CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 13, part 2

What dex entry should we use for Syclant (PICK TWO)?

  • Entry 1

    Votes: 45 27.1%
  • Entry 2

    Votes: 44 26.5%
  • Entry 3

    Votes: 61 36.7%
  • Entry 4

    Votes: 45 27.1%
  • Entry 5

    Votes: 61 36.7%
  • Entry 6

    Votes: 65 39.2%

  • Total voters
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1. The prevo's name should not be Sylar. Too many people watch Heroes for them not to get it.

2. If we use Cyzir's "beta" Syclant, I think we should narrow down the front limbs. They look too cannon like for a prevo.

3. 75/42/65/40/65/45 (Just my two cents)
I thought we had agreed on using Cyzir's first sprite of Scylant, w/o wings. That would then not be an Ice Shell. We shouldn't make Pokemon based off otehr Pokemon. That makes it less apealing to Nintendo. So if we make the Pre-Evo like Scylant, it looks more apealing than the Pre-Evo looking like Kakuna/Metapod.
Yeah, well mine was assuming it was a shell of ice.

I don't know what "we're using," and I don't know what that ant looks like, okay?

I didn't say we were making the pre-evo like Kakuna/Metapod, but if it was going to be based off of LARVAE.. (Sylar).. so I assumed that.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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maybe sylarv/e insted to avoid the heros mixup?
also i like the beta sprite much better than the ice block idea.

my stats 40/65/45/62/40/75 look at other pre evos like ponyta (50/85/55/65/65/90), every stat i heve put down is less than ponyta's stat. its not more powerfull than other pre evos.
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