Smogon Wi-Fi Tournament Finals [Won by Bluekikatana]

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I'm definitely up for a second tournament. I was quite satisfied with my matches and the tournament in general, even with my loss to CaptKirby.

Anyway, figured I'd pop by here to congratulate the winner. I would've liked to face you, but unfortunately I got knocked out a little earlier D=. That's ok though. Congratulations BKK. You definitely earned your victory (unlike Raidos would have if he had competed and won against zerowing).


I did my best, I have no regrets!
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Results for those who weren't there:
1. BlueKiKatana
2. zerowing
3. 3N3MY
4. Balb
4. CaptKirby
4. Firestorm
4. futuresuperstar
8. Groudon199
8. Kamui
8. MuffinMan
8. omni
8. ShadowTrainer
8. StrikeJP
8. Thunderhorse
15. - : Trey : -
15. akayfortyseven
15. bastiodon9
15. Boompa
15. Cerberus
15. flashfox
15. illmatic
15. Lockedown
15. LonelyNess
15. Lupo Aro
15. MrE
15. Ness
15. PetiteLove
15. PsyUmbreon
15. Roy
15. True_Super_Sonic
32. The rest (dunno who showed up and who didn't)
DQ. raidos

As far as I know by looking over the topics. Nothing official.
yeah, even though i lost first round (3n3my team is beast, jabba team is lazy :/) it was still fun to stick around and listen to my pals give me play by play of their matches.
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