Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

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Activity Win Request

my opponent and I were in contact the first few days, but he hasn't been on since the 13th so there isn't really anything I can do at the moment.
Activity Win Request

First time I saw my opp I talked to him and he didn't answer me, the second time I saw him we talked, I told him to battle but he didn't want to do the battles, so we decided to do our battles this weekend. This weekend I've been online a lot of time, even I did a mock draft the saturady and that requires a lot of time and I was also online many hours before of that. Today I've been online for my morning until now ( 8 hours +/- ), when I got to leave. So I'm posting this because I don't want a supposed activity lose ( lol ) or a coin flip. I'll try to be here when I come back though ( but if I can't, I want the win, because I think is fair ).
Activity win resquest:

I VM´d again to T-Dog, and I wasn´t see in all weekend and he doesn´t answer to my last VM.
I sent the last VM at 14th of december (for play today).
Last Activity: Dec 11th, 2012 12:28:26 AM - (Of T-Dog, sure).
And he never post activity in this threat.
Sorry man, but I don´t want loose for default or coin flip... ^^U
We could not play, and is now working SMERBECK poderie not play today against him, could not play with them in the past because semnas was busy and had no free time = /
Activity Win Request

Firstly, I've been constantly active during these three weeks, even before my opponent was subbed out, my constant activity posts in this thread can show that.
Secondly, even though we have different time zones my opponent had scheduled to meet me at any moment of my evening-night of friday and then of saturday and he didn't show up. And then he sends me a VM wanting me to request a time right before the deadline.

If you don't believe me on this, check other current tourney threads and see how i've done my battles in the time given.
I can vouch for CTC as he told lapras6666 that he wouldn't be free friday and saturday, but on Thursday he was free and lapras johned him. I think CTC should not be disqualified, but I am not the moderator of this tournament, so I have no say in the matter. Thanks.


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Requesting activity win
Scheduled for Dec 13th but he ended up saying that he meant the wrong date
I explicitly told him on the 11th
"Hey man we've been matched up for OST9 r1.
I'm gmt -5 and I'm free within the next 2 days. Let me know when you can play!"
Got a reply on the 14th saying
"oops sorry I meant that I was gonna be active those time today not yesterday"
I was on a trip friday and sat so i was unable to battle.
We then scheduled for today at 10:30 pm GMT +1 which is now, but he's not online.
I'll give him until 45 before I head out.

ps. this is all vms so its on our walls if the admins want to varify

Edit: it's 10:50 gmt +1 so hes missed the scheduled time yet again. Nuff said
Requesiting activity.
I going to play my opponent before the Gene ban but I remembered needed to wait till it was over, ever since then nothing happened I left the player a message yesterday etc. Timezones been abit of a factory due to us being opposite times. ''I deserve the activity win because my opponent ignored my attempts to schedule our battles.''
Activity Win Request

I PMd Jabba the 30th November asking for a date to battle. He didn't response, so I PMd him 9 days later (he was online) if he wants to battle now. He answered and told me he can't battle until the 12. After it didn't work until today, I VMd him 2 hours ago telling him I'm available for 2 hours and where he can find me. He asked if I can wait for an hour, what I could.
So the 2 hours are over now, neither Jabba appeared on the server nor he sent me a VM or something. I need to go off now, having school and stuff tomorrow.


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Activity Win Request

We agreed to play after our finals were over so that left it until this weekend, but he hasn't been on since the 14th.

Just to clarify most of our contact was through PM not VM though I did send him a few VM's this weekend, since I didn't want to keep spamming his inbox. PM's can be provided if necessary.
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