Smogon Premier League - Week 6

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Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
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Man sorry I lost Cryonicles... that would have been a huge win. Tie isn't terrible though. Nice job guys.
and yet i'm fumed, hindsight why did i think it was good idea for loki to give brk dpp ou team advice?

in a week where loki wins he still manages to sink the team, god.

/me pet loki


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In fairness to Loki, Sco, look who brk was up against. The only advise I would give in a matchup like that is "try not to lose too badly".

So strong.
I wake up around 9ish and i work at 2-11 so 10am-noon best time. (and only time)
goof wasn't around for the window he gave me

we didn't really make an effort i just figured i'd run into him on irc like usual

here's to hoping he changes his mind and pops on tonight so we can get it done and not have it decided on activity or something stupid since it's 4-3

edit with the dick version since supposedly this is wishy washy and since supposedly this is what you're supposed to do in this league: i've been on irc every day the past week and haven't seen him once. i pmed him for a time today, he gave me a time and was not around during that time while i waited.
As much as I hate activity wins (see: week 1), the idea that this could go to a coinflip is absurd.

The activity win has been set as a rule for this exact purpose. While I agree Jabba did not do "enough," he did "more." Jabba was more active. As I have seen no argument for goofball being active at all, he can not be possibly be given an activity win, and by default, it should be Jabba's.

Goofball waited till the last day to set up a time with Jabba, HIS TIME, and he still missed it, while Jabba was present all three hours of that window. That alone should qualify as an activity win. Goofball's post is shown above by Jabba. I, and I am sure a few others, can be a witness to the fact that Jabba was on and goofball was not.

So, coupled with the fact that goofball was not very active, the fact that he missed his own time should seal the deal for an activity win for Jabba.
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