Smogon Photo Album: VGC 2012 Edition

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from last year, bathroom picture lolol. prob will have that hat again and the dog tag for sure.

Going to RI! So close to me this time :3

@Cybertron, you owe me a picture in RI. woot :)
Will be put in later

I guess that's like the most recent pick my Lil Bro took of me. Any way, I'll be doing LCQ Worlds and maybe even Phoenix if they ever have one D:

Edit: Oh and I'm pretty sure I'm too old for Seniors, so Masters Division. I am so screwed :(


Doing just fine, here at the top of the world
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Masters Division, Long Beach 11/13/11
By the way my name is Devin; if you call me NixSex or NigSex or any variation thereof, I keel you.

Sorry, I'm the dude.

No mud, but American Idol...
I figure I should throw my name in here:

Feel free to call me Matt or bears or any another variant of my username. I'll be in Virginia next week. Jigglypuff should also be there as well, although not this particular one.


what if he kicks the ghost
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Only half decent picture of me I could be find. I'll be at the Athens Regional (and hating Athens at the same time)!
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