Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

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Because I'm not a criticism kinda guy, all I have got to say is: holy jesus that is awesomeness in its solid state @_@
Before I reach Wyv's standards I still have to reach yours :<
I have much to learn in scratch spriting.

But yes, I do think Alistar's head should be tons smaller. It's quite interesting like this though.
Can someone make a picture of lucario hugging cresselia please? With a lake in the background and possible moon in the background as well.
The image won't leave from my head until it's reality.


what if he kicks the ghost
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If this thread is still for requests not related to spriting / banner making, Is there anyone here that would be able to remove the white background in my avatar?
CAP Splices

Here I just decided to splice some CAP projects and put them back together. Mostly I plan on doing 2 Pokemon splices, but if you guys like my work, I could do more than one at a time. To start, I made a splice between Revenankh and Colossoil. Here is Colossankh:

If you guys have any ideas on how I could improve him or would want to see other CAP splices, just tell me.

A little bit small, but still....

It's been a little while since I've done some spriting. I actually can't remember the last time I did! So I'm a little rusty, but I'm happy with the design for this fakemon.

Just a grass and rock type mon. Basically it uses it's large moss covered tusks to impale the enemy. Extremely aggressive and can sometimes blend in with it's surrounding environment (the trees) because of it's massive height and size.
Yeah I've been doing a little bit of spriting recently as well, just some egg recolours, nothing major. All the designs are ripped from the anime or random side games. Guess them all!

Damn DarkOrb, those look fantastic. I'm not too sure about Vooghonaut because of how awkward a doll goes with tentacles, but Colossankh is badass. More!

Furosuto: You're back! (And you will ALWAYS be Master Win to me :P) I like the mushrooms and the tail, but why would there ever be tusks growing out of your neck? Not to mention green tusks? Awesome, I know, but it's just weird to think of.

elcheeso: man, you've been hiding in the dark. Finally I see you again!
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How about your loondex by the way? That was quality stuff.

And now that exams are off my back, this 14 year-old Asian kid is back in action! And since we've all returned, I guess it's high time to start WSC again, once Rodan/Ritter is done setting it up. Huzzah!
@Furosuto: I'm with ICC, I have to call you Master Win. Anyways, the head looks a little flat compared to the vibrant shading on the neck.
@elcheeso: Sorry, don't really wanna try. I only recognize about two ish.
@ICC: I'm so excited for WSC. I didn't really participate very actively before, but now I'll try my best to do just that.

Anyways, I have a project I'm excited about. Once I finish up a few more sprites, I'll show you guys.
Heh, as I have said guys, you can call me Frost. Furosuto is japanese for frost, I love japanese things, and I live in Canada where it gets cold. So the name sort of worked for me. But yeah, Master Win sounded too.... childish to me I guess. But anyways, it's awesome to hear that ICC is gonna get back into WSC! Now we've got some coal in the furnace!

The vooghonaught looks a little bit weird. I think it's the legs/tentacles. But I love the collosoil and ravenkah fusion!

Anyways, it looks like some of the old spriters are finally coming back. Things will definitely get interesting soon....
CAP Splice 3

Well I just finished my third CAP splice. I was a little stuck on this one. I really wanted to use Stratagem, but I didn't know what CAP would meld well with it. I was stumped, until I saw Krilowatt again. A light from the heavens shined down upon me. About 15 minutes in front of my computer later, and I now proudly present Stratawatt:

Well, some of my splices:

Grass type Hydreigon. I've entered this in a contest but without those extra wings (the front view that I've entered, I did the back sprite for fun.)

A combination of all the psedos.

I am most proud of this sprite, I've almost won in a contest with it too!
And a front sprite:

So yeah.
bluehoundoom: Wow dude, those all look really cool. My favorite has gotta be the Hydreigon at the top. I think the last one looks a little weird, I think it may be the strange proportion between the fins and the body. Great overall though.
Paper Mario <3
Totally different from all the Pokemon-styled sprites in the thread, but it's the only style I can 'pull off'... Any tips (for Pokemon-styled sprites)?

Great to see spriting getting back on its feet :)
For anyone who can't see the flashy new thread, RODAN and I have started up the WSC again!
I encourage everyone to participate; it's a whole bunch of fun, and even if your skills aren't the most stellar, make it funny or original. Anyone can fool around in MS Paint and have some fun, so everyone make your way over to the megathread and, most importantly, GET SPRITING
So... I've been wondering, what is the frame/second on the pokemon sprite animations, I can't seem to find it anywhere, I'm gunna try my hand at animation

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