Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Summer Edition II: Round 3

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good activity, etc keep it up.

NOTE: this is the last round of the current march 2011 format. you MAY use XYZ's this round. again, OCG ones may only be used if your opponent allows them (remember to ask BEFOREHAND if you can use an OCG deck).


Crafty Scrafty vs Pidge
JabbaTheGriffin vs LizardMan
Fabbles vs Floppy
Nexus vs Shinkou
asim vs reyscarface
Atticus vs nilf
hobo-joe vs kd24
Ice-eyes vs Bluecaptain

ice eyes and bluecaptain are both on vacation until late august so i automatically paired them together seeing as that seemed like the most convenient thing to do, the rest have been randomized, you have until AUGUST 30th. i made this round longer than the others simply because we cant start round 4 until september 1st anyway due to the new banlist, and ice eyes and bluecaptain both come back around august 27 so its convenient to have an extended round anyway.


name a more iconic duo
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My order of preference is: OCG, TCG. If you want to do TCG, I shall comply as dictated by the rules of this tournament. Also, I probably will be ready 2-4 days from now.
nexus vs shinkou turned out to be the best match of the tournament. hopefully floppy doesnt get 2-0d again and makes his game at least watchable XD
Won vs Floppy, first game plants did their usual shit but luckily I drew gorz in my opening hand so I was able to fend him off.

Second game Anubis just kind of said sup plants.

i've decided to extend this round for a few more days seeing as the activity has been -___-

anyway the new deadline is this friday, PLEASE PLEASE try to arrange a time
as lame as this sounds i'm giving myself an activity win. i gave nilf plenty of time to find me and the one time i did manage to find him on irc he was afk... he also hasn't logged on smogon in a week. once again, good activity for the most part.
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