Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition: Round 2

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Round 2

Thorns (thorns) vs Bluewind (bluewind)
Magmortified (Obsequious) vs Parallel (Parallel)
ENZ0 (enz0) vs Ice-eyes (Ice-eyes)
kd24 (emblem) vs Atticus (guylaroche5)
Nilf (nilf) vs Bluecaptain (Anti-4-Life)
XtrEEmMaShEEn3k2 (dabom88) vs Hobo Joe (hobo joe)
StevenSnype (snype) vs CTI (cti)
Shinkou ( vs LightWolf (LightWolf)

activity last round was decent i suppose, albeit a bit slow. i'm expecting nearly all of these matches to completed though!

The Deadline for this round is January 25th. PM your opponent as soon as possible! Good luck and remember to post your activity situation in this topic if you find it hard to find your opponent.

Steven Snype

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lost 0-2 in fun games ggs man. first one shut me down entirely. second one was a close comeback, but i guess i should check to see which cards are actually in my deck.
Ice-Eyes I'm sorry man my internet got dc during our second duel, and I had to leave. I won the first duel, and to be fair I'll let you call the second since indirectly it was my fault for leaving the second duel(Internet DC). Although, I can say I think we were even on the second duel I had a good hand and surprises coming. Nonetheless, I will leave the call up to you.
I was playing enz0 and after unexpectedly losing game 1 to him, we were halfway through game 2 when he left. I haven't seen him around much and I've been pretty active on IRC, but hopefully we'll be able to play out game 3.
I'll give 3 extra days to complete the remaining matches (and only since some unfortunate circumstances have occurred). The only match I haven't heard from is parallel vs magmortified, so i suggest posting in this topic if either of you want to avoid getting coin flipped.
Yeah me and BlueCaptain have been trying to get a game but time zones have been annoying =/ sorry

EDIT: Yeah managed to play and got my ass handed to me 2-0 to him. Gg Bluecaptain.
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