Smeargle's Studio Second Annual Secret Santa: MERRY CHRISTMAS FINAL DAY!!!!!!!~~~~~~


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Come one, come all! Picasso's and beginning artists alike! Welcome to the signup thread for this year's Smeargle's Studio Secret Santa!
Let's get things underway:

Drawing Deadline:

December 10th

Sign Up Deadline:

Sign Ups Closed!

How To Participate:

A Secret Santa is basically a big anonymous gift giving, for those who don't know; but in our case it will be a big anonymous art trade! To get involved, shoot me a PM saying what you want somebody to draw for you. By doing this, you're also agreeing that you will in turn draw the request of somebody else- so do not sign up if you don't think you'll be able to finish a drawing. You'll have a generous time given to complete your work (count on about 3 weeks), and I don't want anybody to be a flake this year.
Once the sign ups are complete, I'll send you a PM containing what you are to be drawing. Draw this within the deadline, and send it back to me. That's all you have to do!

General Rules:

  • The request should be Pokemon-related - Crossovers are generally alright (ie. Charmander in a Mario costume), but it absolutely must have something to do with Pokemon. If you must do a crossover, the less obscure, the better.
  • No insane requests - Self explanatory, don't break somebody's back, ok?
  • The request must be sent via forum PM - Letting me know on IRC what you want or that you finished isn't good enough!
  • Do NOT tell anybody what request you got, or what request you sent - The point of a Secret Santa is anonymity!
  • Do not request anything questionable - Nothing explicitly violent or sexual. Attempt to slide by this rule and you will be banned from participating!
  • You may change your request at any time, until deadline - So you don't have to tear your hair out thinking of something. Once the deadline for sign ups has transpired, however, you're on your own!
  • Get your drawing done - Like I said before, please do not be this asshole!
  • Digital and Traditional Art is allowed - I've gotten this question a few times so to clear it up, traditional media is definitely allowed!

Don't feel shy, Christmas is about being the spirit of giving and the thought; even those who have never picked up a pencil can join in the merry making with the old pros! Have fun, and good luck!


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Looking forward to what kind of art will come from this. :3
Last year was certainly an interesting collection.


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I heard through the grapevine that you were organizing the SS this year and I was going to go rant about you not making a thread and only accepting PM applications but it seems there was no need~

Also in
In, does the quality of the artwork count? (like how well the art is drawn, how the quality of the picture is, because I have a really, really crappy camera so it might come out in a shitty quality)

EDIT: Just saying, whoever gets me please do something thats not complicated! (Like a Drunk Arceus dressed like Solid Snake or something like that)