Gen 1 Smogon RBY analysis challenge.


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If you thought I was trying to defend 420, his post was ass.. I just felt that that was being overlooked.. Like, I wouldnt really be comfortable if our analyses were describing Lapras as a Mewtwo counter.

I really didnt mean to offend I swear.
You could wager a guess that I've never contributed anything to the metagame, but you'd lose that wager.

Coming from the guy who's used shit like Raticate and Kabutops successfully in OU, I can safely say Aerodactyl sucks. I would never use him to "wall snorlax" since switching into a body slam puts you at constant risk of getting paralyzed and losing the only asset aerodactyl has. Sky attack isn't that great, 2 turns for essentially a 210 base power 90 accuracy attack, and you run a huge risk of hitting a rhydon/golem anyway. Yes, I know zapdos is also walled by rhydon/golem as well, but zapdos should be used as a surprise late game sweeper anyway and doesn't have to waste a turn charging to do any damage.

I appreciate you thinking out of the box and using shitty pokemon, but aero is a joke

addendum: I don't care that you use aerodactyl, the thing that bugs me is that you actually think its a good counter to snorlax and saying shit like "omg crit sky attack so much damage"
Dugtrio can make a surprisingly useful lead with this moveset. It outspeeds the fastest sleeper in Gengar, and it can severely lower Exeggutor's Sleep Powder accuracy. You could get lucky and Mimic Sleep Powder, and then put your opponent's Exeggutor to sleep. However, it is dangerous to use against a lead Jynx, as Blizzard will OHKO. Dugtrio also makes a semi-decent late game sweeper with its high critical hit ratio and STAB Earthquake.

Dugtrio's Earthquake 3HKOes Starmie, 3HKOes Chansey, 4HKOes Tauros, and 2HKOes Alakazam on average. Earthquake only does 91% damage to Gengar, which can be annoying, but if you can get Gengar to switch in on an attack from a low-health Water-type, you can bring it down to less than 91% and then switch to Dugtrio on the expected Thunderbolt, for instance.

Slash 4HKOes Exeggutor as well, and does in the other standards in an equally quick time. Slash is the technique which, in combination with Earthquake, allows Dugtrio to do the most amount of damage to the widest range of Pokemon.

Substitute and Sand-Attack are fillers, the idea being that you Sand-Attack your opponent and try to hold on to a Substitute, and then attack from behind the Substitute. This strategy doesn't work without a fair amount of luck, but is worthy of mention.
All of Dugtrio's set made me laugh. Its main selling point was Sand Attack.


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You can laugh at the write-ups all you want, but do keep in mind that bad mons in RBY simply can't do much of anything, especially not if they're supposed to be up against standard ones (which was apparently the writing standard for some of them). So that's when gimmicks like Supersonic, Toxic and Sand Attack come into play.