Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 4

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Ok, I guess I should explain the whole situation now in case the worst happens (you can interpret this as a tl;dr activity post). I VMed ToF on Monday to ask him when he wanted to play, and he said during the afternoon, preferably weekends. I agreed and told him I'd PM him back on Friday and Saturday to see when we could get it done. On Thursday ToF VMed me saying some stuff had came up and asked me to play that moment, but I was unavailable (mainly because I was doing stuff I was meant to do on Friday / Saturday so I could have more free time to play) so I told him I'd try to log on the times he said he would be available (after 5PM that day), but I did, stayed one hour and he couldn't make it. Today, I stayed online but again saw no activity from him; and I've been somewhat busy these last 30 minutes so when I noticed ToF had already logged in, posted here, and logged off; as he didn't PM me or anything. Of course there's still tomorrow so I think we'll be getting it done, but because ToF said he had been swamped with work and would be busy on Saturday, I thought it was better if I posted this whole thing.
lady bug and I spoke earlier today but i couldnt play because i wasnt home on a laptop without shoddy or PO. I told him id stay up tonight if he would wake up early as we have a huge timezone difference. I asked him to wake up at 9 am so it would be around 11 PM for me, but he said he would try to wake up at 11 am, 1 am for me. Its 2:30 am and I havent seen him and im going to sleep. I cant play tomorrow until at like 5 PM EST because I have a lunch, which i told lady bug about when i spoke to him today.

so yeah activity post, and nite


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Activity Post. I have an extremely busy day today and the only time we still had left to battle was 4 am my time. So I got up to be ready to battle at 4 but he didn't show up. I can't afford to lose any more sleep as I have regionals tomorrow so I am going back to bed.
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