Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 5

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There's no such thing at "18 Pm" noob whistle. 24-hour clocks don't use an AM/PM designation, that's the whole point of it being a 24-hour clock.

San Jose Sharks record for the past 5 years: 248-162 for a 60.5% winning percentage.

Oakland Raiders record for the past 5 years: 24-56 for a 30.0% winning percentage.

I think we all know which Bay Area team is the best.
Your defending World Series champion, the San Francisco Giants? :happybrain:


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I have but one simple request: stop using VMs over PMs (unless your opponent's inbox is full)

PMs force pop-ups, meaning they are harder to miss.
PMs have read receipts, meaning you can know with certainty that your opponent read the PM and ignored it.
VMs are easier to miss a response to, considering if someone responds to your VM on their own wall (which is not unheard of), you don't get ANY kind of alert that they responded to you.

In summation: stop using VMs to get in touch with your opponent. Use a PM ffs.

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can rey just stop being an asshole

scimjara sends me a message over aim, asking me to pm rey on irc because a) he is on his iPhone and b) he does not have colloquy

so i relay on his message

and i get this bullshit

[20:54:06] <reyscarface> tell him to talk to me whenever hes on
[20:54:14] <reyscarface> i schedule my macth with my opponent not his messenger
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