Smogon Premier League 2 - Mid-Season Sign Ups

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Player Name: Terraquaza
Tiers Played: DPP UU / DPP OU / BW Uber
Timezone : GMT +1


-Highest Ladderranking in Ubers (Smogon/PO)
#35-50 (Wifi/DW Ubers).

-R4 of the Arceus Tournament.
Player Name: smashlloyd20
Tiers Played: BW OU / DPP OU / DPP UU / ADV OU / RBY OU / VGC 2011
Timezone : GMT -5 (EST)

I'm not a common ladderer (attention span problems) but I peaked at #30 on the Dream World OU ladder and around #50 in DPP OU on the Smogon server, along with acheiving a ranking of 1330 in the 2nd round of BW suspect testing.. I've had more success in tournaments, making it to round 3 of both ST7 and the BW tour before getting eliminated by Whitequeen and Giga Push, respectively. I also made it to the semifinals of the Move Stat restriction tournament before getting eliminated by wilson 46.


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Player Name: Lamppost
Tiers Played: BW OU / BW UBER / DPP OU / ADV OU /
Timezone : GMT -5 (EST)

Peaked #3 on the beta server with around a 1500 rating.
Round 2 suspect test voter.
Peaked #17 on the beta server in dpp ou.

6A9 Ace Matador

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the bigs are looking for a little oomph in your signup post. only posts including a resume (keep it short, one paragraph max) will be considered for a spot on the bigs.
Player Name: comatthew6
Tiers Played: BW OU / BW UBER / DPP UU / DPP OU / ADV OU / DPP LC / BW LC
Timezone : GMT -5 (EST)

people mostly know me for DPP / BW LC but I'm ranked in the top 25 in BW ubers ;)


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Player Name: Unreality
Tiers Played: VGC 2011
Timezone: GMT -5

Pretty active on skarmbliss, no real outstanding ladder performances. I like to be outlandish in my thinking when teambuilding.
i also beat human 4 out of five times in a row, take that OD


Player Name: Rag (better known as Chispas or vanillatea, even if it's just slightly)
Tiers Played: GSC OU / ADV OU / DPP OU / BW OU
Timezone: GMT +1
Player name: Ian15
Tiers played: DPP OU
Timezone: GMT -5

Pretty good teambuilder and I can battle if I play carefully. Peaked on the first page in DPP OU, I do not remember the exact ranking. I would gladly accept any tryout.
Player Name: Pasy_G
Tiers Played: BW Uber / DPP OU / DPP UU
Timezone : GMT +1

I was R5 in the Uber is now a Farce Tournament, but i´m a newcomer, so i don´t have any successes :X but i am very good lol ^_^
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