Programming Someone's PC(Pokemon App for iOS 6)

Hey guys! I am really passionate about this app and I hope you will give me some feedback on it~
Happy training!

Train your partner with Someone's PC!

Someone's PC is a useful and fun tool to use while playing the game. Keep track of your party and all the partners you have collected! You can store each partner's name, picture, EVs, level, nature, IVs, stats, moves, and your plan of what your partner will become in the future. Organize your partners the way you want with collections! The Prof's Database within the app provides other useful tools while you play including: guides, an IV calculator, a Stat calculator, and some useful databases. The EVs Database contains information on EVs gained when defeating a partner. The Bases Database contains all of the partners base stats. You can use these tools to assist you throughout your partner training.

*iOS 6 or later is required. Make sure your device meets the requirements before downloading.*

- Supports generation III, IV, and V
- Calculate individual values (IVs) based on stats, effort values (EVs), national #, level, and nature
- Calculate stats based on individual values (IVs), effort values (EVs), national #, level, and nature
- Keep track of partner's EVs, Stats, IVs, level, nature, name, moves, and plan with the Trainer
- Calculates your partner's IVs right in the trainer
- Calculates partner stats in the plan tab of the trainer
- Store up to 30,000 partners! That is up to 100 collections with 300 partners per collection!
- Mini guides to hidden values and stats
- Share your partners with friends or yourself by sending pictures, stats, or a text file with the stats
- All information is stored on your device, not internet connection required

**Updates We Are Considering**

- Following the release of X and Y, we will update the app for the new partners as quickly as possible!
- Add an Evolution Database to Prof's Database that will contain information about when each partner evolves and how
- Add a Personal Database for the user to add information to, the more information entered, the smarter the app becomes! Enter names and pictures and see what you have added in other databases and lists!
- Upgrade Moves tab in the Trainer to display a list of options (only the moves available to that partner)
- Add a Moves Database with everything a Trainer needs to know about the moves
- Give the user the ability to store multiple pictures for a partner and keep a photo album of all those good times spent together

NOTE: These are just some of our ideas for the future of Someone's PC, but we really want to hear from YOU!
Email us at with your questions, comments, concerns, requests, and ideas!