Smogon Advance Tiers

Great job Noobster! The lists look great and for once I don't really see anything that I would object to.
^Oh Really? :giggles:

Just a minor error; Entei was placed twice. Otherwise, it's alright in my book.
I know at PR and UUSF Tangela, Bellossom, and Flareon are some of the higher NUs. Other than that, I don't see much of a problem.
There's no Registeel.
Also, Pikachu and Vigoroth should probably be put somewhere, since Scyther, Trapinch, and even Kadabra are ranked.
If Tangela and Bellossom aren't allowed, then Hitmonchan shouldn't be either. There is NOTHING in that meta that can do jack to him, the best counter probably being Whiscash which can take a hit or two but can't do much back.

Trust me when I say that NU is pretty balanced with Flareon, Tangela, and Bellossom. I can see why you would want Flareon banned (though I certainly don't), but Tangela is a pretty necessary counterbalance to Hitmonchan.


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Yeah, 0rz you are totally right. Originally I wanted to just move Flareon up because really it doesn't belong in NU, but then I had to move Tangela and Bellossom up mostly because they're honestly too strong if Flareon isn't there and then I forgot about Hitmonchan.
Yeah, I pretty much agree. The thing is, Flareon may be higher than NU, but taking him out kinda throws the meta into a tailspin. With the grasses and hitmonchan banned, that should be ok, though.

Also, you forgot poor Relicanth D: he's in the same tier as Flareon and Tangela and stuff, so he may end up in UU too...

Wobbuffet is WAY too much fun to use in 00bers to be banned :D
i think dodrio should be standard, even though i dont see it much. best normal / flying in the game. 2hkos lots of pokemon, like weezing and salamence, even after an intimidate. i think it also has the strongest normal attack in the entire game as well, excluding explosion and selfdestruct. works a little bit like aerodactyl, and thats standard, so so should dodrio.