Smogon Premier League - Week 9

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Thanks Sonius and TDC for letting me a part of this team and having a fun season!!! Also, props to LN and Shiv for coming up with SPL and being great hosts!


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Oof. Still good shit, team. Way to make SPL tense and exciting.

Now it's time to cheer:

Damn, I just realized. Every team in the playoffs has at least one GameFAQer in their OU lineup (assuming scooters make it). Way to represent, boys. It's a shame I'll have to eliminate you all myself for the trophy :(
mostly directed at shiv/lonelyness, since neither are on irc atm - would it be possible to start on tuesday instead of tomorrow? it gives all of us more time to test (especially since mence was just banned) and to figure rosters out, find players, etc. i asked in #spl and hunt, synre, and tennis all said they liked the idea.


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This weeks is done.

SDS, BlueKirby, FM, and Havak were all given activity wins.

The remaining battles were deemed no contest.

The seeds for the playoffs are as follows:

1.) The Cryonicles
2.) The Circus Maximus Tigers
3.) The Alpha Ruiners
4.) The Indie Scooters.

The playoffs will start on Tuesday, July 20th, 12:00:00 AM CDT (GMT -5). This gives OU players a chance to toy around with teams, seeing as how Salamence has just been banned from the OU tier. I expect the managers of the above teams to send me their rosters by the end of Monday.
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