houston Regional last month and got 8th place in the Senior's, My parents and I decided that we'd get to Nationals one way or another. Here's the team I used at Regional's and more than likely National's (With changes if you guys suggest them.)

    Also, I cannot change the nature of any Pokemon on my team. Unless it's a completely new member. Here’s My Rockin' Sockin' BBQ Luvin' VGC'12 Team!


    Garchomp (Jolly) @ Yache Berry
    Sand Veil
    252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP

    • Earthquake
    • Dragon Claw
    • Rock Slide
    • Protect
    Team member and (usual) lead #1 is a very standard Garchomp. Earthquake and Dragon Claw are its dual STABs, with one wrecking both of the opponents Pokemon (Usually) and the other shredding through an opposing Dragon-type. Rock Slide is an alternative multi-target move that is used when I come across Flying-types and Levitating Pokemon. Protect is Protect, a staple to VGC.

    Garchomp was the MVP of my team at regionals, it bulldozed through most of my opponents and stayed around until the end. This Pokemon, to me, is irreplaceable.


    Zapdos (Modest) @ Sitrus Berry
    140 HP/252 Sp. Attack/ 116 Spd
    Heat Wave

    My second lead is Zapdos. I chose Thunder Bolt as it hurts stuff, a lot and doesn’t damage my team.Heat Wave takes out pesky Scizors and other Pokemon that have a quadruple Fire-type weakness, and also is used as an alternate spread move in case Garchomp goes down. Tailwind is used to help make the team even more devastating. Detect is an Imprison-proof Protect.

    Zapdos and Garchomp were my leads for the majority of the eight rounds at Houston, and they did their job well. I’d prefer to keep this trusty bird, but if needed, I can let it go.


    Abomasnow (Timid) @ Focus Sash
    Snow Warning
    248 Sp Attack/ 8 HP/ 252 Speed
    Giga Drain
    Hidden Power [Ground]
    Ice Shard

    This Yeti-tree… thing has so much destructive potential and Weather controlling power. 100% accuracy Blizzard are already brutal, but with STAB, it wipes all of those who are weak to it. Giga Drain is an alternative STAB, which also is my main counter to Rain Teams. Hidden Power Ground is a great coverage move hit 4 of Abomasnow’s 7 weakness super-effectively. Ice Shard is priority used in Trick Room. Focus Sash allows Abomasnow to survive many attacks, particularly Fire-type moves, and then strike back with Hidden Power Ground. Also, the lack of Choice Scarf allows Abomasnow to switch Attacks if needed.

    Abomasnow saw some action in Houston. In one round, It took out the majority of one of my opponents’s team. For a weather-changer, I had two choices: Tyranitar and Abomasnow. I wanted an Ice Type user anyway, so Abomasnow it was.


    Chandelure (Modest) @ Choice Scarf
    Flash Fire
    252 Sp Attack/ 252 Speed/ 6 HP
    Heat Wave
    Shadow Ball
    Hidden Power [Ice]

    Chandelure, the haunted fancy lighting unit. I moved the recommended EVs from HP to Speed to out speed other Chandelures and to gain a larger Tailwind boost. Heat Wave and Shadow Ball are STAB. Hidden Power is my back up Ice move if Abomasnow is down or isn’t even being used. Overheat is a new move, as it can either OHKO or severely dent the Standard EV spread (140 HP/252 Sp Attack/116 Speed) Zapdos. Choice Scarf replaced the previous item, Focus Sash, as if my Abomasnow's hail was out, the Sash would be useless. Choice Scarf allows Chandelure to hit fast and very hard.

    Surprising, Chandelure did not participate in one battle at Houston. I would of used it in one battle later in the tournament, but I didn’t and lost.


    [​IMG]Gastrodon (Bold) @ Rindo Berry
    Storm Drain
    252 HP/252 Defense/6 Sp Defense
    Muddy Water
    Ice Beam
    Earth Power

    Gastrodon, my answer to my team’s Ice and Rock weakness. Rain teams have worried me, too, so Gastrodon gets an even more important spot on my team. Anyway, Muddy Water is STAB. I chose it over Surf because not one of my team members are immune to it. The possible Accuracy drop is a plus, makes the opponents (maybe) rage and me (most likely) laugh. A lot. Ice Beam is coverage, while Earth Power is STAB #2. Recover is to extend life and troll my opponents. “Almost gone… NOOO!!! It HEALED!!!”

    Gastrodon is a new member of my team, so he wasn’t even around at Regionals. He works pretty well on PO, though.

    Hitmontop (Adamant) @ Fight Gem
    216 HP/252 Attack/ 40 Speed
    Close Combat
    Fake Out
    Sucker Punch
    Wide Guard

    I originally had a Technician-abusing Hitmontop. After getting some help and suggestions though, I decided to use a Intimidate set. A gem boosted STAB Close Combat KO’s or puts a huge dent in almost anything. Fake Out is to (potentially) stop Trick Room from going up, and to stall, annoy, and anything else Fake Out does. Sucker Punch hurts annoying Sweepers, and Wide Guard stops multi-target moves for a turn.

    This Hitmontop is another new member of my team and wasn’t around during Regionals. On PO, like Gastrodon, he does a good job at what he does.

    My team landed me 8th place in the Senior’s division at Houston, which is (what I believe) amazing for my first year in VGC. I was happy with how I did. Now, I am (most likely) going to National’s to compete.

    Sid’s Rockin’ Sockin’ BBQ Luvin’ Team is ready to be rated, so,uh, Rate Away?
  2. Lucifers Pride

    Lucifers Pride

    May 24, 2012
    I would throw more SpD on Gastrodon so it can live a +1 Giga Drain from standard Ludicolo in Rain. I don't know the exact spread but it's something like 252 HP / 60-80 SpD.
  3. EKproudCC


    Apr 26, 2012
    What about a Hail abuser?

    Beartic@Bright Powder
    Trait: Snow Cloak
    Adamant Nature
    100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 Spe

    -Icicle Crash
    -Shadow Claw
    -Super Power/Focus Punch
    -Protect/Double Team

    Idea here? Be invisible and untochable by evasion levels thanks to item and Hail. You can go with LO for more power, but and Adamant Nature do the work very well. Notice that a Focus Punch set is a little viable but very Hax dependient, only for bold players.
  4. LPFan


    Apr 30, 2011
    It's all in one a standard goodstuffs team...

    Good luck at nats, I'll see ya there!
  5. SidLuvsBBQ


    Aug 26, 2011

    Thanks! Good Luck to you, too (I hope I don't have to battle you... you're too good...).


    Thanks for the suggestion! However, Abomasnow is meant to counter Weather-based teams and not much more.

    @Lucifers Pride

    I'll look into a good spread in order to survive a +1 Giga Drain from Ludicolo. Thanks!
  6. EKproudCC


    Apr 26, 2012
    NP bro, having A-snow for just breaking that climatic boost looks like a very smart strategy.

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