Smogon Photo Album: VGC 2012 Edition

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/me cresselias

Smogon Photo Album: VGC Edition
Approved by Darnell Washington and Junior Associate Firestorm

The VGC 2012 season is fast approaching, and this year the events are bound to be packed with more Smogonites than ever! The only thing just as rewarding as winning an event is being able to meet the users that you battle and chat with every day on the site. This photo album lists each Smogon celebrity you can meet this season and where you can meet them. Remember that you don't have to disclose your identity if you don't want to, but all members are encouraged to join in on the photo-sharing fun.

A Couple Reminders:
-Post whatever picture you would like to be identified by and it will be reuploaded and reformatted into a thumbnail for convenience.
-Don't forget to include what location you are attending so other users know where to find you!
-Please be nice to other users- no insults.
-Keep it clean etc etc.

United States Regionals - November 13, 2011

Long Beach, CA - Long Beach Convention Center

Lake Buena Vista, FL - Royal Plaza

Ft. Wayne, IN - Allen County War Memorial Coliseum



Crestwood, MO - Yeti Gaming



Salem, OR - Oregon State Fair and Expo Center

Providence, RI - Rhode Island Convention Center



Doswell, VA - The Farm Bureau Center at the Meadow Event Park

Magnus & andrea

United States Regionals - April 15, 2012

, CA - Alameda County Fairgrounds

Colorado Springs, CO - Crowne Plaza Hotel

Philadelphia, PA - Pennsylvania Convention Center

Houston, TX - Houston Hilton North

Madison, WI - Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

United States Nationals - June 29 to July 1, 2012

Indianapolis, IN


/me cresselias
Canada Regional & Nationals - TBD
April 15 - Vancouver, BC

yes I know, not until next year. But still, Vancouver, nats, and worlds. This is what I look like when I'm tired, which will be all the time.

Tepig is super swag.

Cybertron you look like this kid I know who dressed up as the Grudge kid for Halloween.
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