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Welcome to the Registration topic of the second Smogon Wi-Fi Tournament!

Due to popularity, we have decided to host a second Wi-Fi tournament, and now is your chance to register.

Tournament Rules (Basics)
  • You must be able to commit yourself on the day of the tournament to play until you are eliminated or if the tournament has ended. This could last up towards six hours.
  • The tournament will be held on Sunday, July 22nd. The tournament itself will start at 11am (PDT)/2:00pm (EDT). Check-in time begins at 10am (PDT)/1pm(EDT). Note: The date would've been a little bit longer, but due to Smocon and other events, it was shortened. So feel special.
  • If you do not check-in, then you will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • We will be using IRC to host the tournament again. This will avoid conflicts of many sorts.
  • This is a 64 player tournament, single elimination.
  • We are going to require that when you register, that you must give us your Friend Code for a resource. Your Friend Codes (DS and -if- PBR) must then match the one you gave us during the same day, or revise it before the tournament. This will prevent cheating from generating new Friend Codes.
  • Administrators and Council have the right to deny the registration of a participant. We can remove your registration from the topic, DQ you before the tournament begins, and more. There will be no questions asked. Remember, by joining the second (and further) tournaments, you are agreeing that you will follow the Administration and Council's decisions.
  • Subs can join the tournament channel and if players do not check-in, then players who checked in as subs based on time will get blank slots. Subs will be checked out by the Shark Team to make sure their team is legitimate.
Tournament Rules (Game)
Please read the game rules again as there are some changes.
  • 6vs6 Single Battle Format, and levels are to be set at 100.
  • Player are allowed to do their battles on either Pokémon Battle Revolution on the Nintendo Wii or use the Nintendo DS. Both players must agree to play on Pokémon Battle Revolution because it does reveal teams and does change the battle format to a Stadium Mode.
  • Players are allowed to switch Pokémon throughout each round. So, you could replace your Victreebel during R1 for a Vileplume in R2.
  • The following Pokemon are banned: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Latios, Latias, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys (all forms), Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus (all types) and Wobbuffet. Yes, that means Celebi and Jirachi are allowed, but please refer to the rule below.
  • Please do not use hacked Pokemon. This includes Game Shark and Pro Action Reply. Though this is mute, we must trust people. We have a team that will check your Pokémon if suspicions arise. ANY FORM OF HACKING IS ILLEGAL AS LONG AS WE FIGURE IT OUT! THIS INCLUDES CATCHING POKÉMON IN PLACES WHERE THEY AREN'T FOUND, ILLEGAL MOVE SETS, STAT PUMPS, ILLEGAL EV DISTRIBUTION, AND ANYTHING ELSE!
  • Sleep Clause: If two Pokémon are put to sleep via a sleep move by a player, then that person automatically loses his/her's match.
  • Item Clause: Each team can only use one separate item on each Pokémon. A player who has two Pokémon holding the same item automatically loses his/her's match. (I.E.: Two Pokémon are holding Leftovers)
  • OHKO Ban: Moves that are specifically meant to OHKO (Sheer Cold, Guillotine, Fissure, Horn Drill) are not allowed as a move on your Pokémon. If one of the OHKO moves are used, then the player who used the OHKO move loses the match.
  • Evasion Ban: Moves that specifically increase evasion are not allowed to be used. A player who has a Pokémon with an evasion increasing move will automatically lose their match.
  • *Any disconnections will be judged on a case by case basis by a "Council". Please see below.
*The one problem that was overlooked by the Wi-Fi service offered for DP (At least, for the DS) is that the game doesn't register who disconnected. Certain games like Metroid Prime: Hunters have such features to detect intentional/unintentional disconnects. So, that's a shame D/P doesn't have this feature.

There will be an IRC channel created for only the tournament. You must use the IRC channel since it will be very easy to contact your opponent among other things. You don't know how to use IRC? Download the mIRC IRC Chat Client or another client. The program should provide enough help for you in order to join the channels. The IRC server and channel are as followed: Server - Channel - #smogontournament. For normal chat, use channel #smogon. If you are still having problems using mIRC, then send a private message to one of the council members who specialize in IRC for help.

Also, please don't do anything dumb like sharing DSes. That bogs down the tournament and any delays such as this will result in swift disqualification from the tournament.

Thank you, and good luck. Please resource this topic for any details that might not have been covered.


Let be know that...

PDT = -7 GMT
EDT = -4 GMT
Oh wow, you certainly put this up pretty early. But hey, it'll be kinda cool to be the first person signing up. Hopefully I can do even better this time than I did in the last WiFi tournament

Name: Thunderhorse
Diamond Friend Code: 2148 4647 0661
PBR Friend Code: 4296-0038-2567

EDIT: damn, beaten by Mequuh and Firestorm. 3rd's fine though.
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