Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition: Round 3

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6.5 of 8 matches completed last round so not bad at all. I coin flipped the parallel/mag match since neither have shown any signs of activity. also i'm awarding ice eyes game 2 as ENZ0 did d/c. however, i want to see game 3 done asap (please just get it done, i see you both on irc all the time -.-). if it's not done by wednesday feb 3 i'm just going to coin flip it.

kd24 (emblem) vs Bluecaptain (Anti-4-Life)
XtrEEmMaShEEn3k2 (dabom88) vs Shinkou (
Magmortified (Obsequious) vs CTI (cti)
Bluewind (bluewind) vs Ice-eyes (Ice-eyes)

The Deadline for this round is February 12th. PM your opponent as soon as possible! Good luck and remember to post your activity situation in this topic if you find it hard to find your opponent.

i won 2-1

first game was pretty much overpowering
second game i got wrecked, his strategy was way too good
third game i was getting wrecked and should have lost but he decided to not attack for game when he could have (worried about my fd) and i came back to win in a gg 400-0

ggs sir and onto round 4!
well this has been rather annoying as the first 3 matches were completed exceptionally fast. anyway i've been rather annoyed mag hasn't been able to complete a SINGLE match yet but then again CTI hasn't exactly been screaming activity. at the moment it will be a coin flip if its not done by tomorrow. there will NOT be any extensions this time.
normally i would have given an extension as both mag and cti were trying to get there match done but it just isnt fair to the other 3 players so i went and flipped my looney and mag won the toss, round 4 will be up shortly!
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