Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 2

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I won against Go10, gg.


By the way, every team should force specs on when battling reyscarface or else he'll be an ass to you afterwards. Thanks.
was gonna play br wednesday, but every time i've caught him on since he's had to leave for various reasons

gonna play tonight or weekend hopefully!!!
You only caught me yesterday and I told you I was sleepy and I didn't want to play like that, I also told you we could play today.

btw I'm online right now...
So this is the situation on me vs ib93:

We made contact early in the week and I asked him to play on Friday or Saturday, explaining that I won't be here on Sunday (making a cross-country trip). Never got a response after that and he didn't show up today, which means either he shows up Saturday (and given the 8 hour time difference, we have a window of just a few hours) or we can't play.

EDIT: I assumed I wouldn't make contact with IB93 today but little did I know he's active at 4 AM, ignore the above.
Got the win vs tad38.

Games one and two had nearly no influencing hax. I won game one and he won game two. Game three was really close, I won in the end with a bit of prediction, great game. Would have been less difficult for me if you just got lost in New York or something and missed this week though!
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