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Simpsons Mafia Postgame

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Earthworm, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Earthworm

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    Nov 3, 2007
    Simpsons Mafia Postgame

    ‘Soon’ is finally here! The long-awaited and probably forgotten (by everyone except Gmax and Mekkah) Simpsons Mafia postgame is finally finished, and I’ve basically commented on team balance and the things people are interested in reading about in the role comments so if you want to read that you’ll have to read through the individual roles!

    Without further ado:

    The Townspeople

    Comments on the role: This role was intended to be one of the best village roles. He couldn’t target the same person twice in a row and was a fairly standard hooker but hookers aren’t exactly weak.

    Comments on how the role was played: Chief Wiggum was played by Stoo. He idled night 0 which was arguably a good choice. He found the main village group and co-operated with them and even told them on Day 1 when he was silenced due to being taken hostage by Luigi (Sikh Assassin) due to him targeting Cyan. However even after telling them he decided to post and got godkilled which hurt the village a lot. He might have played well other than that and been a valuable asset to the village if he hadn’t done that.

    Comments on the role: I figured that this role would be played quietly until the main village group emerged. Basically it was a pretty strong role but could very easily be shut down as Lou needed to first find Eddie and if either of them died at any point the other would become a villager with no role.

    Comments on how the role was played: Lou was played by Jenigmat. He posted in the Smogon topic requesting policemen come to him night 0 which was probably a bad idea. He then decided to tell thunda that he was Lou and showed him his role I think after thunda gave him the idea that he could be put into contact thanks to him. thunda then used his robot to PM Jen with the following:

    Luckily, Jen had already found zerowing by then but as he had given his alias and role to thunda he was disposed of Night 1.

    Comments on the role: Same as Lou.

    Comments on how the role was played: zerowing pretty much contacted Jenigmat as soon as he saw his post I think, but unfortunately that was after thunda had gotten to him. Other than that zerowing played a pretty quiet game as a villager. He was eventually inspected by Thorns so I guess that counts as a successful wasted inspection!

    Comments on the role: This role was basically a villager with an item. The item was similar to an item from Mafia Mafia.

    Comments on how the role was played: Otto was played by Puggy. He found his side fairly early but never gave away the drugs. They were stolen by Gmax who then used them as a shield from thieves, but it turns out they weren’t stolen from him.

    Comments on the role: Standard BG role but gained the ability to revenge kill the killer of Lisa if she died, this was to sort of compensate for the death of the village’s full power inspector and the secondary part probably wasn’t necessary, especially since it required the role user to find out exactly who the killer was.

    ^New powers

    Comments on how the role was played: Mekkah played Nelson. He idled the last night but other than that he did ok, finding the village and attempting to organise it (nobody else seemed to want to do anything though except maybe AvatarST and occasionally moi). Saved CyzirVisheen once.

    Comments on the role: This was another ‘trick’ role I guess, it fooled the user into thinking there’s another player out there who is Kearney when in fact Kearney was just a vanilla NPC under Jimbo’s command at night. This role was quite weak since it was the village thief but I guess it had some advantages like if he sent Kearney to steal from someone that Luigi Risotto was protecting it would silence Kearney instead of Jimbo.

    Comments on how the role was played: Jimbo was played by Shiv who was quite disinterested in the game and idled a few times which was rather bad for the village’s chances considering the strength of some of the items in the game but whatever. At least Shiv was a better villager in FE mafia.

    Comments on the role: This was just a weak villager role, but if Rainier Wolfcastle became Radioactive Man while Milhouse retained his Glasses, he would become Fallout Boy the Alias to Smogon Name converter. Other than that there was nothing special about it.

    Comments on how the role was played: imperfectluck caused some disruption within the village and tried to test out his role by giving the Glasses to Hip to see if it would change his role or something because he was probably in disbelief that it could be that simple. I’m guessing he also gave the Glasses to Hip to prove that he was really Milhouse which was a pretty good move. The disruption imperfectluck caused in the village didn’t really do them any good, but it might have if there was a mole (there wasn’t).

    Comments on the role: I really liked this role. Previously I’ve thought that Rogues are underpowered because all they get is to resurrect for such a difficult role (figuring out who is going to kill you then targeting them on the night that they target you). I thought this was an apt reward and I stand by it, and I like that I managed to reference a Halloween episode of the Simpsons with this!

    Comments on how the role was played: I think this was one of Cyzir’s first mafias and he basically did what he was told. The village decided to use their vigilante’s one time kill on Cyzir to get the ability going which was arguably a good move. However, moi picked some bad targets (he killed darkie who was a villager) and Cyzir seemed to take it hard on himself when he was just following moi’s orders. I don’t think Cyzir made any mistakes really. He ended up being doubly targeted on the night he was killed as DarkSalmon (his resurrected alias).

    Comments on the role: This role was quite plain and assisted with tricking the village into thinking two things that weren’t true. Firstly that Bart was on their team (his role was designed to be the mole) and secondly that Kearney was being controlled by a user. If Skinner died then Krabappel would become a bi-nightly hooker, obviously.

    Comments on how the role was played: moi played Krabappel and attempted to play the role of village leader. He managed to fool his enemies into believing that he had a list of all the Townspeople, which probably discouraged them from false claiming. He did an ok job of finding next to all of the villagers but then did a poor job of commanding his resources. The village was quite disorganised with moi as the leader.

    Comments on the role: Generic role name inspector. This game probably had a few too many weak inspectors.

    Comments on how the role was played: Skinner was played by Bass. Unlike the policeman duo, Bass’ death would actually help someone on his team (Krabappel). Unfortunately for Bass, his ability was prevented twice by LightWolf’s ability and once by Sikh’s ability, but he still found some useful information like MintCream being Comic Book Guy and CadetBlue being Legs. Overall Bass played well, he just had bad luck.

    Comments on the role: Thief protection, a fairly new role but not a very useful one really. This is kind of like a bad BG but in this game it was useful to a greater extent since there were a lot of items and many of them were very powerful.

    Comments on how the role was played: Chalmers was played by AvatarST. AvatarST did a fairly good job of leading the village alongside moi and Mekkah, and protected porygon3 consistently which was the best action he could have taken, however his role was never useful. Maybe he would have been more useful if the game continued.

    Comments on the role: This seems like a pretty strong role but I don’t think it is really. Most metallic items (Knife, Gun, and Ray Gun) happened to be killing items so targeting them with the magnet would cause Martin’s death. I also deliberately left it ambiguous whether certain items were metallic or not, people could (try to) work it out for themselves.

    Comments on how the role was played: Martin was played by forks who got silenced by Jedil and then posted and died pretty early. So this role was played pretty badly and barely saw use, other than preventing Blue Kirby from targeting Hobo Joe on Night 1.

    Comments on the role: A full powered inspector (with an additionally useful ability and slight restriction) that may win with the village or the Simpsons. This was a great role really since it allowed the village to potentially protect a total of three people from being killed at night assuming both cops are alive and Nelson is alive (this isn’t even including Hip assuming his ability became activated, so it is technically possibly four). If the player chose to play closer with the Simpsons then they could stay alive for as long as they wanted while pretending to be Lisa the hiding villager or something equally non-suspicious.

    Comments on how the role was played: I think Giga Punch was one of the first Simpsons to reveal the secondary part of the win condition. He joined up with Hip and imperfectluck to form the ‘Fair Weather alliance’ and they made some kind of alias swapping and leaking incorrect information. However this didn’t pan out too well with Giga Punch being killed while the mafia were aiming at Hip. I didn’t like how Lisa was played personally but I suppose it was alright.

    Comments on the role: Some kind of weak inspector thing. I think this was a pretty bad role. Sins only included stealing and killing.

    Comments on how the role was played: moot originally had this role but he wasn’t very interested and sent in a PM once in five nights and wasn’t found by the village really until tennisace was subbed in but he really never got a chance to play unfortunately. So yeah this was played badly.

    Comments on the role: Preaching actually did absolutely nothing except tell the user that they were approached and read to from a man with a bible. If the bible was ever stolen or someone attempted to murder Ned, the Bible would disappear and Ned would survive and become an odd night bodyguard.

    Comments on how the role was played: I liked how Hip played this role, he just got unlucky with a few things. He teamed up with imperfectluck and made their own mini village group which worked out pretty well. Unfortunately imperfectluck and Giga Punch both died so Hip was kind of left with the main disorganised village bunch. Hip also managed to leak lots of false and jumbled up info to the mafias when they attempted to trick him. Nice play overall, probably one of the best villagers.

    Comments on the role: I really stuffed up this role, it was far too weak and not useful at all. It is as is. At least it is kinda new-ish.

    Comments on how the role was played: cookie couldn’t really do much with this role but he didn’t idle. He was targeted with the Syringe early on and killed on the day before he was about to die I think. cookie was a doomed from the start. I’m really sorry about how bad this role was! I thought of numerous revisions to this role since I originally made it and they’re all better than this version.

    Comments on the role: This role is new as far as I know. He became a Mayor after he faked his death. An interesting quirk to the role was that he would have died if there hadn’t been an NPC available to him to takeover. I really liked this role quite a lot.

    Comments on how the role was played: eric the espeon created Colo(u)r Mafia which was kind of interesting since a load of people found it really suspicious but he didn’t intend for it to be at all. It fit his role to make such a game, since he was able to change alias and remove suspicion from himself (well most of it, his role PM was snipped out!). eric the espeon did what he was told and played pretty well and made the game more enjoyable in my opinion!

    Comments on the role: This role was pretty much destined to die but it was meant to cause a bit of havoc before going down. Also a pseudo-thief (only if they give away their item) which is pretty cool!

    Comments on how the role was played: Shade idled three times before dying. He didn’t really do very much. I think this role could have been utilised better than it was. I think he contacted the village though which was good.

    Comments on the role: The Marge identifying thing was pretty much useless and purely there to help Maggie find one of the other Simpsons. Maggie could post if Frink made an item out of the Speakers. The lollipop was a pretty cool item but nothing happened with it since Maggie didn’t die. It was only non-transferable while in the hands of Maggie.

    Comments on how the role was played: Shiney played Maggie and just pretty much sat with the village for the whole game. He seemed to think identifying Marge would do something when it didn’t. At least he found and decided to play with the village. I think Maggie would have been better as a neutral role, it would fit flavour-wise too.

    Comments on the role: This role was extremely weak and useless deliberately and I can’t really think of many logical uses of it. The Flux Capacitor needed to go somewhere though!

    Comments on how the role was played: This role was played terribly by Jedil, he silenced villagers almost every time and caused the godkilling of his teammate forks.
    [18:33:32] <Mekkah> jedil was very good as well
    [18:33:44] <Mekkah> BYE
    He also leaked moi’s alias to thunda. Probably a good candidate for the worst actively playing villager! Sorry Jedil.

    Comments on the role: This role was meant to be quite important with three poison sources in the game: the Syringe, Luigi Risotto, and Dr. Nick. It was clearly designed for the Vaccine to be given away to someone else to help him out in curing as many villagers as they could find showing symptoms (they would be shown symptoms at the conclusion of the day before the day they died). I quite liked this role despite it being quite generic and I came up with it before playing in thunda’s game where a similar role existed but was never utilised.

    Comments on how the role was played: Darkie was pretty much idle. His Syringe got stolen by GTS on Night 0 and then he was killed by the village killer under moi’s orders. This was darkie’s fault pretty much. He couldn’t do much about losing the Vaccine but he could have at least made moi make Cyzir change orders if he had claimed to the village.

    Comments on the role: The sheriff. I like the additional ability too, even if it was probably not going to be very useful until really late game.

    Comments on how the role was played: CardsOfTheHeart played Apu and I think he did quite a good job of it. He found Sonuis by checking Black which became their lynch target, and he cleaned a villager and found an NPC. He started idling at the end but I think this was because he lost access to a computer or something but I didn’t want to sub him out unless it was requested because he was playing well prior to that.

    Comments on the role: The primary vigilante for the village. He started off with a single kill which I assumed he would use early or if the Goggles were stolen at some point after he received them. Only the Goggles would change his role and it would change him into an every-night Vigilante. I decided this was appropriate because he could lose the power by either being killed or being stolen from, meaning he would need double-protection to remain really safe.

    Comments on how the role was played: It took a ridiculously long time for him to obtain the Goggles because of a few stuff-ups but they weren’t porygon3’s fault, they were Kannon’s and the leaders of the village’s. porygon3 did a good job of playing this role I think. He killed the wolf after he was (finally) given the goggles by Kannon and generally held the village’s items since he was under AvatarST’s item protection.

    Comments on the role: The scavenger whose role only started working once Barney Gumble died. I think this fit in well with Barney’s win condition which was survival, since the village would be hunting him once they found out how many good items there were. I really like this role and I think it fits well as a village role in a large game where there is also an opposing scavenger. Backup scavenger is another new role I think.

    Comments on how the role was played: Serenity played Disco Stu and wasn’t happy with her role. She didn’t really get to do much because Fishin played really well, but she did organise the village a bit from behind the scenes. She probably could’ve tried a bit harder to find Barney rather than just waiting for ages which was what it seemed like. Complained too much in my opinion, this role was actually quite good!

    Comments on the role: I think this is (or at least was) a new sort of tracker. The goggles needed to be transferred to Rainier Wolfcastle as quickly as possible, which meant the village would be rewarded for organising and assembling faster. If someone was able to mole the village and find out what was happening with the goggles though, since the vigilante wasn’t aware that they were vigilante past their first kill.

    Comments on how the role was played: This role was played poorly by Kannon to be honest. He contacted eric the espeon (Krusty) with information about the goggles but then took forever to get them transferred and even tried to transfer them to ‘porygon3’ instead of ‘Lime’. He did eventually get them transferred though. He managed to track twice (once he targeted Blue Kirby and once he targeted 100kvolts) but couldn’t utilise the results well, then he idled three times.

    The Springfield Mafia

    Comments on the role: The Springfield Mafia’s even night killer. When Legs died he received a one time Smogon-alias kill that he could use on any night he wasn’t using his regular ability. Started with the bodyguard known to him.

    Comments on how the role was played: Mastadi played Louie and he didn’t really do anything wrong, just followed orders and didn’t talk to anyone outside of his team as far as I know. Not that much to say here!

    Comments on the role: This was the Springfield Mafia’s bodyguard. He was paired with the killer so that the most important role wouldn’t die early. If the killer did end up dying (probably by lynch), then he would gain a non-kill bodyguard role (known as safeguard in Pact Mafia) which he could use concurrently with the kill protection bodyguard.

    Comments on how the role was played: This was played by GreenPikachu, and he played well in my opinion. He led his team together with aamto and Jackal and they didn’t really mess up, they just got really unlucky throughout the game (the opposite of the Burns mafia basically).

    Comments on the role: I decided to make the Springfield Mafia’s odd night kill an item. The obvious downside of this is that if it gets stolen then not only does some other team have a huge advantage but this team loses a significant amount of power. This guy also received persuade power once he managed to get his entire faction into the subforum, which I thought was a good idea because not only would it mean he would know and be able to verify when his whole team is in (including Bart) but he’d also be more motivated to do it faster.

    Comments on how the role was played: Fat Tony was played by Vampy34. He wasn’t the most active player but I let his team submit a kill for him anyway, as it would be pretty lame to ruin a team’s chances because one of their guys was inactive. The gun getting stolen did indeed happen, and it basically killed what was left of this team’s motivation because it went to the team that was winning (it couldn’t go to idler_Shiv anyway seeing as he just idled in a game full of strong items… damp Shiv, nor did it go to the neutral thief – I guess there was a chance for this team if SD had joined it). 
    Comments on the role: Basically this role could recruit most of the neutrals (the only exception being the Wolf). If Homer was recruited he’d just get the win condition added to the current one. He knew all the roles so he couldn’t get moled very easily, although the characters that are likely to be on this team are pretty obvious and there were only two exceptions (Luigi kinda, and Bart). I also liked the semi-‘death star’ thing because it makes a good deterrent to people that inspect him.

    Comments on how the role was played: The Don was played by matamato (aamto). He played a pretty good team, uniting his team early on (this revealed his team’s name, but it was worth the reward most likely – the mafias were split in the first place because of the hidden faction names). He was inspected early on, but the deterrent of the last guy to lynch getting killed seem to keep him alive for quite some time. Along with GreenPikachu and Jackal, he organised his team quite well. He attempted to recruit thunda which failed because thunda was the only neutral that couldn’t be recruited, and then tried to recruit StrangerDanger but SD seemed to be MIA or not interested, strangely enough.

    Comments on the role: Johnny Tightlips was an inspection protection type role that only protected from inspection that doubled as a mayor on odd days. He was placed with the super thief because I considered that one of the most important roles on the Springfield Mafia, though they weren’t informed of this. Gained silencer on the death of Frankie the Squealer.

    Comments on how the role was played: LightWolf the cursed played this role, and even though he successfully blocked like two or three inspections from Bass if I recall correctly, his team still ended up having awful luck and just kept getting targeted. LightWolf didn’t do anything wrong, but it is probable that he would’ve ended up losing because of the disadvantage his team was at.

    Comments on the role: Jimmy the Snitch was one of the roles that attempted to balance out the two mafia sides. The other mafia team had several roles based heavily around strong items, and this role was meant to be a powerful weapon against them. I’m of the belief that thieves are generally underpowered, so I made this role and the other thieves in the game not just generic thieves.

    Comments on how the role was played: GTS was unfortunately inspected and lynched Day 1. This was a massive blow to the Springfield Mafia, as they lost one of their most important roles after only one night. However, GTS did manage to steal the Vaccine from the inactive darkie.

    Comments on the role: This was the third ‘killer’ on the Springfield Mafia. In case the other killers died, this was their backup kind of thing. He also doubled as a silencer, role name checker, and watcher if used correctly. Note, however, that he wasn’t told the alias of the user that targeted his target – but he could narrow it down by eliminating the users that posted. Additionally, he was a character that probably wouldn’t be on the mafia (or at least might not be). Capturing a user did not stop their role from working. When used in combination with Johnny Tightlips, this role could have done some very serious damage.

    Comments on how the role was played: Sikh Assassin played this role, and probably didn’t play this role to its potential. He did manage to silence someone and get them godkilled (Stoo) though, which was pretty cool. Maybe a more experienced player would have done better, as at the time, Sikh Assassin was fairly new and didn’t really know what was going on (I think he openly admitted that Jackal was mafia on his team in #warau or #fluodome at some point during the game, and at the same time Jackal was trying to mole Hipmonlee though I don’t think it changed anything).

    Comments on the role: I’m not really a fan of the use of aliases just to stop ‘namekills’, even though I know that is why they were introduced in the first place. I consider it a problem that people can openly claim to be mafia and the village can do next to nothing about it. That’s why I had roles like this in the game. In hindsight, I think a much better idea for a role is one that converts Smogon Names if they know the alliance of the Smogon Name they’re converting. I’m not sure if I’d put it on the mafia either. Nonetheless, this role didn’t prove to be too broken or anything. I restricted it to even nights because I thought it might be too powerful, and it seemed about right. The extra ability at the end was to assist his team with facing the other mafia.

    Comments on how the role was played: Jackal played Frankie the Squealer, and he helped lead the Springfield Mafia. He attempted to mole Hipmonlee using 100kvolts but ended up getting a bunch of jumbled information out of it and was pretty easily caught due to not being on at the right times and some miscommunications. That was a bit too ambitious I think. He picked good targets for his abilities but he was a bit annoyed when he found out that Blue Kirby had the same role but every night, when the reason for this was that dak’s team killed someone that wasn’t meant to be killed :pirate:. It wasn’t his best game, but he didn’t play badly either.

    Comments on the role: The mafia-aligned Simpson. The role PM that came up on inspection was deliberately ambiguous and unlikely to be in the game to make it more difficult to abuse if it was claimed. Martyr was given because it could be very useful in a game with so many killers and inspectors since his team had both a bodyguard and an inspection blocker.

    Comments on how the role was played: 100kvolts had this, and he didn’t really play it to its potential. He posted in a weird way where he concluded everything he posted with ~ ^_^ or something I don’t remember, but it didn’t really help when Jackal wanted to pretend it was his alias :nerd:. He basically did what he was told, which mostly included idling. I think the role would’ve been better played by claiming he was a martyr that was disorientated, then if he got inspected he could have claimed that he ‘thought it was martyr’. I’m not sure if he could have played it off, but I think it would’ve turned out better than just idling every single night and eventually getting lynched.

    Mr. Burns’ Team

    Comments on the role: Mr. Burns was the figurehead leader of the Burns Mafia. He knew his faithful assistant Smithers and had two one time abilities as well as a BPV item. The assassination ability was completely unblockable, even by Homer Simpson’s TV Watching ability which specified it was immune to everything in the PM. The Hi-Beams, I theorised, would be best used early to work out which aliases have night roles and to stop Burns from going down before he could use his assassination.

    Comments on how the role was played: LonelyNess played Mr. Burns. He played reasonably well under the command of dak, creating good fake role PMs for at least two of his teammates for example, but for some reason there was leadership conflict and some jokes were taken too seriously, and LonelyNess decided that the only way he could get revenge on dak for embarrassing him in front of the team and singling him out would be to ruin the entire game while they were winning. I’m pretty sure this guy has changed since then and he won’t let those types of emotions get to him in future! The assassination, in particular, was used very well – it got one of LN’s teammates (Blue Kirby) a permanent Smogon User to Alias conversion. Overall played decently up until the ‘end’, at which point he made one of the (if not the) worst moves ever to be made in Smogon Mafia history.
    Comments on the role: Self-sacrificial role with full inspector. The sacrificial part was mostly intended to be flavour (much like Peter Petrelli’s exploding ability), but if worst came to worst, Mr. Burns could be used as an item store for his team’s many powerful items and then Smithers could sacrifice before all the items were lost to the scavenger. The inspection gave details about the role to a fair degree, with the win condition and some vague other details.

    Comments on how the role was played: Thorns played Waylin Smithers, and he was quite enthusiastic to begin with but this gradually dulled when he realised he would end up as mostly one of dak’s pawns. He did play rather well though, and put more effort in than some of his teammates did. He came up with some key inspection results, including Rainier Wolfcastle (the village’s Vigilante).

    Comments on the role: Mafia twin thing. If they voted together they counted for three instead of two. If one of them died, the other gained a one time kill. These were close to villagers but they were mafia aligned.

    Comments on how the role was played: Lesm46 played this role, and he played way better than some of the people who had night roles because he bothered making a convincing false claim. However, unfortunately I think the character he claimed was already in the game (Rainier Wolfcastle).

    Comments on the role: Exactly the same role as Lenny, except black.

    Comments on how the role was played: Raikage played Carl, and he helped his team significantly with his ‘good feelings’ about random targets! He suggested Tomato as Gmax’s target and obtained the Gun because of it. Also, Raikage had a pretty good false claim which wasn’t in the game. I am not sure whether he ended up using it, but it was decent nonetheless. He likely helped plan as well, but I wasn’t permitted into the Burns Mafia’s channel for some reason :pirate:
    Comments on the role: The idea behind this role was to test the idea of a strong ability that only lasts for a limited time unless a goal is achieved, rather than what has been done before (i.e. have a trigger reached then an ability activates, this is the reverse). Basically he had a nightly Smogon Name to Alias conversion power which would only work past Day 3 if he managed to kill Homer Simpson, who was the guy that was going to be immune to Grimes’ ability because he was watching TV every night early on. The setback of this role was also meant to be a negative for the side in exchange for the numbers advantage.

    Comments on how the role was played: Blue Kirby played this role very well early on, luring out Hobo Joe and somehow managing to kill him with Mr. Burns’ unblockable kill rather than choosing to use his own on the alias he had obtained from him (which was the correct alias as well). Unfortunately, he wasn’t very active during the later part of the game. I’m sure he would have had a much greater impact if he had been more active.

    Comments on the role: This role was meant to cause potential disruptions within the side of the Burns Mafia. The win condition setback was another disadvantage placed onto the Burns team in exchange for the numbers disadvantage. Otherwise, this was just a regular even night killer.

    Comments on how the role was played: dak played Itchy, and he was definitely one of the most influential and best players in the game. He led his team and organised targets and their spreadsheet which was very detailed and well kept. Early on, he found LonelyNess (Burns) and managed to get the Vest (BPV), presumably having convinced him that he was safer for the team (he wouldn’t kill Scratchy, he would let whichever died first die first). He orchestrated his team’s domination and managed to obtain the help of the neutral scavenger Fishin towards the end of the game, basically sealing their victory, until LonelyNess decided to publish the spreadsheet. It’s a possible view LonelyNess’ reaction as a flaw in dak’s play (he couldn’t keep his team from rebelling against his leadership, which someone like Brain for example definitely could have) but I and everyone else primarily blame LonelyNess for having a dumb reaction. dak definitely put his team in a winning position by the time the game ended.

    Comments on the role: Same as Itchy but kills on Odd nights instead.

    Comments on how the role was played: I was kind of expecting Toothache to be the one that decided to kill dak early on (based on what happened in DBZ Mafia), but this was sorted out early and they most likely came to a mutual agreement. He claimed neutral Scratchy which a lot of people seemed to believe, which was pretty clever. Toothache played rather well in this game in my opinion, but he ended up losing because he got lynched right before the game’s conclusion.

    Comments on the role: The first part of the role is a setback in the form of a posting restriction which I thought was pretty cool and enjoyable. The second part is the item. Originally this item was going to have a twist where setting it to Fry would perform the Stun function and vice versa, but I decided against this in the end. The Ray Gun held very strong powers, but it was vulnerable not only to having the holder killed but being stolen, which was why it was a part of this role on this faction.

    Comments on how the role was played: Amelia played Kang, and I think he mostly did what he was told by dak. He may also have planned a little. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed his posting restriction, and I’m glad about that! End communication.

    Comments on the role: The same as Kang, except with a portable kidnapping item instead. It held the same vulnerabilities as the Ray Gun.

    Comments on how the role was played: Kodos was played by twash, and I’m pretty sure twash just did what he was told and hung around. I don’t really remember him doing anything, but that is both good and bad because it means he did nothing wrong!

    Comments on the role: Hooker with a slight twist that I quite liked, but nobody carried it on as far as I know. I thought the mafia could do with a hooker, and the character is one that might not necessarily be on the mafia which was important for this theme.

    Comments on how the role was played: Sonuis played Moe. He hooked an NPC on Night 0 and then the really weak cookie on Night 1, and then he was alliance checked and lynched. I don’t think he did very much other than remain mysterious when people talked to him. Almost as quiet as Twash!

    Comments on the role: Snake was placed on the Burns Mafia because they didn’t have a thief. He was basically a thief that couldn’t be prevented by hookers. Snake was a significantly worse thief than Jimmy the Snitch who was on the opposing mafia.

    Comments on how the role was played: Snake was played by Gmax, who played well. He was one of the more active Burns Mafia members, and he managed to steal quite a number of items as a thief, including the Drugs and the Gun. Although he was a much worse thief than GTS power-wise, he ended up stealing a lot more and playing better (although to be fair GTS didn’t really get a chance).

    The Neutrals

    Comments on the role: I really, really liked this role! It was basically a role whose win condition meant that the team had to dominate and that he had to survive long enough to work out which team would do this. Brockman had to put members of the teams out in the open, and then those same members had to survive and win. It also contributed towards the idea that players shouldn’t be able to just hide behind their aliases the whole game, which was one of the things I aimed for.

    Comments on how the role was played: billymills played Kent Brockman, and I think he played pretty well. It would have been interesting to see this role go lategame, because it might have played a major role in deciding what happens and would have been fun to observe. Overall I was happy with billymills’ play this game.

    Comments on the role: Auto-scavenger with a hint about both Moe and Disco Stu. This role was a ‘win if survive’ role, but it was obviously one that would receive a lot of attention in a game full of powerful items. In addition, the village scavenger needed him dead to start scavenging, which I thought would be interesting because of the high value of scavengers in this game.

    Comments on how the role was played: Fishin played Barney, and he played really well. He remained relatively silent for some time, but then he received all of thunda’s really strong items and went to the strongest side with them (Mr. Burns’ Mafia) and was about to start working with them, which would have basically won them the game. Well played game by Fishin.

    Comments on the role: This role basically needed to get a bunch of items and create a time machine to win. No other role in the game except Barney would have found the time machine to be a useful item. The items he could create included the time machine which was made while holding the goggles or glasses and inventing using the flux capacitor and the magnet, a hooker item made with the syringe and the drugs, and an item that would allow Maggie and silenced users to speak which was made with the Speakers.

    Comments on how the role was played: blue_light played Professor Frink, and his mafia debut wasn’t really very good. He found the village but decided to claim neutral instead of village (I guess it wasn’t that obvious that he should have claimed village, especially with the option to forward his role PM through the host) to them. He didn’t manage to collect any of the items he needed for a while, with porygon3 hoarding a bunch of the items that were on the village that he needed. This role had a lot of potential if the user was active and knew what he was doing, but blue_light seemed rather aimless in this particular game. He has gotten much better at mafia since, though… I think this was a tough role for him to start off with, unfortunately. Blame random.org!

    Comments on the role: The win condition was deliberately omitted from this role, and it was ‘You win if you kill at least three people.’ However, I wanted him to believe that he was protecting people with his injections until one of them died, at which point he would go insane and receive that win condition. This was Simpsons Mafia’s equivalent of the Faith Healer from Mafia mafia. I just noticed that I didn’t mention this: the injections he was giving were actually lethal, they were just delayed over a few nights.

    Comments on how the role was played: Altmer played this role, and he just sent in night actions. He eventually was randomly killed, unfortunately. I don’t think he even talked to anyone about the game at all, he just injected people… Maybe he worked it out? I don’t know. He didn’t even ask me about the lack of a win condition. This was another cool neutral role given to a completely new player. Makes me wish I had rigged experienced players to neutral roles!

    Comments on the role: The wolf of this game. I regret making the Knife an item; it should have been part of his role. The Knife was easily better than the other weapons; it would have been a much better idea to make the Knife a regular ability and leave the other ‘fun’ weapons to be used as the wolf saw fit. The Nuclear Warhead was a joke item; it didn’t actually do anything except tell the user that it was a dud (after they used it) and make everyone worry and be frightened of such a horrific weapon (which, coincidentally, occurred in an episode of The Simpsons). The Syringe would make someone die in three nights time unless they were cured, and the Time Bomb was just a really cool item that would just say ‘You received a black box that seems to be ticking’ when received assuming it was activated. The robot was an NPC that the wolf could use to talk to people anonymously which I thought was cool as well. The wolf also had a permanent disguise ability, but was very wolf prone and risked conflicting with the real roles in this strictly themed game. If he lost all his items he would become a thief so he could get them back! :toast:

    Comments on how the role was played: Thunda played Sideshow Bob, and he did an excellent job of it. He did claim two different things to different people and wasn’t aware of this mistake spreading to the village, but they didn’t know his alias and with the disguise I am pretty sure he could’ve covered it up. Some of the time he was communicating with others he used nicknames like Erika so that he could communicate anonymously while claiming many roles to confuse people. He fooled Jenigmat using Moccasin which was hilarious, but it only lasted until zerowing contacted him. He claimed to be Kif and used that as his disguise (a Futurama character, as these hadn’t been expressly stated to be not in the game at any point – Amelia’s inspection result would come up as Dr. Zoidberg for example) and claimed that he was receiving missions. This seemed to believed by most people, and Thunda was doing excellently up until he was randomly killed by a village vigilante. He was planning on giving his items to the disadvantaged Springfield Mafia (minus the Knife obviously) which would have put them right back into the game, but instead they went to Fishin who was going to side with the Mr. Burns Mafia. Thunda also trolled me and the people he killed by creating several next-to-pointless subforums and one subforum where he added the people he killed without telling them who he was (called The Departed). It was very enjoyable to watch Thunda play as Sideshow Bob, and he even had a well-constructed spreadsheet! A well played game by Thunda.

    Comments on the role: My attempt at another balanced neutral that is against all sides. I don’t really like item locators, so I made it a one time locator with a thief ability. The idea was he would wait until he found out the name of a killing item, then he would steal it and perform his kills to win. I quite liked this role.

    Comments on how the role was played: StrangerDanger played this role, and I’m not really sure what he was doing… He attempted to find the ‘Machete’ on Night 0 (which didn’t exist), but he was luckily abducted by Twash’s UFO. However, when he was placed back down he decided to attempt to find another non-existent item, the Sawed-off Shotgun.

    So yeah, StrangerDanger didn’t seem to understand how that role worked. He also didn’t answer his PM when aamto made a recruitment offer to him (which would have given the Springfield Mafia another thief, putting them back into the game) which was strange as well. Not such a good performance by StrangerDanger.

    Comments on the role: Finally, Homer Simpson. This role was designed to endure through the whole game and come out late to hopefully win with whichever Simpsons were still alive, if he played well enough. The abilities he received (in order that he would receive them) were: Watcher, Alliance Checker, Item Bodyguard, Thief (if he used this, the item would instantly go to the scavenger), Bodyguard, Alias to Smogon Name Conversion, Rogue, Martyr, Inspector, Silencer, Hooker, Persuader, Kill, Redirector. If the game lasted longer than that, the final three abilities would cycle. I thought this idea was a pretty good original role, and I also liked the way it fit with having the Simpsons on various factions yet still with a chance to win with this role if their faction was doing terribly.

    Comments on how the role was played: Hobo Joe played this role, and he contacted Blue Kirby when Blue Kirby posted requesting that Homer contact him in the main thread (Blue Kirby was Frank Grimes). He probably thought he was not able to be harmed and coming into contact with the other Simpsons, but this wasn’t the case and he ended up getting assassinated by the unblockable kill that Mr. Burns had. Sorry for the misleading ability description, Hobo Joe; I guess I could suggest that it be taken the same way a killer is told that his target will die when obviously there’s a chance that the target won’t die because of them being protected by a bodyguard or bulletproof vest. Contacting someone early probably wasn’t a good idea, though I can’t really blame him.

    I hope everyone enjoyed playing my game, I know I enjoyed hosting for the limited time I was able to. Maybe you’ll see another of my large games in the future after the zillion games people have made finish up!

    Thanks to Gouki and Junior for helping me come up with some of the original roles.

    Thanks to jumpluff for offering to co-host out of nowhere and doing such a great job of organisation; my efforts would have been much messier and I wouldn't have had anywhere near as much hosting success without your help!

    (the spreadsheet is here)

    Tell me if I missed or forgot something please. Thanks everyone for reading!
  2. dak


    May 29, 2007
    [18:50:43] <@dak> Earthworm|Away
    [18:50:45] <@dak> are you still prsent
    [18:50:53] <@dak> i am outraged
    [18:50:54] <@dak> He led his team together with aamto and Jackal and they didn’t really mess up, they just got really unlucky throughout the game (the opposite of the Burns mafia basically).
    [18:51:09] <@dak> this implies mr burns mafia played bad, messed up and got really lucky
    [18:51:13] <@dak> this is entirely false
    [19:00:35] <@dak> Comments on the role: Mafia twin thing. If they voted together they counted for three instead of two. If one of them died, the other gained a one time kill. These were close to villagers but they were mafia aligned.
    [19:00:36] <@dak> lol
    [19:00:38] <@dak> i didnt know this
    [19:02:03] <@dak> Comments on how the role was played: Blue Kirby played this role very well early on, luring out Hobo Joe and somehow managing to kill him with Mr. Burns’ unblockable kill rather than choosing to use his own on the alias he had obtained from him (which was the correct alias as well). Unfortunately, he wasn’t very active during the later part of the game. I’m sure he would have had a much greater impact if he had been more active.
    [19:02:05] <@dak> this is wrong as well
    [19:02:08] <@dak> we didnt get his alias
    [19:02:11] <@dak> as bk was distracted
    [19:02:14] <@dak> by magnet boy
  3. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 26, 2008
    Why did I not target GTS n0, WHY?
  4. moi


    Jan 22, 2008
    i was the best village leader ok?????

    ok well in reality this is a perfect example of a this rule

    don't give info to stupid villagers :(
  5. dak


    May 29, 2007
    more like dont give spreadsheet access to mentally unstable retards
  6. blue_light


    Jan 19, 2006
    Pigs have grown wings...hell has frozen over...Tupac has ressurected....
  7. Stoo


    Nov 17, 2007
    lol i totally forgot about this and wouldnt have remembered my godkill if you hadnt put mine right at the top

    fucking earthworm :(
  8. Earthworm

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    Nov 3, 2007
    I only meant to imply the unlucky thing, and Blue Kirby had gotten his alias through talking to him if I recall correctly, but as it wasn't 100% confirmed you took the 'less risky' option of having him assassinated by Smogon Name.
  9. LonelyNess

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    Mar 23, 2007
    Earthworm's right, I recall laughing at Hobo Joe that he did actually give BK his real alias after he died.
  10. Amelia


    May 18, 2006
    Ah yes, the last word in my posting restriction...

    "Greetings, foolish Earthlings, and know that your overlord has arrived to take over the world. End communications."

    Unfortunately i died before i could post it, thus ensuring that I could never win the game anymore.

    Also, i find it ironic that I still haven't got Mr.Burns spreadsheet yet!
  11. Gmax

    Gmax kuahahahaha
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    Oct 29, 2006
    Amelia, I gave it to you! Thanks for hosting this game Earthworm, I really enjoyed it! dak led the team really well, and we would probably have won this game if it had lasted till the end.

    It sucked that we never really got to use our broken role's ability to the fullest =/ because of a ridiculous series of events. N0 he got Magnetised. N1 he got Joe's alias. (useless ultimately since we got nothing out of it ~_~) N2 he found Mekkah who was also publicised by Mills. N3 he didn't send his PM in. N4 we got Fishin who came up to us himself during the day with his alias. N5 we were getting Bass, but the game ended at that point thanks to LN.

    The Drugs were pretty great, and getting them early on granted me immunity from thieves, which allowed me to hoard stuff without worrying. Also, Vampy34 is seriously unlucky ;(


  12. Thorns


    Feb 17, 2007
    good job now bring back akicks
  13. moot


    Apr 11, 2008
    i recall laughing at you completely ruining a good game of mafia

    ps earthworm that is a hideous runon sentence in my paragraph

    thanks for hosting
  14. Fishin

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    Nov 8, 2005
    This was a fun game, though I just laid low early on aside from establishing contacts on both mafia teams. The deal with all of the Simpson members being a member of their own secret faction in addition to being aligned with the others was actually a rather cool feature and having Homer with no other alliance would've forced him to try and unite it himself, though I think it would've been better if it hadn't been revealed upon their deaths.
  15. Jackal

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    Dec 20, 2004
    a bit too ambitious is right, but I really wanted to try it lol. it was fun while it lasted!!

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