Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 7

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the worst season
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Windsong and I were supposed to play today at sometime around 4 pm EST, and I waited around for ~7 hours, but he never came onto any official channels etc and i pm'd him about 35 minutes ago but he's idle. Mop asked windsong when he was battling me and I badgered him a lot about getting this done early and i've been ready all week but he wanted to wait until saturday I will only be on for about another half an hour and hope that windsond and I can get this done, because I have a function tomorrow and may not be active (which i said sunday was infact a bad day for me)

activity post i guess
Still here, planning to play Bears tomorrow. He told me he couldn't play tonight.
I'm sorry Dim, but this makes me look like I'm evading you. I clearly sent you a PM on NB telling you in advance that this was not an available time slot, and sent you a PM with the other timeslots I had open. I've yet to receive a response in any medium detailing when you're available.

That said, I hope we can get this done today.
I sent evan a PM over at NB since I haven't seen him in a few days. This isn't an activity post, just an update that yes, we haven't battled yet but I am hopeful that we will find time today.


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me and jayde scheduled to battle sometime between 2-5 est today but he has something else to go to now so we're doing our match at 4:30. I have to leave at about 5 o'clock so hopefully we can get it done :/
I have been ready to play since Monday, but MMF wanted to wait for a later day in the week. Then he VM'd me telling me he wanted to play on Friday or Saturday. He did not log on once on either day, and only logged on for a few minutes today, which refreshed his "Last Seen" time. I was on for most of the day yesterday and most of today as well. I have to leave in 10 minutes now, I'll try to come back in 3 hours but I don't think this match will get done. Activity.
Won vs Dimsun, ggs.

Anyways, I believe I've accidentally stirred up some animosity with Dimsun. We didn't really plan all that well during the week for a match, but I sent him a PM Friday. He asked me last night as I was leaving to play, but as I put in the PM I wasn't available. Dimsun reported this in for activity purposes, as is proper for SPL. I then covered my own ass revealing the existence of the PM, but the way I did it might not have been the most tactful way. Really, neither of us did a good job communicating to the other. At any rate, Toler's my bud and I'm not gonna risk a friendship over a choice of words. So I apologize for any actions that might have seemed hostile

ilu dimsun

Also in celebration of not being out of the playoff hunt
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