Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

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I think the Froakie sprite is a little big for a first state starter, if it's intended to be similar to in game sizes. That's my only qualm however, the sprite itself is great n_n

Also @ElevenTwoTwo, I really like you sprites, they fuse well and don't seem awkward at all. I'd say the leafeon/gardy is my favourite, keep it up :)

Good to see some activity back in the thread, and for all spriters wishing to test their skills, be sure to check out the weekly spriting challenge, run by me and RODAN

Happy spriting n_n

Tried a bane sprite. Didn't take much time, I used that gym leader "crasher" iirc. Not so great but I was bored and I tried. Eyes are my greatest enemy xd

Tell me what you think.
The arms and legs look great, but the body could use a little work, and the head especially (the mask looks fine, just the head shape and maybe shading).
I know what you mean about eyes; working on sprites (or any art) too long on the computer can strain them...
While the actual sprite and idea are great, the coloring of the shirt, pants, and shoes are very off. The pants should be inverted, switching where you have the two colors now. The shading on the shirt makes it look flat, and the color of the shirt is so hard to differentiate from the outline it looks as if it doesn't have one. The shoes have a similar problem, there's no varying shades so it looks flat. The shoes' outline is also all black and incomplete, which looks very sloppy. Hope this didn't sound mean, I was just trying to be descriptive on the errors.
I would love love loooooove an Avatar photo of Absol, Giratina, Umbreon, with maybe Marley in the middle? I don't know. Some kind of mix of those character/pokemons. Dark in theme is preferred, but knowing the colors of Marley's clothes and the colors of the pokemon, I understand if it's not. I'm not too picky, just surprise me. I'll probably like it xD

Reds, Black, and White are favorite colors. Hint Hint.
I have a couple of requests for anyone willing:
1). I do not have access to a computer or program that allows me to give an image a transparent background. As I have recently been made 4 sprites, but without transparent backgrounds.

I have another personal request:
Can someone recolor a Slowking and Serperior for me?
<=== Needs the pink skin recolored "Yoda Green"
<=== Needs to be recolored "Shiny Raquaza Black" where it's green. Where it's white, it needs to be a Purple.
Here's the first batch:

The Tyranitar was already 96x96 and transparent, so I didn't do anything to it.

And the second batch was a little more difficult. Maybe if you posted the exact green and purple you wanted I could redo it, but for now this is what I got:
Just some stuff I've been doing for social groups lately. Not really impressive, mostly word art with some pictures, and some more pictures, and maybe some more pictures. -_- Some of it takes me longer than others blah blah blah. I don't know what happened to some of the borders when I shrank the image. I don't know how to fix it either. =/ I just wanted to post them somewhere. ^_^

I like it.

Took me a long time to make a logo for the group Cipher. Mostly because I didn't know what to do. Since the Cipher in games has no real logo. So, it's a shadow pokeball, with word art, with a lugia.

Couldn't really come up with an idea for Slaking. So I just added a jungle behind it.

More simple. I like it anyway.

I'm pleased with how this turned out for the most part. The lines around the colosseum is not bad shop, just flags. =P

Tried to do my best for what the user wanted. It looks too busy though.

I'm not really impressed with this one. -_- It's as good as Nosepass is in Ubers.

For the group, The Pokemon Rangers, not the best shop from me. =/

Well that's my stuff. Might post some new stuff later as it comes out.
Ok so I need some sprites for ASB and was hoping someone could make them for me.

Here be the beasties I would like you to sprite for me.(btw this is a mildly rushed job :/ thanks for any help rendered ^_^)

few things,
1) they do NOT need to be hugely detailed, heck you could just make it the same shape and make it all black and it would be awsome(although the eyes for the 2nd should still be red, same goes for third ones white eyes, and the first ones mouth)
2)thank you very much for hearing me out.
Well I haven't made a sig in a year or so. I atempted to make one and like how it turned out other than the text.

I'll post some more when I make em.

Also if someone could point me in the direction of a good text psck it would be much appriciated.

I was wondering if anyone is willing to do artwork for an rmt i'm writing. It'll be an NU RMT, built around a core of Carracosta and Cacturne, so i was thinking of a picture with them back-to-back in action pose (like in an action movie/cartoon when two protagonists are surrounded, lol)

If you're willing to do this, or have a better idea, just drop a PM/VM. You can contact me on IRC too (/query chieliee)
Well I haven't made a sig in a year or so. I atempted to make one and like how it turned out other than the text.

I'll post some more when I make em.

Also if someone could point me in the direction of a good text psck it would be much appriciated.
Is not that bad, but take away that font .w. And you really need to add more resources to it, the left side it's really dark.

Just practicing with smudge

Hey guys, I would like some cool lampent artwork for an avatar, idk if this is the place to ask but if anyone could help please just give my current avi a nice background or something?

Back in the day I used to make patterns all the time on paint and now I'm experimenting with it vis a vis Pokémon. Here's what I have so far:




They're a little weird but I like them.
those patters are actually really cool. But if you didn't use the three together at the same time I would never have guessed what they actually were. But the patters are all very precise and clean and incredibly interesting to look at
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