Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Summer Edition II: Round 4

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once again although a bit slower 7/8 matches were completed so thanks again. i expect perfect activity for this round seeing as everyone remaining are #yugioh regulars lol

RULES UPDATE: we will now be using the new Xyz ruling which i'm sure you are all aware of and the new september banlist

Round 4

Lizardman vs Atticus
Fabbles vs Hobo-joe
Nexus vs reyscarface
Pidge vs Ice-eyes

The deadline is one week from now (September 9th 2011) lets get this done before summer officially ends \o/
As much as I hate to do this, I'm going to have to drop out.

I talked to my communications company and I was told that i won't get my router for maybe a couple of weeks.

I'm sorry to Fabbles that I couldn't duel him.
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