Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 7

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nitroo won the battle!
M Dragon: gg
nitroo: gg
They apparently re-matched after this but that was not with the consent of the team.

EDIT: I initially posted the entire log because it is pretty easy to fake the one above...
uh lol, ill un-bold mdragon for now until synre makes a decision but someone needs to sort out with synre what trumps player will or team will

M Dragon

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This is wrong... 199 lives won
I originally lost because a PO glitch when I had that game won, so 199 lives let me rematch (at that time k-12 had already won), we both agreed with that, and I even said that in sharks channel, and nobody there cared, so we rematched and I won that.

Anyway, thnx 199 lives for that good sportsmanship
(00:56) Luck>Skill: what glitch
(00:56) M Dragon: lag glitch
(00:57) M Dragon: because i had switched and it attacked instead
(00:57) M Dragon: his duggy using rock slide
(00:57) M Dragon: to kill my regice
(00:57) M Dragon: i send zapdos by mistake

I don't understand how could this be a glitch...idk


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j/s as far as i know that lag 'glitch' isn't a glitch

it just means that you clicked one thing and they clicked their move before you could cancel, then it lags for a second because of the weird timing, and goes with what you earlier had selected
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