Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread


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Empty Gym? Picture time then. John caught me as I was coming up, great pics.

3x45 pound bars on each side
2x10 pound bars as well
2x5 pound bars to add the cherry on top.

Total= 345 pounds.

Oh nothing, just my warm up, you know ;)

So: for everyone who wasn't following my saga of misery on facebook: I recently attempted to dye my hair blue. Took about two weeks, and I looked absurd for the most part. I'll put up a series of pictures later to show the progression, but I thought you should see the difference!

(sorry for the large pictures btw)

I look really startled, sorry!!!!

I also have a long lost relative:
kittenmay next time if you want something darker next time go easier on the bleach your hair is probably crying at the moment and it looks a lot lighter than it should be im guessing you were shooting for a darker turquoise than that

brammi have her draw you like one of her french girls
Brammi, I am more curious as to what system you are playing due to the wire being intact with the controller, could it be a ps2 or n64? Unless you just happened to have one of the wired 360 controllers or something.