Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 5

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Aldaron made the mistake of saying 'good luck' game one and missed four or five focus blasts in the first three turns. Have fun on your trip, sorry for the hax.

GGs, aside from the obvious hax.

EDIT: Thank you for wishing me luck in future rounds.


Here comes the waterworks!
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lost, thought i had game one but switched out thinking he had a move when he just had nothing else to go to

ggs & gl!
Yeah I needed that thing weakened but my move missed early game, thankfully you switched out in my act of desperation. gg
the whitequeen wins 2-1

first match was gg, second match i pretty much gave him the win from the beginning because of an early para and two will-o-wisp misses, 3rd game i got lucky in the very end but he did win all the speed ties otherwise i wouldnt be in that predicament, so it evened out

you strongth, kidogo, ggs
Activity post. My opponent insisted that we play today, but hasn't logged on in over 24 hours... I've been on since about 11 am EST... Now that I'm back at school, it's going to be a lot harder to schedule a match!
I went to PO to battle against ZoroDark today, he agreed but then I told him to wait me for a while ( while one of my SPL mates played ) and then he DCed. I'll go to PO during this week as well to battle.
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