Smogon Flash Game Tournament - Round 2

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Round 2 Pairings
Mekkah vs LordGloom
gsumbreon vs gouki
husk vs Dak
Jabba vs darkbolt
PypeHype vs Phiddlesticks
WER vs Silver910
Lord Sunday vs Steeler
Ae Sakura vs Sir Spanky

Note: Please don't be lame and wait until near the deadline (this Saturday, I'll be locking the thread at some random time) to post your score. This is a fun tournament where the thrill of trying to beat your opponent's high score is more important than winning (right?). So if you wait until near the end, you are depriving your opponent of that thrill, and that is lame.

The game of this round is Curveball, for those who missed it, as it was apparently a very popular choice. Also if you're using Firefox get ScreenGrab from, it's amazing.

Direct link to the SWF from leafgreen386

Oh btw, please just edit your post with a new screenshot instead of posting again, that is so much easier for me (and Gorm) to navigate.
Posting despite not being in the tournament to announce that all of you suck. I just got 24720 as well, first try, with a touchpad.

edit: 27805.

Are touchpads an advantage?


God Bless Nintys Incompetence :*)
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This is where my score will go, but first I need to get the PC off my brother, I can't do it with a trackpad...
EDIT: only got 5000 but I blame the dam trackpad... not even going to pother posting it.
Got another, slightly less craptacular score with this dam trackpad. I'll have another go on the PC this afternoon, but for now this is just to get steeler to post.

EDIT2: Guesse what? my PC gets LAG while playing curveball... wtf? Anyway I managed a score of 19 450 anyway, now im going to try again...

EDIT3: 25865 this time, but i didnt want to risk my dodgy PC freezing while I took a screenshot so i use the digital camera first.

EDIT4: Waddayaknow? It froze on me XD
posting to wish good luck to all and here are my predictions

Mekkah vs LordGloom (let's be honest mekkah organized this tournament I think he'll struggle to maintain himself on the tour)
gsumbreon vs gouki (heh flash games addict)
husk vs Dak (mainly because he's my substitute, I will be happy if any of you win, Dak, may the crimson force be with you!)
Jabba vs darkbolt (you managed to surprise me on the other round so I think you're the winner here)
PypeHype vs Phiddlesticks (same as darkbolt)
WER vs Silver910 (close, but I think WER will get off his lazy ass and win this thing)
Lord Sunday vs Steeler (dunno)
Ae Sakura vs Sir Spanky (ae sakura seems to have the flashgame factor going to his/hers [don't know honestly] position... good luck to you spanky, I hope you prove me wrong)

Of course you pick a game I actually like in the second round, immediately after I get knocked out. Gay.

Oh well. I'll still try to top as many of your scores as possible, just for the fun of it. =D
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