CAP 2 Smogon "Create a Pokemon" Part Deux: Poll 3

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110 atk, 50 SAtk is not balanced. Adding on the speed, it's considered a pseudo-sweeper. It may not be super fast, but it sure can take a hit before it dies.
Balanced only applies to its ability to deal damage and take damage. We decided this thing was a PHYSICAL attacker, not a mixed one. People also requested relatively similar defenses.
How about this, then?

90 HP / 100 ATK / 100 DEF / 70 SPATK / 105 SPDEF / 65 SPD

Still 530 BST.
Much better, in my opinion. Again, I'd tweak some things here and there (like, +5/10 Attack, -5 SDef/-5 Def), but if this were the spread chosen, I would like it.

I'll have A LOT of trouble deciding between your spread and Gothic Togekiss' spread if both end up in the final poll.

At first I had the desire of proposing a stat spread, but since there are some that resemble my idea pretty well, I prefer to step back and give you guys feedback about them. And so far I like them! Good job.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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what about this:

120/110/90/60/80/72 total 532

its high HP (and not to bad defences) means it can take hits on both sides, the attack is decent but not briliant, and its speed cna be used to outspeed the base 70's if you want to try to sweep with it. its sp. atack is low, but it could hit a pure phy. wall (like forry, gliscor) hard with a super efective Hidden Power.
I was never intending for this to get Pain Split. I happen to hate that move. And just because something is a physical pokemon doesn't mean it can't have a Sp. Attack stat. Look at Garchomp and all the special variants that evolved around him. Also, this is a physical pokemon, and should therefore have high attack. Who cares if it matches Weavile? Is there a rule saying it can't have the same attack as anything else? And a 530 BST is not high.
@ Pain Split, fair enough, I was just saying cause it's the most common healing move for ghosts.

And yeah, Chomp does have a good Satk, and Atk, and is it close to broken: yeah. I'm just trying to give suggestions to make sure it's not totally broken, and I mention it having attack equal to Vile cause Vile is one of the top physical attackers, let down by his horrible defensive typing and defenses. This has a good defensive typing AND defenses and the possibilty of 2 great-typed STAB priority moves. And 530 isn't all that high, I agree, but most pokemon with awesome typing tend to have lower BSTs; Gengar, Forry and they still remain top OU due to typing/Movepool/stat distribution, and I think we should aim for something like that was *namless* 'cause then we can be sure it won't be broken, yet very good/powerfull.
I dunno about 530 stats, thats actually a lot, if you're going to make something almost purely physical. Arcanine has those stats, but it also has good special attack, not quite as good typing, and just a decent movepool, and it looks like this thing will have nice options (ghost and fighting is already a great combo)
I like Futuresuperstar (90/100/100/70/105/65) and Seds (70/105/85/105/105/65) the best. They're similar, but the tough but slow Ghost that can still dish out pain is a good idea. Dusknoir has too little HP and attack.
Okay, I'm psychic and predicted that Gothic Togekiss would want these stats.

Slow - 7 votes - 12.96%
Medium - 34 votes - 62.96%
Fast - 10 votes - 18.52%
Really Fast - 3 votes - 5.56%

So medium wins. Time to start the BST poll, which I'm just going to do as a clicky poll.
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