Other Smogon LoL Tournament #1

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I think subs should be drafted at this time (well, after the original 40 players have been drafted I maybe, but I don't really care when). It's probably best, in the event that they are needed, that they know which team they're going on and which role they'll need to play.
subs will be drafted after the initial 40 have been

jumpluff said:
ETA: Also, what is the schedule for this? I think it would be nice to have a period of like a week (or some days at least) between team finalisation and the tournament commencing in order to practise with our teammates.
you get an extension period on the first round, i'm not setting deadlines cause i know people hate those GO EASY ON ME I WASN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO HOST THIS
[04:47:54] <tad38> lol I guess I'm just going to go with who I think is best by looking at their stats, because I have played with *none* of the remaining players
[04:51:21] <tad38> I will take smogon users "testing..." and kinneas
Also we want to do it via thread. If we could do that we'd be half there already. Yeti could have posted, and by now be up again. IRC means we waste time till we are all on.
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