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Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 9

Discussion in 'Smogon Premier League' started by Oglemi, Mar 9, 2014.

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  1. Mr.E

    Mr.E im the best
    is a Pre-Contributoris a Past SPL Winner

    Dec 29, 2004
    If you had the game 100% won then you would've won.

    Look, I lost a ~1/10000 against colchonero in I wanna say SPL3? because I had to 1v1 Zapdos endgame against Blissey. I missed five out of my last seven Thunder PP and it double crit with Struggle on my last two Thunder PP, causing me to lose the Struggle war. Floppy beat me in less than ten turns because I let him setup JoltWak and then he crit twice in a row, killing both mons on my team that survive +2 Marowak. (And that's "only" 1/256, the chance of an attack in RBY missing which has certainly happened to people before in SPL or otherwise.) masterclass pls


    rey must be p salty right now too
  2. Braverius

    Braverius Free the music, unleash the vibe
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Feb 2, 2013
    gg Classiest, good luck in playoffs!

    Great run Scoots, that was a ton of fun to be a part of. A few shoutouts and stuff since a lot of this is overdue:

    BKC: not only did you make some great midseason moves, but you held the team together these last few weeks and somehow we almost made the magic happen. Was a pleasure to play for you.

    Scooters teammates: you guys were great. I learned how much fun SPL can be. I think I had a good moment with every person on the team, so I'll just thank all of you at once. You guys kick ass.

    Biosci / Mizuhime / Pwnemon / KoM: For help with teams throughout the season, I blow ass at teambuilding most of the time so I seriously appreciate the help.

    Nollan: for being a better Raider than I could ever be. Strong showing, man.

    TDs / Raiders assmen and teammates: Apologies for being a selfish dickhead earlier in the year. I should have straight up dropped from the league, but I regrettably chose to pursue getting off of the Raiders the way I did, and I regret that looking back. It wasted your time, it made unnecessary conflict, and Locopoke actually ended up being right about something- I came into the league with the wrong attitude. I didn't care much and really didn't want to play. The Scooters helped turn that desire around 180, which I thank them for and am glad I had that opportunity, but I still should have just dropped and not created the conflict. Again, I apologize for that, and accept full responsibility for that situation.

    Birkal: for somehow not losing your cool and being patient with that whole fiasco. Also for seeing that Nollan was a solid player. You'd do well if you decided to manage a team.
  3. Dice

    Dice what's a god to a nonbeliever
    is a Tutoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis Smogon Frontier's Arcade Star

    Feb 24, 2012
    Haha we had a good run. At least being on the scooters made me learn first-hand that I shouldn't ever want my future teams to draft "OMG IDK HOW TO PLAY ESP WITH A TIMER AND I'M AUTISTIC AF" cbt and "I GET ALL THE HAX IN THE WORLD AND STILL MANAGE TO LOSE" Blue Eon.

    The rest of you are chill though. Hope Cryos win.

    Sorry not sorry.
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  4. Furai

    Furai wellfare
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Winner

    May 4, 2010
    peace out
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  5. Marth

    is a Past SPL Winner

    Mar 27, 2012
    Won vs mop, gg
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  6. Conflict

    Conflict And who are you, the proud lord said That I must bow so low?
    is a Pre-Contributoris a SPL Winner

    Jul 30, 2009
  7. Sinclair


    May 7, 2011
    ggs scooters
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2014
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  8. Hawkstar

    Hawkstar Unplug me from this fantasy
    is a Contributor to Smogonis a SPL Winner

    May 23, 2010
    Lost to FLCL GG
  9. FLCL

    is a Tiering Contributoris a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis Smogon Frontier's Salon Maidenis a Past SPL Winner

    Mar 14, 2010
    won, gg
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  10. Jirachee

    Jirachee Kaleidoscope
    is a Tutoris an official Team Rateris a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor Alumnus
    RMT Co-Leader

    Sep 24, 2010
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  11. Arcticblast

    Arcticblast Flapper the Zubat = best scramblemon
    is a Tiering Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a SPL Winner

    Nov 29, 2008
  12. Aurora

    Aurora am checking again lol!
    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 1, 2011
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~GO YOUNGJAKE93~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Last edited: Mar 15, 2014
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  13. Sweep

    is a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Battle Server Moderator

    Feb 4, 2013

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    FICTION-You were an integral part of my success, playing me around 30 times throughout the season (despite being busy irl) and giving me suggestions n stuff. While everyone else was using Donkey teams, I can say that I used a Fiction team week 4! Thanks for the help and good luck tomorrow, really hope you get a win.

    Zebraiken-Really solid all around guy. Was fun playing you in NU & rediscovering that tier, even if the only good team I have post-Jynx/Scolipede is a bland Frillish stall build. You were also a major reason why I ended up on the tigers in the first place. You're a chill guy and I'm sure I'll see you around.

    Hot N Cold-Great battler and friend alike. You did well this year and were the first to offer condolences in the games I got haxed out of. Hopefully we'll be teammates again next year.

    Valentine-A great pick-up for us. You pretty much dominated this year and playing vs. you helped me suck a lot less in xy ou (I made it to round 5 of today's smogtourn ffs). Really strong overall player.

    TennisAce/little gk/Solace-the managers who picked me in the first place. Glad I could win a bunch of games for you and the IRC channel was always supportive & drama-free.

    Biosci-Probably the most productive player on the team this year. Your wins early on the season kept the team in the play-off hunt for longer than it would have been otherwise; thanks for that!

    Pwnemon-strong week 9 win. Another excellent chat presence in Tigers who will make a major splash in future SPL's IMO.

    Treecko-RIP :(. Sorry life caught up to you and cut into your Pokemon time but you're still a tiger!

    Dunk-Good player and presence...but where'd you go ?_?. Sorry for the tough luck but man, we needed you during the 2nd half of SPL. If you were busy I understand.

    Froggy-Came through week 9 after constantly being subbed in at the last possible second. It's amazing what a little time to prepare can do. Happy we picked you up and that win was big.

    Lunar-Another player who helped test in Ubers (and beat me a couple times :0). Thanks dude.

    Raichy-Our team didn't win SPL, but we will win the crystal geodude tournament!

    Peachy-Strong player in multiple tiers; was able to win a bw uu match after Dunk disappeared.

    Bedschibaer-Proof that Showderp CAN compete (and win) in SPL. Nice job this year and make sure eriados signs up next year to extract revenge on McMeghan.

    Kland-WTF dude

    C0sta-Did really well for a while, then decided to use a Baton Pass chain team much to the chagrin of everyone (including his own teammates). Nice guy and good player, please do not give up on the team if you return next year.

    IUM/Hantsuki/Seb/others-Didn't get a chance to know you guys as well but it was cool being teammates.

    I finished above .500 but I really wanted to win even more games for this team (idgaf about individual records) and some excruciating late-game hax throughout the 2nd half of the season cost me some wins. Not much I can do & you know that already, but I'd love to be back on the team if I decide to play SPL again. XY Ubers is awful though :(.


    Melee Mewtwo-The primary guy I playtested with before he got drafted mid-season. Helped out teambuilding, especially the team I brought week 3. Thanks and congrats on your 4-0 record (fck crits though), glad you got a chance to prove yourself

    Aim-Have played him as well. He filled in nicely for the Wolfpack after Donkey quit and the improvement he's shown from week 3 to now is remarkable. One of the best ubers players right now.

    A bunch of other Ubers players-you know who you are etc. Probs/Edgar/POLOP/Fireburn/Based Tesung/Shrang/Trickroom...amazing how less toxic the community seems to be compared to a year ago. All of you are good :D
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
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  14. Lohgock


    Sep 27, 2010
    Just wanna say thanks to BKC for buying me, even though I was pretty busy and disappointed in my games (the second team was sweeps though, he forced me to use it I swear). It was a really cool experience to talk to you scoots, I like you all and hopefully we can pull some more wins next year. All the people I talked to (which were basicaly SnowCristal, BKC and bro fist) were amazingly nice and motivated me to keep on fighting after I lost. I'm happy to call myself a member of the scooters and if BKC ever buys me again, I promise to win my games (well, at least more than this year =]).

    Special thanks to my bro Masterclass, I love you <3

    Bis bald, meine Freunde!
  15. King


    Feb 13, 2010
    In all seriousness, shout-out to the scooters. Seriously, you guys clawed your way back to the competition. I was extremely impressed with the tenacity of that squad. You have nothing to regret in my opinion, you gave it your best and you have my deepest respect for it. Congratulations for achieving what I consider to be an incredible comeback. You guys will be a force next season.
  16. Plus

    Plus young money militia
    is a Tutoris an official Team Rateris a Forum Moderatoris a Pokemon Researcheris a Smogon Media Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris an Artist Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 8, 2008
    forgot pikachu had lightningrod =( good battle of gimmicks annoyer!
  17. Mizuhime

    Mizuhime Hear my tears all in my tunes
    is a Tutoris a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    May 22, 2010
    Subbing in PDC for Karrot *-* GSC MASTER RACE

    (bkc approved)
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  18. Annoyer

    Annoyer =)~

    Apr 3, 2012
    beat plus in a rly fun game (lol), feels good playing a stress free spl game, gg. #nupride

    time for SHOUTOUTS

    ruiners: you guys are a great group of people and players. it was a pleasure playing with all of you. although we didnt make playoffs, we proved that we're a great team (altho luck was not on our sides multiple times except for me). to mcm, baika, and ciele, you were all really nice, helpful, and supportive (with the exception of baika). to cbb, thanks for everything such as testing with me for the past two years and telling me to not use nonsense like probopass - i would never be the player i am today if it werent for you (sry bout anime). to bloo, thanks for helping me a lot in nu and being a great person in general. to dcae and laga, you two are the new ppl i talked to the most and im glad i was able to become friends with you two (w/o lc and doubles, wouldnt have met either of you :o). to all the other ruiners, i havent really talked with you guys much but i hope you guys continue to play mons so we can keep seeing each other!!! its been great playing with the ruiners for 2 yrs and i rly dont want to play on any other team again. we still need to do isketch...

    others: to flcl, thanks for testing with me at least 100+ times and just being there all the time. to zeb, thanks for testing with me too and giving me cool ideas like that sturdy costa thing. (trifecta members for life.) to sg, thnx for being a nice friend and testing too - you did great this season!!! to ebeast, =)~. to jayde, you made me a worse person.

    official ruiners theme song - BRUSH BRUSH BRUSHY BRUSH
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  19. WhiteQueen

    WhiteQueen boner dethroner
    is a SPL Winner

    Aug 6, 2009
    my girl Nails is a boss. she almost singlehandedly carried the scooters into the playoffs. better luck next time my red panda bear <3
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2014
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  20. Bad Ass

    Bad Ass
    is a Tiering Contributoris a Past WCoP Winneris a GS2 Winner

    Jan 5, 2009
    i was yunger and won against youngjake93 in a Good game
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  21. yan[sogeking]

    yan[sogeking] tough like igglybuff
    is a World Cup of Pokemon defending champion

    Jun 11, 2010
    gj, tommy. :}
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  22. Zebraiken

    Zebraiken seize the day
    is a member of the Site Staffis an official Team Rateris a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Pokemon Researcheris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Battle Server Moderatoris a Super Moderator Alumnus
    NU Co-Leader

    Oct 7, 2011
    ye i was gonna make some big list of shoutouts to my bros but who cares about the shoutouts of a 3-6 player from one of the bottom teams this year o_o
    long and idgaf. bolded names if you don't wanna look for yours (open)
    A special shoutout to my friends FLCL and Soulgazer, who were amazing and helped me test through the whole season (though I wish you guys were a little more honest about how shitty my teams were!!). FLCL, you shoulda had a much better record if lady luck didn't treat you like scum of the earth this season, but hey, everyone gets unlucky once in a while. You're by far the best player of our little group and I really hope you go far in all sorts of tours and win at least a few more, man - I really couldn't ask for a better testing buddy and friend. And as for Soulgazer, I really only started getting to know you through SPL but it already feels like we've been really tight for a while now, and I'm sure you'll keep improving too (so long as you don't john...). I'm rooting for both of you guys to get to the finals, and really really hoping you guys play XY NU next SPL so we can meet again. x)

    Annoyer, I wish you and all my other friends from the Ruiners coulda had a chance to make playoffs this year too, but I guess that's just how the dice fall. You were an inspiration for a lot of my wacky stuff like Scarf Golurk, and I'd like to see you playing again next year too. Easily best deal for an NU player - 13-6 over two years starting at the low low price of 4k? What a F*ckn Boss. Also, fuck CasedVictory you suck donkey D. (nah seriously you're a really cool guy with sick teams and I'm looking forward to playing you next year if you stick around!! don't screw me over with luck though please)

    Hot N Cold, I think you've been the best teammate a guy could ask for. Not only were you constantly online, but you talked me through building a lot of teams and were basically always present to make sure I felt comfortable and prepared. You also kept contact with virtually all of our players and had your head in the game all the time, even when we had all but lost hope. It was really a pleasure to have you on our team this year and although we didn't do as well as we hoped, I'm really glad I got the chance to be on a team with you this year. Thanks for being a fantastic friend and partner in crime this year!

    tennisace & little gk, thanks for keeping enough faith in me to start me after the pretty shitty 0-4 entrance into the season. I really wish I had prepared more and learned the Jynx + Scolipede meta better so that we'd have had a chance later in the season (a couple of wins weeks 2-4 would have made a really big difference on our playoff chances...) but hindsight is always 20/20. You guys are the best managers out there fuck erryone who disagrees, and it's been a pleasure being a part of your team for three years straight - there's nowhere else I'd rather be. TIGER BLOOD

    Raichy, you rule. *-* I'm glad we stole you from joshe, Dekzeh, and the rest of the frogadiers this season and I think it was actually one of the best draft decisions we made. You've been a great team player and bring an air of positivity all the time, and I really appreciate all of your help this season. I know it hasn't been the best this year record-wise, but you're way better than that record says and I hope you get more chances to prove that next year. Lunar, I'm really proud to call you a fellow Tiger this year. Despite getting shafted by our initial draft, you stuck around to help us test all the time and you became basically the ideal teammate, helping Biosci test in Doubles 24/7 (RIP wushl_) as well as the rest of our XY OUers, and I'm really glad we picked you up. You're like the Biosci of last year (wait, is that an insult?), so stick around and go 7-2 for the Tigers next year, yeah? :>

    Biosci, you were easily the best retainee of the year, honestly. Since Huy suggested you as a testing partner last year & you played so well in the semis, you've been a bundle of untapped potential and I'm glad your record reflects that. You've done amazing this year and if you're around for next year, I'm eager to see you shred some faces again. Seriously, it's felt like you've been a guaranteed win every week and it's awesome to have a player like that on our side. Hantsuki, we haven't talked too much, but it was nice having someone who always stuck around in the chat and was willing to sub in and help whenever we needed it. I wish you had more opportunities to play, but I'm glad we had the comfort of someone who was so reliable and flexible to sub in at the last moment if we ever needed it. Fiction, wish we had ibo around still so you could get shit on in UNO. ;) It's been awesome having you on the Tigers with me through thick and thin, especially since this year more or less sucked. I hope you stick around so you can finally get a well-deserved big win under your belt, honestly, but even if you decide not to, keep in touch okay?

    Leftiez, you'll kick ass with tour this year, I know it. x) I'm glad you got more chances to wreck after that week one match - you were easily worth picking up this year. Let me know if you want to do any testing, I'd love to! Pwnemon, I know you were a little peeved that we tried to nab you at the last second (I mean pfft who WOULDN'T wanna fuck over Birkal) but you've been a pretty chill guy in the chat and it's been fun hanging with you the last few weeks. I hope you get the chance to start in the future, 'cuz you've definitely got a future ahead of you if you keep playing like you have been. Froggy, I'm glad you got the opportunity to settle down and nab yourself a solid win at the end. I know it was pretty overwhelming, being thrust into the spotlight at the last minute in a must-win situation, but I think you're a seriously underrated player and should you ever settle your nerves and play confidently, you'll do amazing. You're the underfrog of the year.

    Queen Peachy, proud as fuck to be on Tigers with you these last three years. You're easily one of the best BW OU players imo, and the fact that you can walk into half your games with a team you make in five minutes and destroy them is just amazing. Best of luck with all your real life stuff, but damn I hope you stick around, cuz you're really good at this game (even if you hate it!). Porengan, you absolutely rule. Ever since I got crushed in that one tour finals with you and Peachy, you've commanded my respect as one of the top DPP players there are, and if I'm not on the same team as you next year I'm really going to miss the energy and skill you bring to the team. Sweep, I'm glad HNC pushed us so hard to get you this year. I think you were the best Ubers player on the table this year, bar none, and even though a few matches fell from your grasp thanks to a few lucky misses, I was really confident that Ubers matchups would always be in our favor with you on board. I hope you get another chance to wreck guys next year, 'cuz you really deserve a better record than what you got this year.

    Royal Flush, you were my 0-4 buddy to start. ;-; I really wish we both could have gotten a better deal out of the beginning, but you're a good GSC player and you definitely shouldn't have had to go out like that (Meganium and Piloswine 4lyfe tho!!). Bedschibaer, it was pretty cool to see you come out of nowhere and deliver us our first (and only) GSC wins. I'm excited to see more of you in the future - you've definitely earned yourself a starting job on a team next year, imho. sebixxl is the HEART and SOUL of this team and a beast who doesn't deserve the 0-3 record he piled up this year. GO SEBIIIII *___*

    Halloween, you're like the gentle giant of our team.. just randomly came on and fucked up your opps, even when you were using crazy stuff like Slaking in ADV, and you were like the sweetest guy in battles too. While we never talked too much, it was really a pleasure to have you on our side. Raseri, you'll always be da best in my heart. I missed hanging out with you this year especially since we actually got to be on the same team, but I hope everything IRL is going alright! I hope I get to play XY NU with you all the time this next year too. :D C05ta, you were another guy we picked up late and you worked miracles for the first half of the season.. then where'd you go? :( I suppose you're not too interested in playing mons much anymore, but you did play pretty damn well even if you supposedly aren't the best at teambuilding. ;) Valentine, I think the only draft pick I didn't have any input on was you (nobody ever fckn told me we were interested in getting ya), but I'm definitely glad gk and tennis decided to do so. You tell us that you suck constantly but then manage to beat the shit out of half the guys you play, even when you have the most insurmountable matchups. ?_? You're a beast, and I hope you crush OST this year. Also what the fuck why aren't you on our roster.

    fuk kland you suck.

    Shoutouts to Huy our mascot and noble leader, as well as blarajan the jackball who improperly ghosted all of our LCers at once to ensure his 9-0 regular season. Also, thanks to d0nut for helping out all year long - you're a pretty cool guy. :] sandshrewz, you've been basically our #1 cheerleader even when we spent the whole season sucking hard, so thanks for sticking it out with us. iumbutt, you also stuck your head in close to midesason and spiced up our borin' little chat just like last year with your cool bot (nothing like a rousing game of UNO, right Classiest??). I know it wasn't really out of any kind of allegiance to Tigers or myself, but you are a cool guy and it was fun talking to you these last few months.

    Apologies to Funkasaurus for kickbanning him and never letting him back in (though you didn't ask me until like right before week 9...). :'( Lastly, props to Oglemi for running the whole shebang phenomenally well.

    RIP: DestinyUnknown, wushl_, Treecko, elevator music, and Solace. Far too many Tigers went off and died this year. u_u

    GO TIGERS also go wolfpack & classiest!! sorry for the long post, haha.

    edit FUCK almost forgot a shoutout to TAUROS who i almost went 4-0 with and 0-5 without. king of rby and bw nu *-*
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
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  23. Biosci

    Biosci !
    is a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a VGC3 Winner

    Apr 7, 2011
    I'm far too lazy to make a post like zeb and sweep, but it was a pleasure to be on tigres again this year. Was nice seeing the old vets from last year again and getting to know the newer tigres. I really wish some of our players didn't die on us after the auction occurred, but life happens to all of us I suppose. I was pretty disappointed in myself last year going 0-3 and letting you guys down, so doing better this year felt nice. I only picked up Smogon Doubles about a couple of weeks before the auction after I heard that it would be replacing VGC in SPL(Still wish this didn't get changed) just to try to get a spot back on the team to redeem myself.

    It was a shame we couldn't make it any further than we did, but it's the nature of the game sometimes.

    Shoutouts to people who helped me test, especially Zach(Braverius), and helped me with team building throughout the season. Gourgeist/Heatran for days :)

    I hope to see you all again next year!

    ~~~TIGRES ROAR!~~~
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  24. Lunar.


    Apr 4, 2010
    I feel I should post something about my team since I really do love each and every one of the tigers and i am happy to be a part of them, except kland he sucks. I don't want to make huge post but going into the year I wasn't bought but they let me stay (some of my really good friends like Fiction(My name is not jamal just saying), Peachy(known you forever, you are better than dragonuser), Biosci(dude you are like my best friend on here, thank you for everything), and Zeb(you are the nu king, and super nice and a great friend) helped me there) and I tried to help either way. I went in not knowing many of the players, such as HotNCold and Sweep but as expected the tigers picked up some of the nicest people I've ever met. Also I am so happy we bought Valentine even though he was put on the roster like an hour ago, he was one of the best players on the team and a long time friend of mine so it was fun to play alongside him. Leftiez was very helpful and is a really cool guy, even if we do joke around about how bad the other is. Pwnemon hated us at first but he learned to love, and he is a really cool guy and I am happy we ended up friends. Thank you sweep for playing me in ubers so I could destroy you, nah you were a great guy, really nice and easy to talk to and I am so happy to have had such a great helpful player on the team. People like Raseri, Bedschibaer, Raseri, HANTSUKI, Froggy, sebixxl, TV-Rocka, Halloween, DestinyUnknown, and Costa who I didn't get to talk to as much as I would have liked but when I did you were all very nice and helpful, and I think of you guys as friends and am so happy to have got the chance to talk to you guys and play along side you. Oh and don't get me started on Raichy, Raichy I love you bro *-* Thanks to my managers, Tennisace and Little_GK for giving me a chance to be on the team and play, sorry about my bad record but I hope I was worth it anyway, you guys were great! As for people who were unofficial members, D0nut you are probably another one of my best friends on despite how much you tease me, I am so happy you came back to pokemon and that I got the opportunity to call you my friend. Huy, lets start our own tigers already, you get the hookers I'll get the casino. Blarajan, dude you did amazing this year, I am happy to I was able to talk to you because you are a really nice guy and deserve to be the LC leader after what you did this year! sandshrewz, pretty much what zeb said, you were a great supporter and a cute user, keep coming on please its fun to have you there. Ium, we definitely became better friends than last year, you are cool and a try hard when it comes to getting shiny pokemon in the right pokeballs but dude I am happy we are friends now, lets keep it that way. Finally for people I was or became friends with this season and helped me out through good and bad. Kid Buu, dude we don't talk enough anymore you are an amazing friend, thank you for helping me test when I played and for supporting me as a player in general. Stone_Cold, man we have known each other for what, 6 years now? We don't talk nearly enough but when I had that terrible loss against sinclair you instantly messaged me to make sure I was alright, you probably don't realize how nice that truly was and I thank you for being there for me even if it has been like 3 years since we have had an actual conversation. CrashinBoomBang, we just became friends this season and already you are being supportive of me and being just a great friend in general, I am so happy I we ended up talking and I think we are going to be friends for a long time, ~believe~! Oh I forgot Braverius, well now I can talk about how much I hate you.. haha Zach is a recent friend and I am hoping to meet you at nationals bro, oh and I am sorry I typed the name wrong shut up..

    Thanks to Oglemi and Aldaron for hosting this spl, I can't imagine how hard and stressful it must be and I know I couldn't handle making some of the decisions you guys did, you guys did great!

    I am sure I missed people and if I did I'll add them in later. But in the end I would like to give one last thanks to the tigers for making this a great year and just being an amazing team, I know our score was not that great but it was an off year, you guys are still the best! Thanks again Tennisace for being the person to decide to buy me I can't express how grateful I am for giving me a shot. Stay in the tiger irc and chat, I'm sure there will be a lot of us still there even after the season!
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
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  25. Braverius

    Braverius Free the music, unleash the vibe
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Feb 2, 2013
    aladran could this *-*
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