Smogon Premier League - Week 5

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The Circus Maximus Tigers (0) vs Congregation of the Classiest (0)

DPP OU 1: Delta 2777 vs Seven Deadly Sins
DPP OU 2: undisput3d vs Reverb
DPP OU 3: hanke vs Lady Bug
DPP UBER: tito vs Deep Thought
DPP UU: franky vs Eo Ut Mortus
ADV OU: Slobroking vs goofball
GSC OU: Giga Punch vs FM
RBY OU: Pyrotechnix vs TTS

The Ever Grande BIGS (0) vs The Firebot Charmanders (0)

DPP OU 1: Zak91 vs Arin
DPP OU 2: Stone_Cold22 vs Minato
DPP OU 3: vashta vs Plus
DPP UBER: Maniaclyrasist vs LinIsKorean
DPP UU: LonelyNess vs 6A9 Ace Matador
ADV OU: JabbaTheGriffin vs imperfectluck
GSC OU: dbolt vs MoP
RBY OU: Floppy vs Somebody

Smogon's Greatest Brits (0) vs The Alpha Ruiners (0)

DPP OU 1: Krack vs Loki
DPP OU 2: Philip7086 vs Duskie
DPP OU 3: Nachos vs Mechazawa
DPP UBER: Megan_Fox vs mind
DPP UU: Twist of Fate vs Aldaron
ADV OU: Havak vs kael
GSC OU: Lesm46 vs Sk
RBY OU: spies vs jira

The Indie Scooters (0) vs The Cryonicles (0)

DPP OU 1: husk vs SilentEcho
DPP OU 2: Gouki vs Taylor
DPP OU 3: Atticus vs romeojustdie
DPP UBER: Jibaku vs DarkLucario
DPP UU: Folgorio vs Stallion
ADV OU: G80 vs Aeolus
GSC OU: MrE vs gotei(13) hyorinmaru
RBY OU: JMC vs Shiv
Posting to say I have contacted ToF regarding our match, and while he hasn't directly responded to me with a time yet, I'm sure we'll get this done.
I would just like to point out that we actually did give our lineup to LN. We had Justinawe in Zak91's spot. Talk to Fabbles about it but we definitely did give our lineup...


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I would also like to point out that I made it clear that it should be sent to BOTH me and LN in week 3 when we extended by nearly a day.

If that isn't warning enough, I'm sorry but I can't help you.
I just requested for Justinawe to be subbed in for Zak so hopefully this should be taken care of.

Good job on the victories BIGs. It was only a matter of time.


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Not sure what the problem here is, we're just going to sub him out legitly.

<LonelyNess> Shiv
<LonelyNess> Fabbles wants to make a substitution, because zak91 won't be here for the rest of the week
<LonelyNess> he's putting in Justinawe
<Shiv> okay, thats fine
<Shiv> he didnt submit his roster so im sure its legit
<Shiv> i used last week's roster for him
<LonelyNess> yeah, I saw

We were just waiting for Fabbles to send in the official substitution PM.

So in summation:

Justinawe is substituting in for Zak91
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