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Smogon Premier League 5 - FINALS [Won by the Stark Sharks]

Discussion in 'Smogon Premier League' started by Oglemi, Mar 23, 2014.

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  1. Arcticblast

    Arcticblast Ultra Ball off of Abyssal Hand for Lele for Guzma for game
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    Nov 29, 2008
    I realized while typing my shoutout for Atticus that half of my shoutouts basically boil down to "cool guy, great battler" because I didn't get to know so many people on the team well enough, which totally blows. Still, this was an awesome three months and I'm glad to have come along for the ride. I've met a bunch of great players, some old and some new, and definitely learned a lot. It was also fun as hell. We clutched week after week, and even when we lost it was pretty intense. The season had its ups and downs but it was great. And WE FUCKING WON. GO SHARKS

    -Tsunami-: literally the worst. Legit though you're a good friend, you battled well, and you were a great testing partner. gj bro

    Al_Alchemist: The secret third 11-letter A player... o.o I think it's funny how makiri didn't support adding LC and Doubles to SPL and then you just went and fucking destroyed everyone. Mad props. Also Spritzee is one of my favorite Pokemon and you used it at least once!

    Atticus: When midseason rolled around and you and edgar join the team, #sharks got like 100% cooler. You also kicked ass at DPP. Hell, that's basically why I decided to take it up myself (sorry Stone_Cold I keep forgetting about this tutoring thing lol).

    Conflict: more like Clutchflict imo. You managed to secure the win repeatedly, getting us through semis and finals (that match was beautiful by the way). You also figured out some stuff I didn't even think of, like when you predicted Skill Swap Cress week 1... You were one of the coolest guys on the team too.

    Edgar: Part two of the midseason pickups. You tore it up in Ubers and were cool to talk to.

    Hawkstar: AHA, someone I have something else to say about - PA bros! I found a ride to worlds though so I don't have to beg you for one, don't worry. You helped Al out and then clutched when he wasn't around.

    Heist: I seem to recall you not being on a whole lot early in the season, and then you suddenly decided to start playing RU, but you pretty much kicked ass all season.

    kael: .5k for one of the best players ever? Hell yes.

    Kevin Garrett: I remember looking up to you years ago when I had just joined, and it's seriously been an honor playing on the same SPL team as you. DDoS jokes aside, it's been a pleasure, and you wrecked in BW.

    LUST: To be honest, I actually originally didn't like you a whole lot early in the season - you came off as kind of abrasive. That changed around midseason though, you're a smart guy who knows what he's doing and you're... usually right when you say stuff lol. Shame we both got lucked this week :(

    make: I'd probably have a more detailed shoutout besides "you're awesome at ADV" but honestly I'm bad at foreign languages :(

    Stellar: I take back what I said about Shake. You are literally the worst. >:( and that about sums up our relationship right there.

    SoulWind: You keep going on about this but don't let this season get you down man, you're an excellent battler. You know what's up in BW and you're a great guy. I better see you in the finals of this Doubles tour too ;)

    TheFourthChaser: out of all of the people who used #sharks you're the only one who came out of the season still modding PS. There's gotta be a prize for that. You put in work when you battled and you helped me out immensely in testing and stuff and you're pretty awesome too.

    The Wolf: Is there any tier you don't play? You seriously just went in wherever you were needed and managed to pull through. Lower tier master right here

    WhiteQueen: Before the season started I was looking forward to trash talking you and then we ended up on the same team and I was like "shit." You ended up being a lot cooler than I gave you credit for though, and even when you didn't play you were enthusiastic. Wouldn't have been the same without you.

    LizardMan and Frizy: Not Sharks but always there. Lizard is pro as fuck and Frizy sucks but man you're a good guy.

    Lady Bug: Shark at heart <3

    panamaxis: Fuck timezones, I could have talked to you more :(

    Philip7086: I CAN FINALLY CONNECT TO POKEBATTLE!!!! Unlike too many members of the team I did get to know you a bit better, even if I forget that band you told me about that used your guitar on an album or something.

    MoP: You helped literally everyone on the team (even if the team of mine you helped with most never saw the light of day). I won't be Fire weak don't worry :)

    makiri: Holy shit where do I begin...? I wouldn't have made it anywhere without you over the past months. You took the time to scout #doubles and ended up picking me (sorry Zach got stolen :o), and you helped me in both teambuilding and battling ability. You didn't get all pissy when Audio DC'd and I hadn't sent in my team, and were fine with it when I asked to be taken out week eight (considering how I played against Blingas I probably wouldn't have played anyway lol).

    Other people:

    jrp: irl fren :)

    Treecko: Smog fren :)

    Electrolyte: Smog fren :)

    Audiosurfer: Audioblast :] you've basically been my rival as long as Doubles has been around, and although you've almost always come out on top you're right up there with jrp/Treecko/Electrolyte as my best friends on Smogon.

    Pocket, Pwnemon, Biosci, R Inanimate, kingofmars, Braverius, Nollan, BLINGAS ♥, and especially Mizuhime, Laga, and Joim: Even if a bunch of you are from VGC, it's been cool playing Doubles in SPL and you guys are all in on it (although some of us never really got to play). To the last four: you helped me test and teambuild a lot and I couldn't have done it without you.

    Ash Borer, Lolk (you thought I was bad), Level 51, BlankZero, finally, Shaian, and all the other Doubles people I'm forgetting: WE DA BES

    Birkal and verbatim: You two are basically the people ultimately behind everything I've achieved on Smogon and I finally have a chance to properly thank you for it. Thanks guys.

    The Immortal and DTC: The two OM mods I haven't given shoutouts to yet :D

    The OM guys: keep playing, guys!

    PS staff: There's too many of you to count now... I might be retired now but you're all still buds :)

    The Showderp crew, especially BLOOD TOTEM and Bedschibaer:

    Molk, TROP, dcae, Passion the inspirational, Fusxfaranto, Valentine, ebeast, FLCL, Yilx, and all the other TAONU guys: You all suck, but mostly dcae :)

    Laurel and King: I might be in the minority here but I like both of you guys. Keep on truckin'.

    blarajan: Neutral shoutout; you got LC and Doubles in SPL but then haxed the hell out of Al_Alchemist. Rude :(

    And a blanket shoutout to anyone else I might have forgotten. There's seriously so much more I could say here but I just didn't. Whatever, time to bask in the red glow of this trophy *-*
  2. goofball

    is a Past WCoP Championwon the 4th Official Smogon Tournamentis the Smogon Tour Season 4 Champion

    Dec 19, 2004
    20:39 MoP now i can start on my shout out: 8:40

    I originally had "Since kael. won't do a shout out, I guess should." as my opener but then...

    20:46 Skywallker http://www.smogon.com/forums/thread...-the-stark-sharks.3502892/page-8#post-5345608



    aeroblac: I know we said we wouldn't play much this format, and at first we didn't. We did get to a 700 rating piloting Fire Kings, but there just wasn't a fire under -this- king. How could I make it fun? How do I ghost in YGO without Skype? And then I discovered Zombies. It was fun piloting you to 1300+ while grinding out 5 backrow fields and OTK within the same turn. I'll always remember you.

    growlie: My favorite. You're cute, lovely, smart, plus amazing. Oh yes, stunning, kindly, love you! Hug when sleeping, warm and cuddly. Spectacular. Ravishing.

    MoP: You f'd up bro. Only 5/12 in team tournaments. You should have definitely tried harder during WCOP to go 6/12, because the only way you can get to .500 is to join the next 2 and win those. Could you win 3 in a row? I don't see why not.

    And now for Stark MoPs:

    makiri: You have served well as a puppet.

    panamaxis: You have also served well as a puppet.

    Philip7086: Hard to serve well as a puppet when missing all the time.

    Hmm...I should probably take a different approach otherwise this shout out will just be "You have also served well as a puppet" about 21 times. Let's try it again!

    aeroblac: I know we said we would quit YGO but it's been a fun year. I know we've made mistakes like added Guardian Eatos into Madolches but why is Nexus so mad about it? You didn't know any better. I think we'll probably get into Lightsworns for next format, or Spellbooks if we ever feel like grinding out games GSC style. Maybe I can ghost Conflict into becoming a top YGO duelist.

    growlie: My favorite. You're cute, lovely, smart, plus amazing. Oh yes, stunning, kindly, love you! Hug when sleeping, warm and cuddly. Spectacular. Ravishing.

    MoP: Well, part of the retirement plan is working. You haven't signed onto forums in over a year and a half, which is nice. Why do they even let you join things? Oh by the way, don't forget to talk to RT about letting you in UUPL. You're the best.

    And now for Stark MoPs:

    makiri: We've started a dynasty. Won 2 SPLs and made playoffs in the other one. 2 out of 3 years. We were a basically a Hypnosis for the battle that is SPL. (Disclaimer: SPL 3 did not happen and Ojama does not exist.)

    panamaxis: I still remember the day I told Stallion that dak was good and that he would want him. All he had to do was trade you to us. LOL WHAT AN IDIOT. I'm just kidding. He got the best of us with that trade. Since you've been on the Sharks, every midseason we'd get a random PM from MS. "Hey....pick me up guys." You win Stallion. You win.

    Philip7086. This nigga is magic. I still remember the day when he showed me his Torment Heatran team and I said it was 'neat.' He then proceeded to bring that up 3 years later in an argument. True to his set, he has never stopped tormenting me. In fact, this nigga threw a BITCHFIT pre-season because he didn't want to have to be bought while Stellar managed. So we obliged. And then he obliged. To disappear. Like a magician. A gay Gagaga Magician.

    And the rest of the MoPpets.

    -Tsunami: In The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart would always call Duane Martin "Shake" because he was always shaky on his deals. You are no different. You have ditched me in WCOP and tried to ditch me this SPL. But ultimately, you ditched your undefeated record to win for the team.

    Al_Alchemist: I've actually been absent for most of your LC matches. Unfortunately the first one I was able to watch in real time happened to be vs CatcherInTheEye. This is the equivalent of introducing a young man to a strip club. Only if that strip club was Indian. Despite your best efforts to give blarajan a perfect record, I appreciate you taking it for the team to give up the losses. No perfect player's team has ever won a tournament and you knew that. Respect.

    Arcticblast: Lol you're still on the team?

    Atticus: Duh, I would have to say you would probably be my mentor. Well let's back this up a little bit. Let's just say if you were being raped and forced to give a guy head and were given 2 options: 1. You can bite, claw, gnaw, do whatever necessary to stop; or 2. Do a good job and get paid the equivalent of a million dollars in Canadian money, you'd have a little bit more money to buy YGO cards. So basically if anyone ever needs a mentor for sucking dick, it's this guy. He is the Allah of dicksucking. There's no way to go undefeated after being gone for so long without making a deal with someone.

    Conflict: You have served well as a puppet.

    Edgar: Despite your hardest attempts to throw games each and every week, as well as picking such subpar 'mons to use, you were Shake's friend and therefore able to harnass his luck into gaining us a valuable finals victory. Thank you for proving to me that I literally could win an SPL tourney by myself. Respect.

    Hawkstar: Lol you're still on the team?

    Heist: During preseason people were like, "lol you're shelling out 21k for DP?" Little did they know that you would be double penetrating the tournament with expertise in both DP and RU. But I truly hope you do win OST10 if Atticus can't, since if that happens we obviously have to shut down the forums. Respect.

    kael.: Let's just say that BKC was getting raped and giving head. He had 2 options. 1. He could bite, claw, gnaw and do whatever necessary to stop; or 2. He could do a good job and get paid the equivalent of a million dollars in Canadian money. He did such a great job that he paid me instead. He gave us the gift of you kael. I laughed each time knowing that your opponents would have to fight through heaven and hell against you. And that's just to schedule a battle. Respect.

    Kevin Garrett: You were still part of one of the most intense moment of my Poke-Career:

    [15:38:40] <MoP> 12
    [15:38:44] <@Philip7086> don't bid
    [15:38:44] <@Philip7086> wow
    [15:38:45] <MoP> fuck
    [15:38:45] <@Philip7086> mop
    [15:38:46] <MoP> i paniced
    [15:38:48] <@Philip7086> wtf dude
    [15:38:50] <@paul> wtf
    [15:38:54] <@Philip7086> god
    [15:38:54] <MoP> lol
    [15:38:55] <@Philip7086> thank
    [15:38:57] <@Philip7086> fucking
    [15:38:57] <@Philip7086> GOD
    [15:38:58] <@Philip7086> ROFL
    [15:38:58] <MoP> come on
    [15:38:58] <Conflict> hes going for more
    [15:38:59] <@paul> ok thank god
    [15:38:59] <MoP> that was funny

    And it was funny. Funny watching you school the F out of Marth and Aqualouis. You knew your place, like how your opponents now know their's. Which is beneath you. You knew your role and behaved like a well-behaved hojabi. Respect.

    LUST: You have served well as a puppet.

    make: I hate you. You are the reason why every other hour there is an all Spanish chat. And even when we were speaking English, we would all look illiterate when we were talking about you like "Hey can make play GSC" or "It's okay make will win." But you also spoke the language of a winner. You probably put in the most work out of anyone in the history of Smogon. You had to brave through being a Frog in SPL 4. Respect.

    Stellar: You have served well as a puppet.

    SoulWind: Puppy. You are in a rut. That rut probably started in that Tour finals vs Ojama. Damn Ojama....always getting the best of us. I don't believe in Curse of makiri or Curse of xtrashine or Curse of Dragon. I believe in Curse of Ojama. Which is also a key component to playing Chain Burn, the second gayest deck of all time. But it is okay puppy. The French will be toast. And you will get a second wind. Respect.

    TFC: Lol you're still on the team?

    TheWolf: You have served well as a puppet.

    WhiteQueen: Lol you're still on the team?

    Just kidding...on some...

    Arcticblast: Ahhh the reason why we made a secret channel for a little while. After your week 1 loss you were like, "It's an honor to lose like that." WTF?!?! PAUL PANA PHIL WE BID ON A BITCH! But then you started to focus like energy. And with that came the wins, as well as a backseat for TFC, who is surpisingly still on the team. Respect.

    Conflict: One of the automatic wins on the team. Despite how much shit you get from everyone being a puppet, just know that you were a good one. Like Mr. Rodgers Elmo good. I'm sorry that we couldn't get SnowCristal! for you to e-date, so I renewed your trophy instead. Respect.

    Hawkstar: You made us all smarter. For the first half of the season we had to figure out how to talk about selling you back without highlighting you. But then mid-season passed and behold, you were still on the team. That's skills bro. Respect.

    LUST: I hope you never forget, you choked the living shit against CyberOdin. CyberOdin really? CyberOdin is like the herpes of his community, nay, he is not that relevant so disregard. But nonetheless you sucked it up for the team, playing in tiers I probably could have played myself and tested more for playoffs than the STD results for BAIKA. Respect.

    Stellar: You have served well as a puppet.

    TFC: Ahhh TheFourthChubby-Chaser. Honestly, the perseverance you showed in remaining on the team is second to only Hawkstar's. You must have also been good friends with Shake to able to harnass his luck in beating CBB's Venusaur. I knew at that point we were going to win the season. Respect.

    TheWolf: My second favorite puppy behind only SoulWind. And like SoulWind you had to brave through many a BS. You must not be friends with Shake cause you kept getting hacked. Shake's the thing you don't have. A dick. Respect.

    WhiteQueen: You're my YGO phrase. I keep coming back to you. For WCOP5, and then SPL4, and then WCOP8 and now SPL5. You're like Grapha. I always want to see you on the banlist but I never do. F DARKWORLD, the only thing gayer than Chain Burn. And burn you will, all those haters. I hope this is the last time I ever have to tell Stellar to watch and delete your posts. I have finally delivered you your trophy after 4 tries, we are through! Res...eh....meh. Sigh. Respect.

    And now for all my other puppies:

    blarajan: You have served well as a puppet.
    DICE: You have served well as a puppet.
    Luck: You lost a lot. This was not a puppet.
    PttP: You have served well as a puppet.
    Yusuke: You have served well as a puppet.

    24-9 Team Asia. Not bad. Don't let Aldaron destroy you. Don't let Eo destroy you. Never forget, we will always achieve in spite of Eo.

    Frizy: Lol you're still allowed in the channel?

    LizardMan: The laziest nigga known to all the other niggas. The Obama of niggas if you will. We almost got you to sign up. Then we almost got you to sign up mid-season. And then we did it. We got you to want to sign up. But then it was week 9. SMFH. But you made Atticus good at his job, for without you he would not have earned his equivalent of a million dollars in Canadian money. Respect.

    SilentVerse: A one man helping crew. While Cryos went out and tried to hire help in BA, BKC, Bloo, CBB, GR8, we got you. And you destroyed them. Well, maybe them inviting PDC in played a bigger role in that, but we'll stick with this. You should've been a Shark last year but you came back to us, SharkVerse. Respect.

    Well, I'd like to say I had regrets or mistakes, but you know...I won. Lol even when I don't I still don't make mistakes.

    I guess I'll share some of our pre-season plans.

    Frizy (3,000): Lol you still play?
    aim (3,000): Probably wouldn't have played.
    VN. (3,000): Well, didn't even make a team so...
    Zodiak (3,000): You lost to Jason. =/

    Why the F do we let Shake suggest so many people pre-season? =/

    MajinVagina (12,000): Probably didn't have enough room for 2 Nazis.
    High Impulse (6,000): We would've thrown you in ADV and well the trophy probably woulda gone to the Classiest this year if we did.
    Remedy (5,000): LOL DODGED A BULLET>
    twash (5,000): Well...I guess we already have LizardMan for niggas who didn't sign up.

    I still like Whistle and Arin. I miss Arin.

    God job Stark MoPs. You did a decent job this time around. Should've won 12-0 though.

    21:41 MoP okay im done
    21:41 MoP with my shoutout post

    Oh shoutout to my nigga Boo for making this possible.
  3. Stellar

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    Jan 3, 2007
    edit: ppl are dumb the links are .gifs

    -Tsunami-, you are literally one of the most impulsive people I have ever met. Sometimes your instincts are super awesome and let you pull off some sick moves, but sometimes you spam the chat with whatever pops into your head and it confuses the shit out of everyone. You are definitely one of the best players to pop out of the woodwork in recent years, and this year was super fun.

    Al_Alchemist, although you made some questionable team decisions throughout the season, you were one of the most consistent players on the team. Without you, there is no doubt we would have completely bombed the LC slot and never have made it to the finals. Just remember to slow down a bit next year and think things through! also pls no more fletchling or lileep omg

    Arcticblast, like Al you were another invaluable member of the sharks. We had little faith going into the first week that we were going to succeed in the doubles slot, and you proved us wrong over and over again throughout the season. I'm still not quite sure how you managed to beat Laurel with an Eevee/Lati team, but kudos to you. Despite both of us being on IRC a lot, we never really got the chance to speak that much. Hopefully we can fix that in the future!

    Atticus, I'm still not 100% sure if you actually like me or if this is an elaborate ruse to lure me into complacency. Either way, you were a total beast in DP this season and I am super glad we picked you up. Also, for a Canadian you are surprisingly unapologetic. I'm sorry you had to leave your old team to play, but hopefully the trophy makes up for it!

    Conflict, you are definitely the most vital non-managing member of our team. You kept us focused in a lot of angsty situations and were always available to test in a variety of tiers. Without you, the sharks just wouldn't feel like the sharks. Also you can thank me later for totally getting owned in UU so you could clutch in the last match. :]

    Edgar, you were another great mid-season pick-up. You always offered to help me test stuff and you came up with the craziest shit in Ubers that actually worked. You are a nice dude and I hope we can keep in touch in the future... that is, if I can push through your horde of adoring fans led by SIU.

    Hawkstar, I'm sorry you didn't get as much playtime as you probably would have liked, but the time you dedicated to helping Al test was definitely worthwhile, it got you a trophy! You also stepped up to the plate in a big way when we needed you to sub in. You were a great team player who thought about the needs of the team before you own needs, so thank you for that!

    Heist, you are the player for whom I have the most respect. You know your shit and you don't let anything faze you. Your teams are always a step above the rest and the confidence you exude is beyond reassuring. I'm thankful that I once again had the opportunity to be a part of your squad, and I hope that we can make it happen again sometime in the future.

    kael, I do not know much about it for so not to speak of.

    Kevin Garrett, you shook off the rust and played the game how it was meant to be played. The depth and breadth of your Pokemon knowledge is humbling... my own knowledge is but a puddle compared to your ocean. I'm really glad we broke the bank picking you up.

    LUST, you may come across a bit hotheaded at times, but your heart was always in the right place. I know how much you wanted this, and I am glad that all your effort paid off in the end. You are a great XY player (both in Ubers and in OU), and I have a feeling you will continue to make a name for yourself over the course of the next few years. Congrats!

    make, you stepped out of the shadow of last years scandal and made magic happen in ADV. I doubt anyone will forget your amazing ability to complete SPL matches via phone or the size of your balls when you repeatedly called out the moves you were making.

    makiri, now that we're even, maybe we can meet up again sometime in the future. I'm sure I'll be in LA again within the next couple years, and you will probably see me at nats/worlds as long as I don't chicken out. You are one of my longest and closest friends on Smogon and I greatly value the effort you put into making this year's SPL endeavor a success. I know we both got a bit frustrated in the last few weeks of regular season, but we had faith that everything would turn out well, and it did.

    Malekith, you are another player who put the needs of the team before the needs of yourself. You understand the importance of teamwork in tournaments like SPL and it definitely showed through in your actions. Like Heist, you are a player who always goes into a match confidence and that is something I respect greatly. Also for some reason I still have absolutely no clue what nationality you are. O_p

    panamaxis, thanks for another amazing year on the sharks. You are always able to rally the team together and motivate us even when things are looking grim. Although your time zone made it difficult for you to watch a lot of the matches live, you went the extra mile in helping us prep for them. Unlike the noober below, you deserve this trophy 100%.

    Philip7086, oh my god can you stop fondling your vita for like two seconds

    SoulWind, you are the nicest dude on the team, and I am your lover. You had a really rough early season that sorta made you lose confidence, but even after being benched you stepped up to the plate in a huge way by helping us test, prep, and do reconnaissance. Additional props for being one of the few people in our channel capable of understanding make. *-*

    The Wolf, [.gif is accurate representation of The Wolf when I enter the room]

    TheFourthChaser, like Arctic, you were there when we needed you. Doubles was truly a predicament for us, but you helped us out of a jam with your awesome ability to think through complicated scenarios. Sorry I bailed on you last Sat so I could hang out with my RL friends. :( #timeforchange

    WhiteQueen, you are a weird dude. Despite your impromptu trip out of the country, you were always able to fill our UU hole when it was needed. I just hope that's the only hole you filll. Maybe someday you will have the chance to make WQ hail king of UU again.
  4. Philip7086

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    Jun 23, 2008
    Oh right, Goofball has won 3 different official tournaments too. Dam.
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  5. Rewer

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    kael is king
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  6. Biosci

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  7. makiri

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Theme music.

    After last season's loss in the semifinals, in a tournament I feel we should've won, I vowed to bring back as many of last years players as possible in a chace for redemption. While a few went either went off to do their own thing (August), didn't want to play (Lizardman) or ended up on other teams (AB2, Lady Bug, Luck, etc), we were able to keep a majority of our important players and bring on some great new ones to fill in holes. The theme of this SPL for the Sharks was redemption and we redeemed ourselves for last year without a shadow of a doubt. Everyone on the team made plays when they mattered. People stepped up when called upon and I feel we were clearly the strongest team from start to finish as proven by our new shiny trophies. We had some ups and downs, including the most embarassing loss in my Pokemon career, but at the end of the day all that matters is getting that red trophy back.

    When looking at my last shoutout post in SPL2 I came to the realization that the only constants between then and now are very few. A couple players turned managers (Phil/pana), the longest retainer in SPL (I think? Conflict), and myself (with MoP in the background). Feels good to win with a new set of guys, all of them super deserving and I think speaks volumes of the scouting of our management and retainers over the years to continually find players who fit in the Sharks mindset.

    I only believe in doing shoutouts if you won, and since we won I get to post.


    panamaxis - I really can't imagine an SPL without you anymore. You and I share a lot of the same opinions regarding players and other decisions so it is super easy to get along with you. You fight hard defending the Sharks and take a super proactive role in everything, from preparing players to trying to set up trades. Your call to draft Atticus may have saved our season when things weren't looking super great. I wouldn't trade you for anyone bro.

    Philip7086 - You fulfilled the SPL2 BK role this season. Big name that does fuck all in a management slot and gets a free trophy out of it, you played the system bro congrats. Real talk, always fun to chat with you and hopefully someday we can actually hang out in real life. How is it I've seen TFC like 10 times but you 0.

    MoP - The Sharks wouldn't be the Sharks without MoP, from SPL2 to now.

    makiri - I have a total of 4 team trophies and played a total of 1 game in getting those 4, come at me people who actually worked for theirs.

    Al_alchemist - When we were scouting for LCers, we saw you battling a lot and I sort of came to a rash decision to draft you right away. Boy are we glad we did, you know your tier really well and I honestly feel like you could've been undefeated instead of Blarajan if a couple things went your way. Hope we can hang out someday, not in Fresno though, Fresno sucks.

    Malekith - Really glad you decided not to manage, its hard to replace a player of your caliber especially with the 13k you cost. Essentially an autowin every week, and you being one of the final 2 matches to clinch the trophy made me a lot more confident in closing it out.

    Heist - Another dude we had to have back regardless of cost for redemption. You're kind of a diva sometimes but you know how to win so you can be the biggest diva you want. I think you are one of the greatest Pokemon players ever and hopefully you or Atticus can bring the OST trophy to the Sharks.

    Shake - I refuse to call you by your new name it is so BAD. Just like you this year... I'm kidding of course, you had some bad losses, and after last year the expecations were so high it is hard to live up to. I'm glad you sucked it up and stuck with us, you're a great teammate and your impact is felt beyond just your games.

    Atticus - I'm really happy you decided to stop pushing pencils for the CIrAiders and pana talked us into getting you. You absolutely beasted this tournament and I was happy to talk with an old friend again since I haven't really talked to you much in the last couple of years. Get your ass to Mars.

    make - Your battle with Bloo was probably the most entertaining battle I had ever seen. That alone was worth the draft price. Glad we got you after all the BS last year. You're still an underrated player somehow and your knowledge about the game is amazing, hope you can stick around during the offseason.

    Conflict - I was looking at the SPL2 shoutouts and I said "enjoy the Pokemon retirement and good luck at university pal," yet here you are, still here. I am glad you are still here like a lot of our team, your impact is felt beyond your record and you being the clinching match was appropriate being the last playing player from SPL2 you deserve this man.

    Arcticblast - I honestly was at a loss at who to pick when my original picks got taken. I scouted a few doubles players and you were one of the few I was comfortable working with. I could've done more to prepare you for a few weeks, it is super obvious when I put in the extra mile with you, but I also wanted to see you grow as a player. You have potential to be a doubles god, keep working at it.

    LUST - I honestly feel sorry for a lot of the shit you put up with. You sucked it up and put the team first and never really complained even though I knew you weren't super happy. We are a better team with you on board and I think you definitely earned this trophy.

    Kevin Garrett - Weird turn of events for us. We used to constantly be at eachothers throats but all I can say now is wow. I thought you were going to be total shit after the Phil/pana tests, but somehow you stepped the fuck up and were a huge asset down the stretch. Really glad we took a chance on you even beyond the playing it was nice to get to know you.

    TheFourthChaser - Return the sodas. You filled in pretty well when we needed you, but you're also super stubborn, listen to me regarding doubles next time ok? You took a bench spot after the first couple of weeks and never complained, mark of a great teammate. Your help with Arcticblast was also vital when we needed a second opinion regarding things.

    Stellar - I think you get a bunch of shit for no reason, you're a lot better player than others give you credit for. When I promised you a manager spot and when Phil decided to be a weiner you sucked it up and played. We're even on being ditched irl though.

    Edgar - Good thing your wife ShakeItUp mentioned you otherwise we would still be wasting our time losing in ubers each week. You're a super good dude and a lot better than your record indicates. Also thanks for all the translating when our chat got super Spanish lol.

    kael - KAEL PORRA. I am so glad we got you. You worked hard for the team and always put the team first even though you wanted to play more. You always cared about winning first and were a great cheerleader this year. Thank you for having faith in the managers :>.

    SoulWind - Everyone has some bad stretches and this SPL was one of the worst, but you continued to stick through it despite all the negativity. I'm glad you were able to step aside a bit later in the season and let some others have a shot in your slot. You were still a tremendous help down the stretch despite not playing.

    Hawkstar - I really don't know what to say about you. You helped Al and filled in when he was gone but were otherwise super quiet in chat. I wish you talked more, not just about Pokemon but when we just had chats. Thanks for being on the team and never really complaining about not playing when Al decided to go beast mode. We should league sometime.

    The Wolf - Where my money? Pepper Jack doesn't like to wait for his money. How long have you been a Shark, 3 years now? Yet you are still The Wolf, I feel so betrayed. See you at Nats/Worlds!

    WhiteQueen - We just sort of landed you in the draft, I'm not sure why but I always liked you. Wish you would stop posting so much but what can I do? I hope you terrorize people with the new trophy though, WhiteQueen with a trophy sounds super entertaining.

    ChoiceSpecs - Not sure what else to say other than thanks for turning into Atticus.

    gene - I hope you play more top lane Heimers you jerktown. Kidding of course, but the plan to play you in a meta you didn't want to play was stupid and not mine. Sorry it didn't work out, though I'm sure you don't care.


    Lizardman - Still wish you decided to play a lot earlier, but down the stretch you were godsend for us. Thanks for all the help and I really wish you could get a trophy for this, if there was anyone not on the roster that deserves one it would be you.

    Frizy - I still don't know what you were doing in #sharks but whatever, I assume you did something for pana to fight so much to keep you there. You are a cutie pie though ;).

    ium - Thanks for that awesome art, would've been weird if we didn't win. Good thing it doesn't have to go to some kids in Africa.

    Mizuhime - SPL is weird sometimes. You asked me one night if I planned on bidding on you so you could potentially escape the Frogs and despite not getting you we kept chatting and I even helped you out with some teams. Glad you messaged me that day. I still hate the Dodgers though.

    Zach - Still wish I got you, you were the one that got away (no disrespect to Ablast). Glad you found a loving home though.

    Baika/Sk - Thanks for all the support, without you I don't think we could've won. Dedicating this victory to you man.

    Zracknel - Thank you for the quick 2014 banner, Sharks Swagger begins with the logo and it still looks amazing after all these years.

    Lady Bug - I loved how much you openly rooted for us despite being on the Frogs. You're always my Sand Shark <3 no homo.

    SilentVerse - Clutch assistance at the end, I love people who are on board with us and you showed no qualms with helping out. Thanks a bunch.

    Theme music for the end.

    I wasn't going to say this but I decided I don't give a fuck. A final fuck you to all the haters. You fucking know who you are. I might sound salty as fuck, but hearing the shit talk about the Sharks week in and week out makes us winning all the better. Shitheads trying to hold us down wherever they can cause we're the fucking best. I find a lot of the shit talk hilarious because it seems like all some of you fuckers can do. Run your fucking mouths cause we have a fucking trophy bitches. The ghosting jokes are hilarious because I don't think you understand how much work each Sharks player puts in. When you belittle the best players in this league I see a bunch of bitches running their mouth because they can't show any respect for someone better than them. Don't fuck with my players, they are my family.

    Any of you (BAN ME PLEASE) wanna bring it, fucking bring it, we got a trophy. Now you tell me who won. The Stark Fucking Sharks. This was just like Hamlet, a suspense thriller and we fucking killed it in the end.
  8. TheFourthChaser

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    Oct 13, 2008
    YO Biosci

    I don't think I could do a shoutout justice, the idea of having a oneliner for any of my teammates is just too lame to do in my head and you all deserve more than that. I fucking love you guys and I'm happy that we had not only a strong team environment but an overall positive one. A special thanks to those who helped out without the incentive of a trophy, some of you put work in that went above and beyond expectations of someone on the team and we couldn't have done it without you. I can't wait for the sharks meetup where Stellar (you're forgiven...this time) shows up.

    There's been a soda I've been saving in the fridge since Socal Regionals for this moment and now it is time for me to drink it. STARK SHARKS 2014 LETS FUCKIN GO
  9. blarajan

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    Aug 29, 2010
    xd sharks ghost 12 mop a week tfp
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  10. Lasagne


    Apr 15, 2013
    lol nice you left me out of like 3 categories in part of. I know where I stand

    also heist will win ost then ocn win wcop for the triple trophy :]
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  11. Hikari

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    Jun 6, 2010
    I wasn't even expecting to play in this SPL, I just signed up for shits and giggles. Who would bid for me? I was rusty as fuck, my activity was subpar at best, hadn't played any Smogon meta in over a year, didn't do a single tryout and didn't even bother talking with any manager. But somehow Cased managed to convince Cryos to blindly put their trust in me, and for that I'm grateful.

    Despite my extreme inactivity at the beginning of my season (my country's timing is amazing) and my antics (like not really discussing with any of you (except cased) about my teams. Or the fact I made at least 12 different teams to play Stellar (I honestly didn't like any of them. I can't teambuild under pressure, apparently), and minutes before the match ended up deciding to use the same stall team I used vs Froggy), you guys believed in me every week. The support you guys gave me was the main reason why I tried my best every match.

    We had a really good season, we were seed #1, won 11-1 in semis and almost pulled a comeback in finals. Sucks that we didn't win, but that's life. Personally, the lack of a red trophy doesn't bother me at all, because I enjoyed the shit out of this season and I'm happy that I ended up being a Cryo.

    Also I'm happy with my performance. 5-1 record, with 2 convincing playoff wins (4 of 4 playoff wins in SPL. woooooh) is not bad at all. Once again I showed people that you shouldn't underestimate pofags n_n

    Shoutouts (I'm gonna keep them simple):
    Show Hide

    yondie: If I were you, I wouldn't had bid for me. But you took that risk and it worked for both of us. You are a really great manager.

    M Dragon: You helped everyone with their teams, you did a fuckload of test matches and you truly are a god in older gens.

    Snunch: Snuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunch. I've been considering you one of the best BW UU player since I saw you playing in SPL 3. Glad you were part of the team. The only team I decided to ask you for help you told me to use Sub Aboma over Giga Drain, which was a key Pokemon in my win against koko. Thanks for that!

    blarajan: This nigga initially didn't want me in the team smh. I really didn't know what to expect from you before I started hanging out in #Cryos, we had some issues in SPL 4 (tbh the whole situation was amusing to me. I truly am a classless cunt), so I wasn't really looking forwards to get to know you a bit more. You ended up being a chill guy! the coolest thing about your is your bluntness. Oh yeah, your record was pretty o_k.

    Blim: I've been "knowing" you for like 3 years, but this is the first time I have actually spoken with you. For me you are easily the strongest player of the team. You are simply the best Ubers player.

    @SsasedVictory: You are the reason why I'm here right now. You are a really good NU player, maybe one of these days you'll beat my Floatzel team. You really need to get your shit together in playoff tho, you gotta learn how to focus in important games and give your 100%. Start believing in yourself you shithead, you are an amazing player.

    But you made me doubt my Lanturn team, so fuck you :(

    Aqualouis: Dude, your level of skills is insane. You are a monster at BW OU, like holy shit.

    ]V[ajinTupacZ: People talking shit before midseason because you didn't have the best record, then you showed everyone that you are still a beast.

    R Inanimate: From 0-4 to 6-5. You wreck

    dragonuser: This wasn't your best tournament, but you once showed you are a solid player and a great teammate.

    Fakes: I really can't say a lot about you. You are a good player and you did well. The situation with you pre-playoff was a bit annoying, but in the end you came back to us.

    CyberOdin: This nigga is the greatest teammate, he always had the most positive attitude. Tu eres tremendo jugador, y fuiste uno de lo mas importantes miembros del equipo *_*

    @HSA: You learned how to RU pretty fast and ended with a pretty decent record. You kinda choked in playoffs, which kinda sucks but w/e lol. You are cool as fuck.

    Picollo: I know jackshit about GSC, but you seemed like a fairly solid player at that tier. Don't feel bad about losing against Conflict, you played well and did as much as you could to win.

    King: Man Jas0n, I sure as fuck didn't want to end in the same team as you lol. But my opinion of you is completely different now. You are such an amazing team player, you were always willing to test and help with others, and you were always extremely supportive. You are extremely underrated and you got a win in playoff which is quite nice. And yeah reyscarface is a (BAN ME PLEASE).

    Pocket: You were another amazing teammate and a super nice guy. I didn't mind sitting out week 9 to give you a chance to play and I'm glad that you won that match n_n

    Light The Thunder: I don't know much about you, but you won when the team needed you. That alone makes you cool.

    atomicllamas: You helped HSA a lot and you seemed like a cool guy!

    P E J E L A G A R T O: No offense, but who the fuck is this guy? I assume he's in the team because I saw his name in the stats sheet.

    fatty: You helped Blara a fuckton. You definitely were one of the main reasons why he ended with such a great record.

    Royalty: You talked shit about me after I lost to Stellar, despite the fact I had won my other 3 matches, so I really can't say anything positive here without feeling like a hypocrite.

    @POfags: Good tour bunch of shitheads. Keep showing you niggas can play this game.

    @ex-POfags: Glad I got to play and talk with some of you again. I have no hard feeling towards any of you for anything that happened in the past, probably most of you don't care but I just felt like letting you know.

    @Everyone who said I'm bad, and that Cryos should had bid for them and not me: Better luck next year

    PS: I'm upset that I didn't get to use my TR Endeavor Hail team in this SPL. I wanted to show everyone how cancerous Hail can be.
  12. Al_Alchemist

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    Nov 4, 2007
    _________SHARK ATTACK!!!_________
  13. reyscarface

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    Dec 9, 2008

  14. Marshall.Law

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    Apr 9, 2011
    Congrats Sharks !
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  15. panamaxis

    panamaxis how many seconds in eternity?
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    Aug 30, 2008
    As makiri said, the plan this year was just to retain as much of our team from last year as possible and just win (cos our team last year was strong as hell). After our retainers I was pretty confident we would make at least playoffs. After the auction, I was almost certain.

    All right time for some corny shoutouts.

    So I guess my attempt at subtly scouting you pre-season wasn't quite as subtle as I thought x). But anyway, it's funny how a tier that was basically "just do w/e, buy someone cheap" for us turned into one of our best tiers. Apart from the times when you ignored my advice to not get counterteamed -_____- you were a really solid player for us and I had a lot of confidence in you and the LC tier. On a personal level, you're a really cool guy. I don't think I ever told you this but it was pretty funny seeing you talk normally in #sharks and then I'd tab over to #littlecup and it'd be you smacktalking a bunch of people and just being completely random haha.

    As you probably know Zach was our first doubles choice, but I was pleasantly surprised by you. After that first week and the break where we put TFC in, you started doing extemely well and you definitely proved you're a great doubles player. As you said, we didn't talk as much as I did with other team members (probably because of both timezones but also because I'm completely useless at doubles) but despite that I actually had a lot of confidence in you to win every week.

    Boss. What can I say? I knew you would be, and you were. So glad I joked about your signup post otherwise or we wouldn't have known you were serious and we would've foregone one of our best players. 6k is kind of a joke (even at midseason) for someone of your calibre (even if you were washed up, but I knew you still had it from watching you XY a bit). Good thing everyone else thought you were washed up (or just didn't care) because you pretty much solved our lineup issues by allowing Heist to perma RU and Tsunami to perma XY. Idk how you even go 6-0 and get into XY semis while just being so relaxed about everything but I guess that just shows what a quality player you are.

    The shark veteran. You pretty much always played late and when the series was close I would always think, "Oh it's fine we still have Conflict (and Malekith) left to play, we'll win". You're a great team player, helping test/build with people in a bunch of tiers. I think that's one of the reasons why we were so strong this year (and last year), because of our teams versatility allowing us to all help eachother. You can say that Sharks wouldn't be the same without MoP, but I think the same holds true for you. You're just one player that basically says: SHARK. Solid, reliable, helpful. An all-round great team member.

    Ah Edgar. Many an hour was wasted discussing getting you midseason. "What if wolves try and get cash? No, they can't we're good. But what if ruiners try and screw us?" etc etc. Basically our midseason plan was just get edgar and who cares about the rest (Shake would constantly spam "just gotta get Edgar"). Ubers was by far our weakest tier and having you on the team gave me a lot more confidence in us winning weeks. You tested a lot with LUST pre-midseason IIRC which shows how committed you were to our team. And of course you bossed it up by clutching for us in finals. I feel like we wasted some good opportunities to discuss One Piece but maybe in the future we can do that.

    Ethan (aka -Tsunami-):
    Aka shakeitup. Aka nami. Aka tsu. Anyway... along with LUST you were probably the most active of the sharks, you were always on. It's a good thing the wolves wasted all their cash on retainers so you got stuck with us (hehehe). But yeah, definitely a great team player, willing to play whatever tier is needed to suit the team. Your versatility was definitely a part of how well we did as a team both this year and last year.

    "Just gotta get X more wins"
    "lol smh"
    "uh k"

    Hawkstar, we didn't talk much since you're a very quiet guy (at least in the chat) but you did what you needed to and were around for heaps (if not all) of Al's matches which was great. It was really good knowing we had you on the team because if AL was MIA we would've been screwed without you. And you got us an important win vs classiest in the week when Al was busy which was of course great. Having 2 LCers on the team just made me feel more comfortable all season, because I always knew we weren't going to be completely screwed in any substitute situations with another solid LCer in the wings.

    Heisty. I think you know this, but you are the player I had the most confidence in. I just pencilled you in as a win every week in my head. I knew you'd deliver and of course you did. I've known you for ages and you pretty much know everything that I would say here, so I'll just say thanks for sticking around this season and being another great shark member. Maybe we can win WCoP together again, who knows...

    I LOVE kael. Kael you are just too adorable. When BKC accepted 0.5k for you we thought he was trolling us and we were really suspicious when confirming with Oglemi IIRC ("did BKC PM you about a trade" "was it kael for 0.5k?"). But anyway, that was an insane steal and you were a great team member, getting us some clutch wins, subbing in ADV when make wasn't around and you'd come online and say "who needs test" which is of course great. Having a quality old gens player in the wings if needed was extremely good. And of course, I have to share this quote with the world that Malekith showed me:

    Simply amazing. As are you.

    Kevin Garrett:
    We'd both been around since DPP but we had never really talked much prior to this season. The auction was basically "hey, 3k is wayyy too cheap for KG upbid a little and if we get him, cool, he's a solid player." Even if you were rusty at the start of the season, 3.5k is kind of a joke for a player of your calibre. You clutched for us big-time in the playoffs, I'm guessing the wolves probably regret not upbidding you a little more. Personality-wise you are a very mellow and calming person. You have a way of seeing the big picture of things and are a really good motivator - I can see how you would have been a great comanager on the wolves last season. I'm really glad we ended up getting you this year and it's been nice to talk with you during the season and get to know you better.

    Along with Tsunami, you were the most active of the sharks. I would say that you were the best team player on the sharks this year. You played Ubers when we needed you to midseason even though you didn't have much experience in it and didn't really like it. You'd always help build teams for others and were always around to lend a hand. Couldn't have really asked more from you in terms of effort and helping out when and where needed this year.

    Boss make. You should have been on our team last year but some .... unfortunate circumstances ... prevented that. Anyway, we got you this year and had a very good record. You're such a hilarious guy, your trashtalk is amazing and I'll never forget that week 1 match vs bloo... unreal. We didn't talk too much because of timezone and language difficulties but I am very glad we had you on our team this year.

    Malekith, another great team player. Originally we were going to have you DPP, then half DPP half NU and then you just ended up NUing all season because that was what was best for the team, which really shows how great of a teamplayer and how selfless you are. Same thing with Conflict really, I had supreme confidence in you as one of the more 'senior members' of the sharks, and you'd usually play late and I'd think "We're going to win, Malekith hasn't played yet so we'll be fine." People aren't wrong when they call you MVP, you were an amazing player this year. It's been really good to get to know you better over the last 2 seasons.

    I feel like you deserve way more credit than you get. You're a really solid player and the general community should realise that. I always knew we weren't going to have any difficulties with you in terms of scheduling or anything like that. You should've been manager, sorry I stole one of those spots from you. I guess it worked out in the end though? Thanks for not really complaining or anything (at least about me stealing one of those spots) about playing XY and UU when your first option was to manage.

    Soulwind my friend. BW is a stupid tier where team matchup dictates too much. You can call it a slump but BW is (imo) one of those tiers where even the best can be in bad positions from the outset. In any case I don't blame you for 'underperforming' (if you want to call it that). You were a great team member both when you were playing and when you weren't. We've now won 2 team tournies together this year, maybe we can win a few more...

    TFC, I hope you realise the lengths I went to get you on the team. The end of the auction we had a decision as to either buy you or save money for midseason but I (along with -Tsunami- I think) was just spamming GET TFC, JUST GET HIM, HE'LL HELP IN DOUBLES AND XY. And of course I'm really glad we did. Sub-extraodinaire, never complained about anything. Of course I've known you for a while now and it's always just nice to have friends on the team. I should also thank you for being an insomniac and usually being around when I log on in Aussie-hours, since otherwise I would've been alone with Frizy....

    The Wolf:
    My favourite bot. I think we talked a bit more than last year but probably not as much as we should have, but we can always fix that in the future. You just belong on the team (if that makes sense) and of course it's always a pleasure to have you around. You never complain, you're always nice and a really positive presence to have around.

    Today will forever be remember as a historic day: the day WhiteQueen got a trophy. You kinda went MIA to Bankok during the middle of the season but you came back and were more active near the end of the season which was nice. It was reassuring to have you as a backup in UU, (or even as a starter when we were still screwing around with our lineup - you probably would've played more as a starter if your activity wasn't as questionable as it was around the middle of the season). Enjoy the trophy.

    Jon Snow:
    You know nothing. You weren't around as much this year as last year, but I understand, you're a working man and you've got your own website that you're working on. Even if you weren't as active as others it was still nice to be involved in a team tourney with you. Of course I love the rest of the management team but last year the main thing I wanted to do was manage a team with you so you're definitely a big part of why I've been as involved with the sharks as I have been over the seasons. So thanks for that.

    You deserve this trophy as much as anyone. It's funny how you seem to get the credit when one of the Sharks players wins but never any of the blame when we lose LOL. Anyway, you helped us heaps this year in teambuilding etc. and were basically a manager in all but name. You're definitely a huge part of our victory this year and the fact you helped us all while not even being officially a part of the team is really cool.

    You're an amazing manager and an amazing person. Manager-wise you are exceptional at making sure people know what to do, motivating people, making trades and all the other things involved with being a manager. On a personal level you're a really chill guy, so easy to get along with and just have fun with, of course you are a massive part of why I've stuck around with the sharks. I would definitely say you're one of my better smogon friends and I'm sure we'll do more fun things in the future such as WCoP, SPL etc...

    Non-Sharky Shoutouts

    Thanks for keeping me company during the slow hours I guess?

    You offered us a lot of really good DPP help this year and were an excellent cheerleader for us. Maybe next year if you're still around we can buy you and you can play for us officially again.

    We didn't really talk but nice to have you supporting us in the final week after we knocked out the wolves.

    You helped Atticus a lot afaik so thanks for that.

    Lady Bug:
    A frog in name, but a shark at heart.

    If I missed someone, I apologise, there were a lot of names to get through. It's been a pleasure playing this season with all of you.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2014
  16. R Inanimate

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    Jul 11, 2011
    Congrats to the Sharks. A great finals between my former SPL team (of SPL3) and my current team.

    Can't really do much in terms of shoutouts. Doesn't really feel like my sort of thing anyways.

    I would like to thank my team for sticking with me for all their Doubles battles, even after I had gone 0-4, losing in all sorts of ways, and started to have doubts about whether I should have continued to play as the starting player for Doubles. This leading to me hitting my stride and clawing my way back to eventually hit the positive w/ 6W-5L. Thanks for believing, and allowing me to eventually regain my confidence. Even though I'm sort of detached from being able to give/receive help in terms of practice and advice from the rest of the team, it was still great being with you guys. A special thanks to Pocket for being there for me to spar with and to bounce some ideas off of.

    I guess I will do one shoutout to the Smogon Doubles players of SPL. The battles were fun, as long as we weren't taking ~5 minute turns against each other so often. I hope people enjoyed watching the battles as we did playing them.
  17. IST


    Mar 30, 2014
    Congratulations to the SHARKS.

    enhorabuena Malekith por ganar un torneo tan importante :)
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  18. Arcticblast

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    Nov 29, 2008

    I'm sorry Malekith ;_; you're cool too but idk if I can muster up a full shoutout right now
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  19. Alexander.

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    Jan 24, 2012
    congrats sharks! very well-deserved :)
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  20. Terraquaza

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    Apr 25, 2009
    One more pixel in Phillip7086's scrolling badgeset o_o

    Seems like Sharks really are the best at working together, congrats (to Cryos as well)
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  21. McMeghan

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    Aug 25, 2010
    congrats to the sharks, we gave you a lot of shit after the first week but other than that, you proved once again to be a solid (and rly clever) team with a lot of teamwork and your players definitly came out big this season

    gj to the cryo and Aqualouis in particular for your impressive season, better luck next time louis
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  22. Ojama

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Congratulations to the Sharks, you guys were without a doubt the best team since week 1. I'm glad people like Heist, Malekith and SoulWind won that trophy, you guys deserved it.

    Also I'm glad that panamaxis finally reached his goal which was to overtake me for the number of tournaments won [​IMG]

    Congratulations dude, you realized your dream!
  23. WhiteQueen

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    Aug 6, 2009
    makiri: one of the nicest guys around. Thanks for taking a chance on me when everyone else thought I was high on trolls lol. I wish I had contributed more victories for the team. And I just want you to know that whenever I play, I always give my best efforts. I would have played that semifinals like it was the most important game in my PokeCareer if we were still fighting for a spot in the finale. Anywho... We did it!!!!!! <3

    MOP: sometimes I love you, sometimes I just wanna kick you in the vagina. The sharks experience would not be the same without your brotherly guidance and motherly nagging. You still haven't answered me when I asked whether you were gay or not. We still got unfinished business--winning the WCop too.

    panamaxis: I love you, like for real. If I weren't a psychological woman, I'd definitely ask you out. Seeing you flip out was one of this season's highlights lol.

    Philip7086:who doesn't love Phil? You got more badges than Kim Kadashian got BBCs. Phil vs all the other teams' assmen = Phil one red trophy - all the other assmen no trophy.

    Al_Alchemist: one of the best LC players around. But it's LC, so I'm not gonna brag about you too much. Great to have you on the team.

    Arcticblast:it was nice getting to know you. Doubles is not an easy tier to play and you're a boss at it. Thanks for pastebining me your teams even though I had no idea on how to use them and got eliminated around 1.

    Atticus: this nigga can play Pokemon. DPP is the most competitive of all the tiers, and you wrecked it. Win that OST trophy too. Spring of Atticus.

    Conflict: you're really good at a tier that nobody plays. ;) you're a great all around player. Clutching that huge win makes you the MVP this season. Nice guy and fun to chat too.

    Edgar: way to make your debut, with a trophy. I, like most everyone else, was excited when you joined us during midseason. I had no idea who you were or where you came from, but instinctively I knew you were a formidable player. Big win in the finals! Hope to see more of you on Smogon.

    Hawkstar:sorry don't know you. Just kidding. Didn't really get a chance to mingle with you this season. You got a win for the team and I went 0-1. Hawkstar>WhiteQueen.

    Heist: boss. You definitely deserve this trophy. Good luck in the OST! This will either be the spring of Atticus or the spring of Heist.

    kael: the legend himself. ATM40 and sogeking are just inferior versions of you. Long love Brazilian King Kael.

    Kevin Garret: who needs the Dalai Lama when you have KG on the team. Reasonable people kinda annoy me, but somehow you make it work. Clutched big time in the semifinals and finals; Lebron should take a lesson from you.

    LUST: you're one of my favorite people on here, especially when you raged about hax in the past. You rarely ever bitch about anything anymore on the forums, but that doesn't make you any less lovable.

    make: no comprendo what you said 95% of the time, but you is good at ADV and Spanish.

    Malekith: my favorite French in the world. I'm really happy that you finally won an official trophy. Your win over Cased was more exciting than watching porn. Well deserved and long overdue for a trophy. Congrats!!!!

    Stellar: had you used my team against Hikari, you would have destroyed her ass. After four consecutive years being on the same SPL team, we finally got our trophy. I'm not even at all bitter about you stealing my spot. ;)

    SoulWind: like Malekith, I'm really happy that you finally won an official trophy. You've established yourself as one of the great players on Smogon, so this season's SPL record doesn't mean jack. It's not an easy thing to play so well so consistently, making the tours' playoffs like it's nobody's business.

    TheFourthChaser: I was in Thailand hanging out with my tranny sisters for three weeks, so I was inactive pre-playoffs. Still not sure why you didn't play more. You were killing it.

    -Tsunami-: the term "ShakeItUp!" will haunt me for life. When lust had the game wrapped up, everyone in our channel was hollering that phrase. Then boom, he got critted and lost the match. Utterly terrifying lmao. You're one of the best players around, and at EVERY tiers imaginable. Boss.

    The Wolf: I wasn't trying to be funny when I said I thought you were Paul's bot lol. Glad to finally see you play, and you're just an all around great guy to have on the team.

    Shout outs to honorable sharks BAIKA, Lady Bug, LizardMan, LuckOverSkill, and Sk.

    Shout out to my gay friends
    blarajan, Dice, Harsha, Hot N Cold, McMeghan, Nelson, Ojama, Adam

    I apologize if I missed anyone. <3
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2014
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  24. reiku

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    Oct 29, 2012
    Congrats Sharks, well deserved I like you so much as a team :]

    Especial enhorabuena a mi hater #1 Malekith ya era hora de que tuvieses un trofeo aquí y lo mismo para mi soulwinita SoulWind *-* y una especial pena por M Dragon doblete POCL y SPL era demasiado sin mi ;) pero aún te queda una WCop que ganar :p
  25. Own3y


    Aug 11, 2013
    Congratulations to the SHARKS.

    AUnque no me lleve muy bien con vosotros, felicidades Malekith y SoulWind, realmente merecíais un torneo de estas características, disfrutadlo :)
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