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ugh DM, i just want to say that i finally understand why you said you were done taking care of the drunk at nationals, that last year was your last time.

I played babysitter tonight and it is not fun :(. it's mainly my fault though because i decided a couple of weeks ago that i would never get drunik again, so it was only natural i ended up being the one to take care of all my drunk friends.

i will only post pictures of myself and the person whom i currently have one of the best bromances going on. We've had this bromace going on for a while so he has appeared on smogon in the past, thats why i dont mind posting a few pictures of him from tonight

we went to get some more drinks, this is where it started going downhill
also yes, he is fucking drinking a mikes hard lemonade WHILES DRIVING. no need to worry however, i tipple checked that he wasn't even tipsy before getting behind the wheel.

at this point he was gone, jumping into closets and what-not. i wonder if he was the only one, all i know is by this time i was already in "babysitter/ taking care of people" mode

waterworks begin

Me, watching over and taking care of drunks, watching the puke fly. I will say this though, taking care of drunk guys > taking care of drunk girls
also yes, i AM growing my hair out, whether i get a fro or braid it remains to be seen. i am not exactly sure about the facial hair, i think i'm just too lazy to shave.

although i managed not to get drunk, i did have some fun.

everyone is sleeping/passed out, time to make 1 final round and maybe get some sleep myself. Man i cant wait to get all the pics/vids on facebook


just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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"also yes, he is fucking drinking a mikes hard lemonade"

you've always been an insightful one, stone