Smogon Live Tournament 5/22/2011 [VGC 2011] [Won by Rukario]

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*Approved by Alaka* *Thanks to UPPERDECKER for the Banner*

The LIVE Tournaments are on the IRC channel #smogonwifi. We play these tournaments relatively often so keep your eye on Wifi Tournaments for a thread titled similarly to this one. Also, if enough people are on as well as someone to run the tournament, we could have one at any time. So its a good idea to stay in #smogonwifi participate in discussion and have fun!

Wondering how to get there? Here are some guides:
In browser on firefox, Download for Windows, download for Windows and Linux, Download for Mac.

Or to directly join #smogonwifi in browser just click here.

The tournament being held May 22nd will be VGC 2011.

  • Only Pokemon within the Unova PokeDex can be used.
  • Level 50, Level Down.
  • Double Battle, 4 v 4
  • Species Clause
  • Item Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Banned Pokemon: Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Victini

Signups will start at 2:50 PM EST (GMT -5).

This Week's Prize

anything from my thread even thought its already free ._.

Contact Ditto to pick up​


pok101 - 4641 8248 9562
pokemonrocks777 - 3138 5872 1129
Rukario - 1291 8082 0038
sandman - 5286 1158 9707
Sixonesix - 1936 0168 9562
snake - 4212 4746 3250
muffinhead - 1077 0058 2564
Cybertron - 0776 3648 8290


muffinhead vs Sixonesix
pok101 vs snake
Rukario vs pokemonrocks777
sandman vs Cybertron


sandman vs Sixonesix
snake vs Rukario


Rukario vs sandman
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