Smog Award Discussion Thread


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Since any talk of mafia would likely fall on deaf ears in the actual discussion thread, here's a mafia specific one.

This year tried to see a back to basics in some big ways after a very experimental 2010. We had quite a few beginner mafias, but also some expert and big mafias that had 2v1 as their major selling point. There was also a really big drought for a long time, and it kinda goes without saying that the pool to choose from this year is a lot smaller than before.

Card Game Mafia actually started at the beginning of 2011, and wasn't shit like my other two so I'm hoping to get a nomination. I'm very proud of how it turned out and all the work that was put into it.

I think the most interesting games I played in were Fire Emblem 2 and Final Fantasy V. They both had some major flaws, but it's hard to think of what else I would vote for. I def expect an FE2 nomination.

But knowing many of the concepts of games this year, I don't think my opinion on games nom would change just from hearing other people's thoughts. What I'm really in the dark about is some of the better players this year, I want to hear some war stories people. Use this place to rep yourself or others.

If I voted right now, my vote would be zorbees, flamestrike, and ipl. ipl is just generally good and flamestrike is kinda my nemesis all things FF considered, but I can share a story of how good a player zorbees is.

zorbees cracked open Card Game mafia. He had one of the most thorough and accurate spreadsheets I've ever seen, and he created a stable of teammates to dominate in the strongest way possible. Everyone in the game had to eliminate 4 members of a certain team, and zorbees had to eliminate Konami. So he found four of the other anti-Konami players and then just started sweeping. zorbees was a huge shoe-in for MVP that game, and he's usually very strong when he is active.

I don't think I have the quantity to win but I'd like to try to get nominated, and my performance in Animated Movie Mafia is really my best chance at that. People joke about becoming triple agents in mafia, but I actually did that shit.

Ok, the game was a three-way with a fourth semi-hidden mafia faction. I was one of three mafia members, and we all decided to mole one faction each. I moled Disney, and probably only did a decent job of it. But then Cycle 1 the leader of Dreamworks got godkilled and I saw my big break. I made a spectacle of how much I hated this decision, and how it fucked over my group Dreamworks. What I had already known was that the closest thing to leading Dreamworks at that point thought he was successfully moling Pixar (he wasn't), so I could take over as official Dreamwork leader after telling them that I had failed to mole Disney. Then I gave Disney Dreamwork's info, so Disney thought I was legit for a good while (though paranoia would have given way eventually, I was revealed early by the host polelover). So I was a mafia moling Disney, while moling Dreamworks for Disney. And that's the kind of story I want to hear in this thread, so get to it.

EDIT: In a more humbling look back, it's funny that I perpetuated the solo mafia because if I learned anything this year it is that I am bad at them. Yeah, in the last turn of Pokemon TCG I really fought for my perfect victory but I was massively lucky to get to that point. In games this year I had no such luck and really just flopped around without getting anywhere near my goals. If I try something next year, I want to try leading a village.


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Since this is probably just me, Card Game Mafia was pretty fun, though I subbed out early on. I'd also nominate NOC Desktop Dungeons due to it being a semi-interesting Standard. Other than that, yeah...

As for players, well I honestly don't know. If I ever think of someone, I'll put my thoughts in later about that.


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Gotta agree with Zorbees and IPL being excellent mafia players. I also like Steven Snype as a player and I know works hard etc etc

Most fun i ever had in Circus was in vons PSW 1 game. In terms of true "mafia" games tho I guess FE Mafia II and the original SANDS where all fun games to play and all that.