Smogon Live Tournaments Championship [October 10 - December 10] - Final


All washed up
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*Approved by Jimbo* *Thanks to UPPERDECKER for the Banner*

The LIVE Tournaments are on the IRC channel #smogonwifi. We play these tournaments relatively often so keep your eye on Wifi Tournaments for a thread titled similarly to this one. Also, if enough people are on as well as someone to run the tournament, we could have one at any time. So its a good idea to stay in #smogonwifi participate in discussion and have fun!

This has been a great 3 months of Live Tournaments, but its time for this season to draw to a close. Don't worry though, tournaments start up immediately for the October 10 - December 10 season. This is a qualification only tournament by the top 8 in the leaderboard, however you are welcome to pay attention, share your predictions and hopefully watch some videos.


#1 This tournament won't actually be a Live tournament, but a normal tournament with deadlines instead to accommodate all qualifiers.
#2 The tournament will be seeded double elimination best 2 of 3 out of 6v6 OU, 09 VGC, and 2010 VGC.
#3 Tiebreakers for qualification will be by most recent point won, and if there is still a tie, number of points won in that tournament.
#4 Rules for each tier follow the same rules as detailed in the sticky. Status of suspects will be as they are as of the posting of this thread.
#5 Deadlines will be one week long.

The winner gets a special user title!


All washed up
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1. drcossack - Confirmed
2. Alaka - Confirmed
3. UPPERDECKR - Confirmed
4. Ninahaza - Confirmed
5. Nexus - Not Playing
6. Dubulous - Confirmed
7. Negator - Confirmed
8. Crimson assassin - Confirmed
9. bharmalm - Confirmed
10. Sixonesix - Not Playing
11. Huy - Confirmed
12. Ditto - Confirmed

Round 1
[1]drcossack(2009 VGC, 2010 VGC) v [9]bharmalm(OU)
[2]Alaka v [8]Crimson assassin - Activity
[3]UPPERDECKER(2009 VGC, 2010 VGC) v [7]Negator(OU)
[4]Ninahaza(2010 VGC) v [6]Dubulous(2009 VGC, OU)
Deadline is 1/11/11

Round 2
[1]drcossack(2010 VGC) v [6]Dubulous(OU, 2009 VGC)
[2]Alaka(2009 VGC, OU) v [3]UPPERDECKER(2010 VGC)
[4]Ninahaza v [9]bharmalm - Forfeit
[7]Negator v [8]Crimson assassin - Activity

Round 3 - Losers Only
[1]drcossack v [7]Negator - Coinflip
[3]UPPERDECKER(2009 VGC, OU) v [9]bharmalm(2010 VGC)

Round 4
[2]Alaka(2009 VGC, 2010 VGC) v [6]Dubulous
[3]UPPERDECKER v [7]Negator - Forfeit

Round 5 - Losers Only
[3]UPPERDECKER(2010 VGC) v [6]Dubulous(2009 VGC, OU)

[2]Alaka v [6]Dubulous
i would love to be in this!, so confirming!
one thing though will "OU" be in 5th gen of 4th?
EDIT: I have a feeling that crimson assain wont be in it as he is quiting pokemon, but im not sure.
Negator and i are having a hard time playing because of timezone issues. hopefully we'll get it done soon.

EDIT: I won VGC 2009 & 2010. I got my ass kicked in OU. GGs!