Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 2

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Is it just me or has am's post quality gone from terrible to excellent in the past week?

The Wifi Wolfpack (4) vs. The Indie Scooters (6)

BW OU 1: PttP vs. apologies
BW OU 2: reachzero vs. Atticus
BW OU 3: iconic vs. folgorio
BW Uber: trick room vs. Jibaku
VGC 2011: drcossack vs. bianca222
DPP OU: reyscarface vs. eaglesrock
DPP UU: IronBullet93 vs. Aqualouis
ADV OU: goofball vs. Gouki
GSC OU: zfs vs. G80
RBY OU: TV-Rocka vs. Nachos

The Circus Maximus Tigers (5) vs. The Ever Grande BIGS (5)

BW OU 1: wilson46 vs. locopoke
BW OU 2: Delta2777 vs. 6A9 Ace Matador
BW OU 3: Pride vs. idiotfrommars
BW Uber: Gen. Empoleon vs. j99ubers
VGC 2011: TAY vs. Solace.
DPP OU: Kevin Garrett vs. symphonyx64
DPP UU: Bluewind vs. kd24
ADV OU: ]V[ajin Tupac_Z vs. JabbaTheGriffin
GSC OU: Umby vs. Floppy
RBY OU: Pirotechnix vs. dbolt

The Stark Sharks (6) vs. The Congregation of the Classiest (4)

BW OU 1: Eternal vs. panamaxis
BW OU 2: Philip7086 vs. Snunch
BW OU 3: Lady Bug vs. mien
BW Uber: DarkLucario vs. Eo Ut Mortus
VGC 2011: Sixonesix vs. Huy
DPP OU: Stone_Cold vs. legendary_07
DPP UU: Smurf. vs. uragg
ADV OU: Sapientia vs. Heysup
GSC OU: Conflict vs. Borat
RBY OU: Carl vs. andrea

The Cryonicles (8) vs. The Team Raiders (2)

BW OU 1: Taylor vs. M Dragon
BW OU 2: shrang vs. twash
BW OU 3: SilentEcho vs. malekith
BW Uber: Mind vs. Megan_Fox
VGC 2011: Articuno64 vs. JRank
DPP OU: Scimjara vs. Picklesword
DPP UU: Bad Ass vs. KnightoftheWind
ADV OU: Mizuno vs. Veteran in Love
GSC OU: Nitro vs. LonelyNess
RBY OU: spies vs. Mr.E

GL Ruiners.
Despite this prediction I won scimjara


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why would you want to read a match that took 1 hour and 20 minutes? even whistle is too adhd to do that

these giants battled 100 years, which is roughly equivalent to a 1 hour 20 minute pokémon battle
Deleted the pic to make the post shorter, but it takes a lot less time to read an 80 minute battle. :)
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