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Division 1 Draft Order
theamericandream38 (gets leftover)

1a. Games will be played in a best of 3 format. The team with the lower average solo queue rating (or level in Division 2) will have the choice of either blue side or first pick for game 1.
1ai. Average rating and level were calculated on the 15th of May, 2012, with the five initial members of each team. Though these values may change, the average values will be set for the rest of the tournament.
1b. Games in Division 1 will be Draft Pick with FOUR bans. Games in Division 2 will be Blind Pick.
2. The loser of a game may pick side and whether or not they will first pick for the subsequent game.
3. Substitutes are allowed but the opposing team captain must consent to the use of a substitute. Division 2 teams may not use players in Division 1 as substitutes.
4. The tournament will be played as a round robin. The two teams with the highest number of wins will play for the division finals.
5. Spectators must be turned on.
6. Ingame chat must be kept friendly and to a minimum.
7. Every action possible within the realms of the game's code are allowed. This includes backdooring, cheese strats, and Soraka.
8. Matches are to be completed within a reasonable amount of time. Teams must attempt to complete matches if possible, and all measures will be taken by the tournament organisers to ensure that matches are completed.
9. Teams must submit proper team names! Those that do not will have an embarassing name given to them.

- It is advised that teams communicate using a VOIP such as Skype or Mumble.
- It is advised that all players be in either #tf2 on SynIRC or in the Smogon ingame chatroom.
- All bans have been removed on #tf2 for this tournament.
- Signups may continue into the tournament. New players are to be used as substitutes, who will be drafted after the initial 40 players.
- Division 2 teams looking for help may do so in #tf2 on SynIRC.
- The winners were going to receive Riot Points but I was unable to contact Riot to get their sponsorship for this tournament. I guess we'll just aop you in #tf2 or something. Or get to play a few games with some of the better players.

Regarding substitutes
Sign up on this thread in the following format if you haven't been listed below

Summoner Name:
Summoner Level (if 30, solo queue elo):
Preferred Roles:

Teams receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss, and lose 1 point for a forfeit.

Division 2

1. Team e-girl (0-0) 0
1. Team 69 (0-0) 0
1. Team O (0-0) 0
1. Team Blue and Purple (0-0) 0

Division 1

(Average Elo 1356)
LonelyNess (Arguro)
BlocksRCool (BlocksRCool)
danmantincan (danmantincan)
Renosaur (Renosaur)
LightWolf (JetLightWolf)
UncleSam (UncleSamsCabin)

Ginyu Force (Average Elo 1322)
Crux (Cruximus)
Thorns (manisier)
Rayquaza2233 (Rayquaza2233)
jonnyrolo (Chainsmoke)
Jcpdragonx (Jcpdragonx)
skarm (skarmCA)

Team IPL Five Tigers (Average Elo 1279)
imperfectluck (Luck Test)
vonFiedler (vonFiedler)
RaRe555 (SkeeLd)
MagicMaster87 (MagicMaster87)
Manafii101 (PKRing)
Synre (Synre)

NICE GUYS (Average Elo 1312)
HD (HiDef45)
pookar (pookar)
TheValkyries (TheValkyries)
Stagnant (Misery)
Limitless (Karrious)

Team Friendship is Magic (Average Elo 1293)
theamericandream38 (theamericandream)
Testing... (Pieffot)
Kinneas (IamKinneas)
connoisseur (JRCapablanca)
Shinyskarmory (mi ramfan)
Cathadora (cathadora)

Leethoof (Leethoof)
Obbmud99 (Master Obbmud99)

Inactive (PM a host to be placed in sub list)
Thund91 (RaRa91)

Division 2

Team e-girl
(Average Level 27.2)
Yeti (Yetim8)
jumpluff (jumpluffers)
Age of Kings (Radilgy)
Walrein (nierlaW)
Acklow (Acklow)

Team 69 (Average Level 24.4)
joshe (joshe69)
porygon3 (porygon3)
Tortferngatr (Tortferngatr)
Keelhauled (Keelyhauled)
DaLetterEl (DuckDuckPwn)

Team O (Average Level 21.8)
iss (Techonup)
Xenu (Hail Xenu)
billymills (helpwhatamidoing)
Swaggersaurus (azbot)

Team Blue and Purple (Average Level 25)
Jibaku (Jibaku)
the_pugilist (root greevil)
ginganinja (ginganinja2012)
Quagsires (Quagsires)
Minwu (Minwu325)

Aerrow (Islingr)
loudkirbyking (LoxeL)


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I would appreciate it if whichever team I end up on let's me know in advance what role I will be playing so I can start unlocking champs in that role. All my shit is on EU West so I have to unlock it again to play on NA.


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I should've signed up for this but I didn't because I didn't know how long iLoL would be delayed in being fixed. It has been fixed so I am wondering if you can toss me into the mix as a free agent/substitute.

Acklow, and put me in Div 2.


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Hey guys i'm gonna pick my boo sgtwood- omg he didnt even sign up well i didnt want him anyway.

i would like my thug jumpluff as my first pickup.


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- All bans have been removed on #tf2 for this tournament.
RODAN, this does not give you licence to talk about the taboo subject.

ETA: Also, what is the schedule for this? I think it would be nice to have a period of like a week (or some days at least) between team finalisation and the tournament commencing in order to practise with our teammates.

ETA2: joshe asked me to tell everyone in d2 this. I will just post it, and suggest it to people when I see them. If you are in d2 and under level 30, please start levelling up your accounts as much as possible -- especially if you're under 20. In human matches, preferably -- the experience will really help, since a lot of us don't have much pvp experience! Save IP up for runes and hit level 20 if you're close, so you can at least use two quints + six marks/glyphs/seals. 21 is nice for a full mastery tree. Even if you can't hit level 20, you'll at least have more masteries available.
I intentionally didn't sign up, but if you guys wind up needing people to practice against once you form your teams we're probably around, though SUPER PLAYBOY and Marc aren't around very often anymore so we might need to find a ringer 5th to actually be able to field a team to warm up with. Which could either make things way easier if we have to whip out TTS or something or way harder if we have to whip out SD.

I'd offer to sub if you have activity issues too(Support/Jungle/AD) but I feel like depending on who I'd replace the odds of SPL husking it are too high(EDIT: though I think Thund probably already has win tournament on his own mode taken care of).


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I'll play/sub/whatever

I should be in division 2.

Summoner Name: DuckDuckPwn
Summoner Level: 17
Preferred Roles: Top, Mid, Support
assuming you mean to spectate the games (which you probably should, maybe shoutcast it?), both of the hosts being australians means you're fucking up the people living in actual timezones who plan to play while you're asleep. maybe you should get another (american/european/insomniac) host if you plan to spectate?
I think subs should be drafted at this time (well, after the original 40 players have been drafted I maybe, but I don't really care when). It's probably best, in the event that they are needed, that they know which team they're going on and which role they'll need to play.
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