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Quality Control Silvally-Fairy [QC 2/3] Written

Discussion in 'PU Analyses' started by Twix, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Twix

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    Nov 14, 2014
    QC: meganerd y / tone / ?
    GP: ? / ?



    Silvally-Fairy is a solid support mon with the ability to pivot out with Parting Shot paired with effective bulk in 95/95/95 and a solid defensive typing in Fairy. Additionally, it is fast enough to outspeed every relevant Fighting- and Dark-type, bar Primeape, which it ties with, Alolan Persian, which can't damage it, and Liepard, which is the main thing that sets it apart from slower Fairy-types such as Granbull and Togetic. However, it lacks as useful ability and is forced not to run a useful item as it has to hold a Fairy Memory to be a Fairy-type, making it hit pretty weak. Additionally, it also lacks reliable recovery and can be broken down easily. As a result, Silvally-Fairy faces competition as Fighting-type answer from Pokemon such as Mesprit and Granbull, the former having access to Stealth Rock, more offensive presence, and access to an item, but less Speed, tying with Passimian and being outpaced every time by Primeape, while the latter has access to Intimidate and Heal Bell, but is slow and lacks momentum. It also faces competition as a Parting Shot user by Alolan Persian and Silvally-Ghost. The former has a better Speed tier, access to Taunt, and more physical bulk with Fur Coat, although it cannot check Fighting-types, while the latter has an immunity to Fighting- and Normal-type attacks and can spinblock, but is weak to Dark-type moves.

    name: Parting Shot Support
    move 1: Multi-Attack
    move 2: Rock Slide
    move 3: Parting Shot
    move 4: Toxic / Thunder Wave
    item: Fairy Memory
    ability: RKS System
    nature: Jolly Nature
    evs: 184 HP / 72 Atk / 252 Spe


    Multi-Attack, combined with a Fairy Memory, is Silvally-Fairy's strongest STAB move, allowing it to hit Fighting- and Dark-types such as Hitmonchan and Shiftry super effectively. Rock Slide allows Silvally-Fairy to hit Fire- and Flying-types such as Charizard, Oricorio formes, and Magmortar. Parting Shot allows Sivally-Fairy to pivot into a teammate, while lowering the attack stats of the Pokemon it hits. Toxic gives Silvally-Fairy a way to damage walls such as Regirock, Piloswine, and Lanturn. Thunder Wave is an option over Toxic that can allow Silvally-Fairy to slow down threats such as Primeape for its teammates. Thunderbolt is an option to hit Qwilfish, while Flamethrower is an option to hit Ferroseed, which are very potent threats, but the attacks are generally not useful otherwise.

    Set Details

    Maximum Speed in tandem with a Jolly nature allows Silvally-Fairy to outspeed threats such as Absol, Shiftry and Hitmonchan, while tying with non-Scarf Primeape and Jynx. 184 HP EVs allow Silvally-Fairy to live a Sludge Bomb from Choice Specs Guzzlord after rocks, as well as a +2 Stone Edge from Lycanroc-Midday, while giving it bulk in general. Leftover EVs are invested into Attack to allow Silvally-Fairy to hit as hard as it can with its physical attacks. Even if you are running Thunderbolt or Flamethrower, Silvally-Fairy should always run a Jolly nature as it cannot compromise its bulk and the nature change does not offer OHKOes on either Ferrothorn or Qwilfish. 48 HP / 208 Atk / 252 Spe is an optional spread which allows Silvally-Fairy to live a Fake Out and Double-Edge from Kangaskhan, while being able to 2HKO Skuntank after Stealth Rock.

    Usage Tips

    Silvally-Fairy should pivot into its teammates using Parting Shot, especially if you can anticipate an opponent's switch. Silvally-Fairy aan switch in fairly comfortably against almost every Fighting- and Dark-type, but beware of Gunk Shot Primeape, Leaf Storm Shiftry, and Skuntank's Poison Jab, among others. Keep Silvally-Fairy as healthy as you can since it has no reliable recovery and can get worn down very quickly, especially if it keeps pivoting. Silvally-Fairy can be effective in luring in threatening Pokemon as it is difficult to know what coverage it is carrying before it is revealed. While some have Toxic to beat down walls, others can have Thunder Wave to slow down offensive threats, and some may even have Flamethrower to lure in Steel-types.

    Team Options

    Pokemon that are threatened by Fighting- or Dark-types, such as Stoutland, Pyroar, Mesprit, and Kangaskhan appreciate Silvally-Fairy's ability to take them on. Pokemon that appreciate walls being broken down or poisoned, such as Primeape are also great teammates for Silvally-Fairy. Wallbreakers that appreciate Silvally-Fairy's pivoting through Parting Shot, such as Drampa, Exeggutor-Alola, and Passimian are good partners. Answers to Steel-types such as Ferroseed and Alolan Dugtrio also work very well with Silvally-Fairy, as it is walled by them. This includes Pokemon such as Hitmonchan and Gurdurr. Pokemon that are able to heal Silvally-Fairy, such as Wish Audino and Togedemaru and Healing Wish Mr. Mime and Mesprit work well with Silvally-Fairy as it lacks reliable recovery. Additionally, clerics such as Lanturn and Audino work effectively to keep Silvally-Fairy free of status, which would otherwise cripple it. For similar reasons, entry hazard removers such as Hitmonchan, Skuntank, and Kabutops are important to prevent Silvally-Fairy from taking too much residual damage from hazards, especially because it is constantly pivoting. Due to its ability to pivot, Silvally-Fairy mixes well with other Pokemon with VoltTurn coverage such as Alolan Raichu, Mesprit, and Lanturn. Wallbreakers with above average bulk such as Kangaskhan, Passimian, and Alolan Exeggutor pair well as they do not mind switching into -1 Attacks from opponents following a Parting Shot.

    Other Options

    A 248 HP / 124 Def / 136 Spe EV spread with a Jolly nature for a more solid answer to Dark- and Fighting-types such as Shiftry and Passimian, respectively. This set can run moves such as Roar in order to take on set-up sweepers more comfortably. However, since Silvally does not run full Speed, it loses the ability to take on threats such as Primeape, which can U-turn, Kangaskhan and Zangoose, which can hit it very hard, and Lilligant, which can set up against it. Swords Dance allows Silvally-Fairy to boost its Attack and gives it an opportunity to clean opposing teams late-game, although it rarely finds an opportunity to do so and loses an important moveslot in the process. Silvally-Fairy could run both Toxic and Thunder Wave in order to support teammates by selectively choosing which opposing Pokemon becomes slower or loses longevity. Rest is an option for recovery, although it takes away a moveslot and requires that one of its teammates is able to heal its status or another moveslot to be used for Sleep Talk. In both cases, Silvally-Fairy is easy to take advantage of until it is able to wake up.

    Checks and Counters

    **Steel-types**: Steel-type Pokemon such as Ferroseed, Alolan Dugtrio, and Aggron are able to take on Silvally-Fairy very well, as they resist its main STAB move, are immune to Toxic, and have the ability to KO or 2HKO it with their Steel-type STAB moves, though the former two are weak to Flamethrower.

    **Poison-types**: Poison-type Pokemon such as Weezing and Skuntank are able to take on Silvally-Fairy relatively well, as they can both 2HKO it with their respective STAB moves and are immune to Toxic. Additionally, Weezing resists all of Silvally-Ghost's moves, while Skuntank can OHKO it with a Choice Band, although it can be 2HKO'd by Multi-Attack. Additionally, Qwilfish can use Silvally-Fairy to set up Spikes and Toxic Spikes, while Weezing can set up Toxic Spikes.

    **Residual Damage**: Since Silvally-Fairy lacks reliable recovery and pivots consistently, it can get chipped pretty easily by a combination of entry hazards, status, and switching into opposing Pokemon's attacks.
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