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Smogon Live Tournament 2/6/2010 [2010 VGC]

Discussion in 'Wi-Fi Tournaments' started by mzenken, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. mzenken


    Mar 15, 2010
    *Approved by Alaka* *Thanks to UPPERDECKER for the Banner*

    The LIVE Tournaments are on the IRC channel #smogonwifi. We play these tournaments relatively often so keep your eye on Wifi Tournaments for a thread titled similarly to this one. Also, if enough people are on as well as someone to run the tournament, we could have one at any time. So its a good idea to stay in #smogonwifi participate in discussion and have fun!

    Wondering how to get there? Here are some guides:
    In browser on firefox, download for Windows, download for Windows and Linux, download for Mac.

    Or to directly join #smogonwifi in browser just click here.

    The tournament being held February 6th will be VGC 2010.

    The tournaments will hopefully start from 3:00 PM EST.
  2. mzenken


    Mar 15, 2010
    2010 VGC - Won by drcossack (open)
    2010 VGC - Double Elimination

    Alaka: 3009 1165 4787
    snake: 3095 3371 6914
    sandman: 0818 0339 5046
    GreySong: 0861 5422 9812
    pokemonrocks777: 4813 5638 9450
    drcossack: 3137 9508 8735

    Round 1
    Tyler vs sandman
    Greysong vs Pokemonrocks777
    drcossack vs snake
    Alaka v bye

    Round 2
    Alaka vs drcossack
    sandman vs Greysong
    Tyler vs snake
    pokemonrocks777 vs Bye

    Round 3 - Losers Only
    Alaka v Tyler
    sandman v pokemonrocks777

    Round 4
    drcossack v Greysong
    Alaka v sandman

    Round 5
    Alaka v Greysong

    Alaka v drcossack

    1 point

    2 points

    3 points
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