Spectrum Tourney Revival Round 2 (noobs were eliminated)

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The deadline is July 5. If I eliminated you the previous round and you actually did battle, but didn't report, please PM me immediately.
Rules are here: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21296

Now, welcome to round 2.

Winners Bracket
zerowing vs. Karrot
jrrrrrrr vs. Pilocus
Unownasofyet vs. Ace777
goofball vs. Anyone
JabbatheGriffin vs. Testing...
Rekt vs. Mizuno
Seafan vs. Silent
UrNightmare vs. Cerberus
Massi4h vs. Justice
Locouser gets the bye

Loser's Bracket
CaptKirby vs. {TO} Taylor
Seventy Seven vs. goborage
Knock Out vs. Flashfox
hit vs. Max
btway vs. Flub
ae sakura vs. best
Pikapete vs. Pillowrath
End Battle! Seafan [Spectrum] wins!
Score: 0 to 1

was a very close battle, my NU (UU?) wins against his OU^^
gg, and sorry for that little hax before.
Not open for further replies.