Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Finals [Won by Alexander.]

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man it sucks that stupid camtasia didn't catch my narration because I thought it was really good... congrats alexander, good run abr

I must ask though, in game 1 what did alex plan to do if he faced keldeo? with the fighting resist: charizard, sword just kinda shredded him. then there's the fact that scarftar + rockychomp not only makes his team weaker overall but also means both alakazams just have a field day. the thunderbolting excadrill choke at the end was a real shame because abr danced around the drill very nicely.

game 2 also sucked, it's one of those battles that will make idiots go "lol oras unwinnable from the start lol" but I don't think I've seen a more avoidable matchup in my life and abr just let it happen. oh well.

at least this probably ups the quality of spl, since alexander is now riding some solid momentum and abr is likely motivated as hell...


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ABR I'm proud of you bud - you showed everyone that you're a true competitor and one of the up-and-coming ORAS OUers, especially with your builds. High hopes for you in the future and hope to stay in touch. Congrats on your second place finish and great overall run.

Alex, I didn't know you had it in you earlier on, but after seeing you play I'm pleasantly surprised. Congratulations on your trophy bro!
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