Smogon Premier League - Play-offs - Finals! [Won by The Indie Scooters]

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first off congrats to the scooters for winning

to my team, you were all great guys (even whistle i guess....) and i really enjoyed playing with you all this season. its unfortunate that we just fell short at the end but we had a good run.
Disappointing, but congratulations to scooters winning.

I had a lot of fun playing spl and playing various gens. Thanks to my teamates for making me feel welcome and having a good time playing together. Thanks for this hosts for making the tournament happen, there were some hiccups but you did a great job overall.


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Congratulations to the Indie Scooters for winning the first ever Smogon Premier League. A well earned victory. And congratulations to the Alpha Ruiners for putting up a first class fight.

And thanks to everyone involved for making this one of the most fun experiences I've ever had on Smogon. We'll see you next season!


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I would like to take the time to announce that while I love this team and am very proud of you all, the stress from spl has been unkind to my health and as such I'd like to hand the reigns of the franchise over to whistle, whom I've been grooming for the job all year. Keep ruining!
congrats to mre's team :jump: for winning, definitely a well deserved victory.

this season has been some of the most fun ive had on smogon, and it wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of lonelyness and shiv. it's not easy running a tournament that lasts over four months for the first time ever!

and of course the guys who really made the tournament great were the players and managers on my team, with their senses of humor and high spirits. thanks to everyone who was a part of this, and i'm definitely looking forward to spl 2.
@ Scooters: Congrats, you managed to overcome my psychic dream. You were always the best team on paper IMO.

@ Gouki: Two days two trophies. Ballin.

@ Atticus & Gouki: Merry Christmas.


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Congrats to the Scooters. Although I didn't get to play, hanging out with the team on irc was really fun, and props to the hosts for making this tournament happen. Well done on making the finals, team!!
I would like to thank all the players Alpharuiners to have had the opportunity to play with you.

Mainly to Loki, Whisler

He could not forget my translator particular Revver.

thanks bro.

It was very good to play with vocêis, and play with players at high level in advanced, Hons, Husk, GigaPush, G80 (Sorry team).

Well this is thanks to all, and sorry for losing in the finals = \.

And Congratulations Scooters
Good stuff everyone. I had a lot of fun just hanging out with you guys, glad we could end the experience on a positive note!

To set the mood:

The Scooters:

Carl: Carlton sucks. Hopefully the Scooters will retain the channel for future seasons and continue the legacy.

Cool, calm, composed, and classy -- The yin to our team's yang.

How are you related to our team ?_? Cool guy but I still don't get it.

Oh, I meant lords SRY (he likes it when you call him lords). You had the thankless job of trying to motivate us. You failed, but somehow it all worked out. With your strange nocturnal schedule you really became the backbone of this team.

Chouki probably thinks he's Prouki now. You're not. Well you listened to me rant about soccer so +1. The world cup happening during SPL was amazing.

Ibrahimovic minus the tripod-ing. V. fun guy, glad I got to meet you.

You didn't talk much but you got your shit done.

IndieScooter Jr. From the poor influences of #carlsucks you've matured into a confident and obnoxious user. No matter
where you go don't ever forget it.

One day you will tell us when you are battling...

The nigga himself. Before this season I hadn't seen/talked to you in a loooooooooong time. Glad you're still negrodamas. Ended
SPL with an emphatic display and had the best record on our team (I think?).

MrE lose. You take a lot of shit from people and you really don't care. That's pretty cool. Some of it is constructive criticism though!!

The Champ. So strong and cool. Unbelievable.

Special Thanks:

Shiv: I think you came up with "Indie Scooters" and also came out of e-hiding to win your RBY match for us. Thanks!!
JMC: I think you won a few games for us???
Gaborik: I don't think you ever knew you were on this team....

Unfortunately most of us (myself included) only play during the holidays. See you guys in the winter for SPL 2: Return of the Scoot.

Harder. Faster. Scooter!

edit: This looks like a real heartfelt post, but I just wanted to check out my trophy. Scoot, scoot.
Guess I should probably post something with some substance, too:

While I occasionally... often... usually wanted to strangle you, thanks to LN and Shiv for running the event. While there's a lot of stuff I'd like to see done differently in the future(mostly to the end of giving teams more autonomy and consistancy year-to-year), I think as far as getting and keeping shit running this was the most challenging tournament in Smogon's history, and we got to the end. While I was pretty openly annoyed at policy changes and strange decision making at points, as a whole it was an enjoyable and successful event.

In regards to my team:

Overall, I really enjoyed our team. I wish I had been able to convince you guys to take the early season a little more seriously(though I still think we woulda been 7-2 at worst without the inane luck), but we had a good group of guys and it was always fun to chill in the channel. We definitely kept personalities in mind while drafting, and I think that probably helped us more than people might realize - these team events are so much more fun and easier to stay motivated in when you like the people you're working with. We ended up with not only one of the most intimidating rosters, but also with one of the most fun teams to play on, which made for a great tournament for us. Even when things looked bleak late in the regular season(though I kinda always figured things would work out) alex and I were pretty aggressive about trying to get keeper rules in place because we believe in this team. Thanks for a great run - see you in a few months, eh?

alex - I have to admit, you're one of the few on this team I got a lot more out of than I expected to. I knew you'd be great if you got into it - which is the biggest reason I chased you out of retirement - but you ended up doing as much or more than I did. To be very "gay" for a moment, it's probably a sweeter win to get it working with you, as my oldest remaining e-friend. I think we complemented each other well. Also my Canadians were awesome in the end btw in your face asshole. How'd your JMC pick work out?

Carl - And on the flipside, carl really did sucks !

I kid. Sort of. You're a great mans though(hb!)! If fantasy hockey has taught me anything, we'll be very devious and effective if you end up helping manage next year, though I know like me you're debating on playing or managing. You, alex, and I would be a very scary management trio if we all decided to care at once in addition to being a collection of my most trusted Poke-pals, I think. Hope we manage to get you a little more involved next year, one way or another!

As you can see, in your honor our team is built after the Red Wings with a bunch of talented, underpaid old guys. Wingin' it to the cup

Intern evan - Thanks for helping to fill out our indie quota in absence of big carl. It was hella rad :eyeroll:

Enjoyed your presence in the channel taking over the vital "mock synre" role during various points E was banned, afk, or busy mocking someone else. Hope to see you back in a more official role next year...

Captain Gouki - While as a veteran laden team the need for leadership was low, you did a lot to help out this season beyond battling Pokemons. Appreciated your input . You were basically the #1 pick of the draft for the Scooters, and I'm very happy with that decision. Hope to see you scootin for many seasons, I will be forwarding your agent a 17-year contract for LN Bettman to void shortly.

While you got one on your own the day before, was great to help you get a trophy, even if it is presently a temporary one. Few deserved one more.

G80 - I still find it hysterical we got you for only 11k. I expected you to win every week, and normally you did, and at least when you didn't you kept us entertained. I think of the old gen players on draft day you were probably the most undervalued, glad to see you show why you should have been making JMC/Lesm money. I was amused by how many DP users didn't realize you actually play Pokemon when I drafted you. "Synre drafted that guy in #smogon ??"

Watching you choke Kael's team to death was a good reminder there's not many surer things than G80 in adv when the money is on the line. Doin work.

Also I think having both you and husk should get me like a set bonus or something I'm just sayin

husk - it was interesting to me when I was figuring my draft strategy out how much opinion of you varied. I had people like Gouki who pretty much told me if necessary I should slaughter a small village to make a deal with the Pokegods to get you on our team, and others who insisted you were washed up and inconsistant.

Guess which group was right???

Love having you on the team. One of a surprising amount of really swell guys on this team, fun and classy. Appreciate that you can play basically every metagame if needed, you make my job much easier. Thanks for stepping in and covering RBY when JMC bitched out - we wouldn't have won with a less flexible player in your spot.

Atticus - I mentioned this to you a while ago, but it was your last frontier game vs. Gouki last year that really got me into Pokemon again(I was rootin Gouki though SORRY!!), so perhaps that was in the back of my head when I drafted you. Loved having you on the team since you were another one who did more than your job required. Played and won in relief of Jibbles once and helped train our young blood in addition to a strong record of your own. You were maybe the only core player I didn't have a real good read on the personality of before I drafted(I had to defer to Gouki), but it was great getting to know you some during the season. Good mans.

Mr.E - I think of all the people on this list, next to Carl you're the one I've suited up beside as an e-teammate the most times.

As such, it is deeply confusing to me why this time things just clearly did not work, though I'm glad I decided to fire back for once. I know you're quite insistant you're the victim here but honestly, buddy, people don't just spin a wheel and get "and the cow says... MooooBe a dick to MrE!" If you wanna be an ass to us we'll do it right back and pour it on. I think you're a better guy than people give you credit for but man you've gotta figure out how to co-exist with a team.

You were a hell of a value, though. 4k for MrE? Are these people insane?

Jibaku - Your price is maybe the funniest to me because I had anticipated being outbid on you and really only made my bid to make sure you didn't go for like 5k - I'd never expected people would actually let me get you for 6!

That worked out nicely. You came through when it counted. Clutchbaku.

apologies - I was occasionally deeply confused about how it happened, but you put together a hell of a season. One of the best win% in the league from the bench - I'm a little surprised to say it, but we couldn't have done it without you. Good job. Good kid.

Folgorio - I still think you're a much better player than the SPL made you look. Just gotta chill man, shit aint that serious. I would wager than if you're still around in a couple years you'll put up a much better record, was kinda trial by fire this year, I think.

And seriously man tell your team when you're playing ~_~

Supporting Cast

JMC - I didn't want to draft you because I was concerned something like would happen, and sure enough it did. I blame my co-manager and captain for this. You were swell while you were here, though.

If anyone is gutsier than me accepting trade offers once keeper rules are hammered out !

Gaborik - considering the impact of 4k investment MrE and 3k prayer apologies your failure to show up was really NOT worth your 3k price tag

aldaron - u mad bro?

Always fun competing against you, buddy. As much of an e-rival as I have these days.

Shiv again - Hope you have time to be a little more active hosting next year, you're a great guy and you're a good influence on these events. Thanks for not being a twat and playing your match out like a man week 9 even though it kinda bit you in the ass. We'll try and hook you up next year yo

Jr Rival Jackal - CHOKE ON DIS

When you gonna beat aldaron at somethin so you can be a real rival again?

badal - yeah when it comes down to it I'm pretty sure what we'll all remember from this year is you

Rory - I had no idea who the fuck you were until we kinda felt out that we could trust each other during bidding, but glad that happened. You're a great guy, and I was rootin for the Classiest all the way. Funny that we ended up running into each other IRL a couple months later. Life is fuckin weird man.

Also please leave your shoes on next season tia

bad ass - what's up bro

Ok this is beginning to look like a milestone thread I done now

Good shit ruiners, #2 ain't something to be too upset over. We just need some dp ou work next time lol and we'll give these guys a legit challenge next finals.

I guess SK and I will take our individual "best record in spl at 8-2" consolidation prize in stride though :P

Browns doin' work
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