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Sophomore Success at Doswell, VA (Warstory)

Discussion in 'Past Format Discussion' started by Stormfront, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Stormfront


    Nov 21, 2010
    It was my 2nd ever(hence the sophomore title) VGC and I enjoyed the fact that it was Swiss(cause then I could lose one and win, still needed a top cut though)

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    Me at Doswell
    I was like half-asleep at the time.

    The Top Standings

    My Team (open)

    Terrakion @ Choice Band
    Jolly @ Justified
    ~Rock Slide
    ~Sacred Sword

    Weavile @ Focus Sash
    Jolly @ Pressure
    ~Beat Up
    ~Brick Break
    ~Ice Punch
    ~Ice Shard

    This duo is pretty straight forward.
    Beat Up + Justified
    Choice Band, because Jolly 252 SPE already outspeeds many pokes and the added power comes in handy.

    Thundurus @ Electric Gem
    Timid @ Prankster
    ~Hidden Power(Ice)
    ~Thunder Wave
    ~Focus Blast

    Electivire @ Expert Belt(for lack of a better item)
    Adamant @ Motor Drive
    ~Cross Chop
    ~Ice Punch
    ~Thunder Punch

    The main reason for this duo of poke was because of Electivire's Motor Drive and Discharge hitting every poke in play thus raising E-Vire's speed.

    Latios @ Life Orb
    Timid @ Levitate
    ~Draco Meteor
    ~Hidden Power(Fire)

    Milotic @ Leftovers
    Bold @ Marvel Scale

    Round 1.

    Vs. Josetron
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    I don't remember much of the first few turns and remember this best from the fact that is was 13 minutes long with Milo stalling out Ludicolo.

    It was my Milotic Vs. his Ludicolo in the rain, he kept using Giga Drain which Milotic was handling easy (about 20% a hit) first turn the two squared off I used Toxic and then spammed recover til Toxic finally KO'd Ludicolo.


    Round 2

    Me Vs, ???(So I forgot the name)

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    This battle was short and sweet. Like a minute long.

    I started with Terrakion and Weavile. He Had Krookodile and Metagross.
    I used Beat Up to get to plus 4 ATK on Terrakion and used Earthquake, KO'd both pokes. He sends out Gigalith and Serperior. I use Ice Punch on Serperior does 80-90% also freezes it. I use EQ with Terrakion before Serperior attacks, Weavile faints Gigalith goes to 1 HP with Sturdy, Serperior faints. I send out Latios and use T-Bolt with it to KO Gigalith, Battle Over.


    Round 3

    Me Vs. ???(I forgot the name again)

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    The battle started something and Porygon2 Vs. Terrakion and Weavile.

    I used my standard Beat Up + Justified. KO'd the something with Rock Slide and did 65-75% on Porygon2.
    He then uses Trick Room
    He sends out Swampert. I don't remember what I did with Terrakion and I used Ice Punch on Swampert *Critcal Hit*, and I remember Terrakion went down without attacking.
    I send out Milotic, I used Scald on Swampert he used Hammer Arm on Weavile and Thunderbolt on Milotic. Focus Sash kept Weavile around and T-bolt did like 35-45% on Milotic. I used Brick Break on Porygon2, KO'd. Next turn I used Ice Shard on Swampert, KO'd. I don't remember what the last poke was but I KO'd it easily.


    Round 4

    Me Vs. Josh Conrad(The 1st place winner)

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    I don't remember much at all about htis battle and I don't want to disclose his team to much since he's going to the Nats.

    His team matched up well against mine and I couldn't do a thing to shut down his pokes.

    I lost like 2-0.


    Round 5

    Me Vs. The Guy wearing the Blue Wrestling Mask.(who was 4-0 at the time)
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    He ran out of time when choosing his pokes and unfortunely(spelling) his Tyranitar for generating sand wasn't in his top 4.

    Without his Sand to boost his pokes His Rotom-W and Cradily fell easily to a Boosted Sacred Sword from Terrakion, Rotom in the 2nd turn and Cradily the third.(Protected with Rotom on turn 1), Cradily also had some help being KO'd by Ice Punch used on Turn 2. He Had Excadrill and Landorus after that. I forget how Landorus went down but Terrakion didn't do it. Terrakion was KO'd by an EQ from Landorus I think. Latios KO'd Excadrill with two turns of Surf.

    I won.


    Round 6

    The final round of this tournament.

    Me Vs. Dane Howard

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    It started out My Terrakion and Weavile Vs. his Haxorous and Mienshao.
    He used Fake Out with Meinshao on Terrakion and Dragon Dance with Haxorous, I used Beat Up with Weavile on Terrakion. Next turn I outsped the Haxorous with Weavile and Ice Punched *Critcal Hit* KOs. Terrakion Couldn't touch Mienshao cause of Wide Guard, and I was using EQ. After Haxorous went down though the rest of the battle was pretty much cake and I dominated him.

    5-1 finish.

    I ended up in 4th place with that. Because 2nd place got DQ'd I was bumped up to 3rd place.
  2. nachocheese999


    Jul 12, 2011
    Hey dude. Nice warstory :D Good Job with 3rd place. I think I saw you cause I am friends with the guy who you fought in round 3 and I was watching you guys battle. :)
  3. Stormfront


    Nov 21, 2010
    I was the guy wearing the Orioles hat and t-shirt.
  4. CakesOfSpan


    May 16, 2009
    Great job man, it was nice meeting you. :)
  5. Stormfront


    Nov 21, 2010
    You too.
  6. josetron


    Jun 14, 2011
    hey sophomore im Carlos (josetron) ludicolo giga drain your milotic in your first match remember want to practice with me for nationals either by wifi or skarmbliss please reply
  7. CalzoneCannon


    Nov 24, 2011
    I liked reading this, I go to school with Josh and we talk defy day. He gives me tips on teams and helps me set them up.
  8. Muk Man

    Muk Man

    Jan 7, 2010
    how/ why did 2nd place get dq'd
  9. TheAshAttacks


    Jan 20, 2012

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